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Published on 4 days ago

Minecraft Manhunt but I have CUSTOM COMMANDS

NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net
WINDOWS 10 PORT → 19132
MC DISCORD → https://bit.ly/3lmm9cY
GROUP TWITTER→ https://bit.ly/3iLnZCl
Twitter → https://bit.ly/2MrebAu

Merch→ Coming Soon
Reddit → https://bit.ly/3apoz3C
Discord → https://bit.ly/3aoc08U
Twitter → https://bit.ly/2MrebAu
Group Twitter→ https://bit.ly/3iLnZCl
Insta → https://bit.ly/2MRg4WP
Live → https://bit.ly/2MKpFPs
Candy → (socks) https://bit.ly/3vQJoOr
Music →​ (Kevin MacLeod) (Epidemic)
NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net

Business →​ [email protected]

Comments :


Socksfor1 . 3 days ago

sup gamers! if you haven't checked out the server, I highly recommend it! NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net

Zixiao Meng

Zixiao Meng . 1 hour ago

/yeet works apparently


MeepyNotSus . 2 hours ago

So that’s all well and good… but my question is… why are DanTDM and CaptainSparklez in the thumbnail?

khe hong

khe hong . 2 hours ago

socksfor1 more like sucksfor1


Eagleguydude . 5 hours ago

7:34 take no fall damage like spiderman XD

Enhbileg est

Enhbileg est . 5 hours ago

If all friends comes and make 100 days modded if will be fun


Smiles . 5 hours ago

i thight it was 3 blocks

William alatorre

William alatorre . 6 hours ago

Just like your minecraft sever


mental . 6 hours ago

Now we need this but with the full gang

cqvio doli

cqvio doli . 8 hours ago

"I would rather drown than die" -Joocie HMM yes this floor is made up of floor

Roman Valenzuela

Roman Valenzuela . 8 hours ago

Did anyone notice DanTDM in the thumbnail

FNF Mobile Player

FNF Mobile Player . 8 hours ago

Last video: my last YouTube video 3 days later: new video out now


Phoenixgamer . 8 hours ago

Me: its commandfor1

Piper Josey

Piper Josey . 9 hours ago

You siad it your last vid on socks for 1

lani leuma

lani leuma . 9 hours ago

Socksfor1: *uploading my last YouTube video* Also Socksfor1: *uploads a prologue video*

Jack O'Brien

Jack O'Brien . 11 hours ago

I am British 😓

Wesley Bradshaw

Wesley Bradshaw . 11 hours ago

Why is DanTDM in the thumbnail?!😂

°Damian Peterson°

°Damian Peterson° . 13 hours ago

I love the sock armor 👏😂 Nice job on the server btw :)

Plushtrap The gamer

Plushtrap The gamer . 13 hours ago

Did blaza do the Nani eyes

chhana jongte

chhana jongte . 13 hours ago

Keep inventory is on? Or not?

Barbatos unit-07

Barbatos unit-07 . 13 hours ago

You receive views I receive content

Kimekah Green

Kimekah Green . 14 hours ago

Socksfor1 please bring back Minecraft 1200 days in the logics Modpack please bring it back I wanted to come back I want to see what happens next please bring it back

Ivan Ho

Ivan Ho . 14 hours ago

why six golden blocks? why not beat the game?

David Playz

David Playz . 15 hours ago

Can you join on bedrock edition

Budi Wj

Budi Wj . 15 hours ago

Yesus you still upload


PREZIREPLAYZ . 15 hours ago

Do stick fight

*QWE Uiopasd

*QWE Uiopasd . 15 hours ago

I would like to see mc utubers all in 2b2t with tribe called utubez

Mineblox :D

Mineblox :D . 16 hours ago

He got reminded that after gets a 100k followers, he HAS to reveal a quarter of blaza’s face

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow . 17 hours ago


Boltz Gamer20

Boltz Gamer20 . 18 hours ago



HAPPY GAMER . 18 hours ago

You look so different suddenly

Ferdinand Chan jr

Ferdinand Chan jr . 18 hours ago

New videos yaaaaay

Average YT Enjoyer

Average YT Enjoyer . 18 hours ago

Nobody gonna talk about the Pog new Blaza character?

The Button

The Button . 18 hours ago

Que pro

James Cummins

James Cummins . 19 hours ago



Exotic_Candy . 19 hours ago

Joocie: I rather drown than die Me: . _.?

Agent 3312

Agent 3312 . 20 hours ago

Damnit youre mice

Himanshu Jethwa

Himanshu Jethwa . 20 hours ago

LOOK WHO IS BBACK !!!!!!!!!!

Safwan Kamaly

Safwan Kamaly . 20 hours ago

The real question is why is Dan and sparklez in the thumbnail

Jannat Ara Rifat

Jannat Ara Rifat . 21 hours ago

Funny very funny

Sebastian Jesse

Sebastian Jesse . 21 hours ago

yaa,can i play it on my samsung smartfridge????

March Ivory Angihan

March Ivory Angihan . 21 hours ago

I love your videos Socksfor1!!!!! : )

Aleksa Jakic

Aleksa Jakic . 21 hours ago

Well that was kinda unfair


[email protected] . 21 hours ago



Dunno . 23 hours ago


Volk 27

Volk 27 . 23 hours ago

Love the new blaza peeking down his glasses animation

Maartje Van Holstein

Maartje Van Holstein . 23 hours ago

I mate blaza charetar in roblox

Max R

Max R . 23 hours ago

Gib comands plz

Marieke van eekert

Marieke van eekert . 24 hours ago

you just posted a video saying you will stop,and you dont?

Rohan Pingale

Rohan Pingale . 24 hours ago

make it crackedw

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