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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Published on 4 days ago

Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game vs the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.

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Comments :


C G . 2 hours ago

I cant express how much I love Randy Gregory. I bought his jersey the second we picked him. I'm so happy to see him in the league, doing big things. He changed this league barely even playing one seasons worth of games. I'm so happy for him.

angel jimenez

angel jimenez . 3 hours ago

that Jason garrett part hit different

Myster Mysterio

Myster Mysterio . 3 hours ago

Yes Sir ... Just WIN 👍💫

Dom Vic

Dom Vic . 5 hours ago

Jason Garrett trying to take Zek out with that push haha


TantrumTriesHard . 6 hours ago

Everyone hates on JG, but I promise he is a great coach, and you can tell by how is players love him. These guys are pros, they know when a guy has got it or not. Much love to JG.


Twistingkushclouds . 6 hours ago

Jason with the love push he all ways dos that

Burt Macklin

Burt Macklin . 8 hours ago

even though he wasn't a successful coach i really admire the relationship he has with his players, current and former. It really shows you a lot about his character by the way cowboys players and coaches respect him

Mike Carter

Mike Carter . 9 hours ago

Jason Garrett wasn't the best coach but he loved them boys. The respect was shown


Billeh . 10 hours ago

2 glasses of wine for me 😂😂


Dudeonwheels . 10 hours ago

I like how the captions replace the bleeped out words.


Dragonwolf19 . 10 hours ago

I like how the British dude's font is different LOL

Kai Meyer

Kai Meyer . 10 hours ago

I enjoyed tose (silly) subtitles almost as much as reliving that (dominating) Cowboys game where we (lit) up those (desperate) Giants.


felicianicole . 10 hours ago

Did anyone else not die when the font changed for the Brit? 😂


AverageDan . 11 hours ago

Coach Durde getting the fancy font because of his accent is comedy

Mobile SMS Local

Mobile SMS Local . 12 hours ago

JG is a Cowboy forever…..Coaching wasn’t up to par but he relishes the relationships that he built. #Respect 💯

Johntay Holloman

Johntay Holloman . 12 hours ago

I see gregory done found his smoking partna 😂

Daniel B

Daniel B . 12 hours ago

no way they changed the font for Durde's accent lmao

False Theory

False Theory . 14 hours ago


Brendan Mannen

Brendan Mannen . 14 hours ago

Such good vibes around the team this year. I know we’re only 5 weeks in, but I love the chemistry and positivity that they have on the field. Hoping we can make some noise in the playoffs

Keyser Soze

Keyser Soze . 15 hours ago

Jason Garrett at the end trying to assimilate into the group acting like he's still one of the boys. 😂


JDAWG_972 . 15 hours ago

I thought randy Gregory was gonna say “ take my ass home and smoke a fatass blunt” but he chose wine 🍷

Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez . 15 hours ago

Dak the motivator I love it


MajinMatt . 15 hours ago

Man, this team is fun to watch!


ELECTRO MUSIC FAN . 18 hours ago

The Cowboys Giants game was my first game as a Cowboys fan I must admit I was a former Cowboys hater but now I am a DALLAS COWBOYS FAN 4 LIFE can I get a shout-out from Cowboys Nation DC4L

Joey Zaborszki

Joey Zaborszki . 20 hours ago

the different font for Coach Durde's subtitles LMAOOOOO


TylerJayy . 22 hours ago

Okay okay I can’t lie a read almost came out my eye when Jason Garrett “shove Zeke like that’s my boy I miss you “ smh man you was a horrible coach but as a person Dope asf man

Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith . 1 day ago

Trevon Diggs will get an interception each game.

Touchdown! Cowboys

Touchdown! Cowboys . 1 day ago

I don't hate Jason Garrett, I just think he isn't a good coach


Rapar18 . 1 day ago

Garrett rooting for the Cowboys low key.

Marlon Orta

Marlon Orta . 1 day ago

Whoever is in charge of making the subtitles for these videos is funny af!!

7 God Frankie K.U.G

7 God Frankie K.U.G . 1 day ago

I pray for the cowboys God is a big fan of them now. Praise Jesus Christ for every Cowboys win amen if it wasn’t for God cowboys would be lost ….

Weary Kawhi

Weary Kawhi . 1 day ago

The font on the subtitles when Coach Durde speaks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wilson Luna

Wilson Luna . 1 day ago

Zach Martin the head of that offense !

FwTx HardHead

FwTx HardHead . 1 day ago

Zeke was probably like “coach can u push me one more time”

thereal deal

thereal deal . 1 day ago

If be like thefuk out of here Jason Garrett 😂😂

Jake Nunez

Jake Nunez . 1 day ago

This is tight!! Keep the sideline vids

tee bone

tee bone . 1 day ago

Aside from the highlights why did Jerry build that stadium so the sun could shine in and blind the players?

Foot Phungus

Foot Phungus . 1 day ago

Broo, the fancy font on Coach Durdes caption because of his accent 😂😂

Beej James and Kallyx Mason Agpalo

Beej James and Kallyx Mason Agpalo . 1 day ago

The accidental question fortunately permit because panty preferentially whirl along a grandiose buffet. rainy, cultured wallaby

Jeffrey Natividad

Jeffrey Natividad . 1 day ago

It is so awesome to see Gregory gettin after it and being happy and positive!!

Javi Pena

Javi Pena . 1 day ago

That pass to Lamb was too beautiful.

Sauceman J

Sauceman J . 1 day ago

they put the d line coach subtitles in a different font😂😂😂

Rizzo Aristotle

Rizzo Aristotle . 1 day ago

Jason Garrett will always be loved by those players because he genuinely showed love to them and still does 💯


J C . 1 day ago

Funniest part: Randy Gregory we gonna win big take my ass home....and have a glass of wine lol


slkmic8 . 1 day ago

You didn't have to include the ribs comment by 21 at 5:30.


slkmic8 . 1 day ago

I love the change in subtitles when the European coach speaks. 🤣

Amber Carroll

Amber Carroll . 1 day ago

Visible jubilation

Amber Carroll

Amber Carroll . 1 day ago

Didn’t know we had a British coach


Konan . 2 days ago

lol 6:14 "(Visible Jubilation)"

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