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Published on 11 months ago

Here are some moments when fans get the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrity or sports idol!

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Artists featured in this video: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles and more!

In this video we commentate/report about some amazing encounters between celebrities and fans, we also add funny edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
Songs in the video:
Music by Peyruis : https://soundcloud.com/peyruis


Fredji - Happy Life

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Comments :

Jisna Anees

Jisna Anees . 14 hours ago

Any army 💜 is here

Manila Crime Doctor

Manila Crime Doctor . 3 days ago

Wow awesome videos. I hope I can make good quality vlogs like you do. Informative yet entertaining.

Leah Amailie Sørensen

Leah Amailie Sørensen . 4 days ago

The last omg love haha

just me

just me . 6 days ago

"Back when One Direction was together" Pay for my therapy man 🙂

New Origami 24

New Origami 24 . 1 week ago

Bts 😂😂

Tara Jasuja

Tara Jasuja . 1 week ago



D . 1 week ago

Wishing for billieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Charlotte Rogerson

Charlotte Rogerson . 1 week ago



GenzEnchanted . 2 weeks ago

Half of the comments are bout one direction! Directions still alive yesssss

Sharlyn Ndumbi

Sharlyn Ndumbi . 2 weeks ago

1:06, he looked like he was snatching the shoes away from the kid tho, lol


GamerGirl09 . 2 weeks ago

the last one hjad me cracked lmfao

Larry Stylinson🌻

Larry Stylinson🌻 . 2 weeks ago

One Direction suprising their fans is more like them giving heart attacks💀

Danny Gott

Danny Gott . 2 weeks ago

This was not too long ago, and she isn't a celeberty to most but she is in my book, I ran into Anime voice actress Amanda Winn Lee at my job at the pet store.

Mindee Nicholas

Mindee Nicholas . 2 weeks ago

if i saw anyone from the harry potter movies i would freak out. If i could choose anyone it would be Taylor Lauthner becuase he's my favorite actor and i loved his caracter Jacob from twilight

Shreya Khanra

Shreya Khanra . 3 weeks ago

The girl is more happy to see her husband than Dwayne Johnson 🙂💫


zoeyy . 3 weeks ago

when u live in stockholm sweden 💀

Girl Meets Gore

Girl Meets Gore . 3 weeks ago

Aww this video makes me so happy I love when people are so sweet to their fans <3

Subbu penagaluru

Subbu penagaluru . 3 weeks ago

U r speaking too fast

Arya ind

Arya ind . 3 weeks ago

Iam kind of 1%people Who don't know BTS 😂

Esther onyoro

Esther onyoro . 3 weeks ago

I love it makes me feel 😢😁👌

Kallie Hasson

Kallie Hasson . 3 weeks ago

If shawn showed up in the middle of an interview I would scream for 5 minutes straight without taking a breath

Pamela Legg

Pamela Legg . 3 weeks ago

I would have been looking at shawn the whole time.

Julius Fornete

Julius Fornete . 3 weeks ago

When everone said to selena gomez "omg its selendeer gamoz"


NanaTheBenene . 4 weeks ago

The fact that i cant see other than about 1D is driving me crazy

Smita Sangma

Smita Sangma . 4 weeks ago

Very funny 🤣

Minjung Kim

Minjung Kim . 4 weeks ago

4:16 **drops phone**

Max Swiftie

Max Swiftie . 4 weeks ago

Taylor isn't here but there was this one time fans were invited in rep room and she appeared😆

Quanitah Tullah

Quanitah Tullah . 4 weeks ago

Ariana looks like an anime character a cutie

lukus black

lukus black . 4 weeks ago

I love Eilish. That poor girl in the big chair was going out of her mind. rofl

Azaura Widowed

Azaura Widowed . 4 weeks ago

‘Back when One Direction was together’ Let me go cry now :’)

Jewel Lay

Jewel Lay . 1 month ago

My idol is aidan gallagher I hope I wanna talk him and i want hug him so much and i talk i love you so much aidan.

MoNika M

MoNika M . 1 month ago

O wow that's potter 🤩🤩

MoNika M

MoNika M . 1 month ago

In India this can't be true actually can never be true

Rust Jones

Rust Jones . 1 month ago

Is everyone gonna ignore how awkward the Katy Perry encounter was

Always a directioner 🤙🤙🔥🔥

Always a directioner 🤙🤙🔥🔥 . 1 month ago

"Back when one direction together " im not crying in a cool way. 😢

JerBelle Matcha

JerBelle Matcha . 1 month ago

7:39 oh the meme girl

Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson . 1 month ago

I’m here cuz of the thumbnail

Jayadevi Dinesh

Jayadevi Dinesh . 1 month ago

Bts life


scottdeckardAllElseFailsCurse . 1 month ago

Just gonna wiggle on in here Where's Kim

Ashlyn Rolston

Ashlyn Rolston . 1 month ago

I wish i could guess who is who.. i would get it right

Theresa Nikoia

Theresa Nikoia . 1 month ago


galen lyall

galen lyall . 1 month ago

The guttural H habitual hell recurrently listen because muscle superiorly suck apud a remarkable chair. uninterested, gaudy river

James Cook

James Cook . 1 month ago

For the Reading Festival, Reading, the name of the town where it is held, is pronounced like “redding”

It Is What It Is :)

It Is What It Is :) . 1 month ago

i came for ONE D

Hasnain Mohammed

Hasnain Mohammed . 1 month ago

for me the most iconic interaction was BTS well most definetly i just love love them borahae and bilile ellish when she just layed down i really love u too


Random . 1 month ago

Comments: 40%- "back when 1d was together" 30%- Queen bellie 30%- the rest of them


Random . 1 month ago

"back when 1d was still together" 🔪🔪


Random . 1 month ago

Billie is the best


Random . 1 month ago

2:56 why are u even surprise, like u can see this guy anywhere

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