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Published on 2 weeks ago

And the crowd goes wild 😂👏 (via frostwoods75/TikTok)

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Comments :

Punjab Singh

Punjab Singh . 1 hour ago

This kind of videos cheers me up 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Phong Nguyen

Phong Nguyen . 1 hour ago

That’s awesome.

Angry pomegranate

Angry pomegranate . 2 hours ago

Imagine being him

Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan . 3 hours ago

Lol America has a different vibe on their country everyone is random and cool AF 🤣

Shamz Pachino

Shamz Pachino . 3 hours ago

Morning boost

Mrs. Hirose

Mrs. Hirose . 3 hours ago

Oh, so this is what they mean by "supportive friend group".

Melanie Wrenn

Melanie Wrenn . 3 hours ago

This is too cool! 😍

Child of Light of The Most High

Child of Light of The Most High . 3 hours ago

Excellent Support!!! Wonderful!!!

Mona Lynn

Mona Lynn . 4 hours ago

I love this

Khalid Eias

Khalid Eias . 4 hours ago


4 Times

4 Times . 4 hours ago



Cyn . 5 hours ago

I’m just screaming at the fact a marching band is in the back of a truck!!

Chesney Beaman

Chesney Beaman . 5 hours ago

Lol, they support him and play their instruments for him!!!🥰

The Fool

The Fool . 5 hours ago

The fact that they started playing just makes it.


Jacob . 5 hours ago

After that boy didn't even care Stupid kid

Math Thias

Math Thias . 5 hours ago

I love this kind of videos!!!

Devansh Awasthi(DTG)

Devansh Awasthi(DTG) . 5 hours ago

And he doesn't even cares

Not Evil

Not Evil . 6 hours ago

So wholesome

Fdili Malainine

Fdili Malainine . 8 hours ago

They are Latinos


Ciemanii_Yt . 8 hours ago

Lmaoo they lost me at the band instruments 😂. Ngl Band is a WHOLE ass vibe I tell you. You not gonna have this type of relationship when u in school but when u in band u are with family. Trust and believe it’s fun af😝


MrIvitube . 8 hours ago

A Little stupid that boy

Agentvenom ZX

Agentvenom ZX . 9 hours ago

If you look to your left you will see future nba champion


Ethos . 9 hours ago

Seems like that kid didn't even appreciate that moment. Smh

Maria Brumar

Maria Brumar . 10 hours ago


Jan Albert Dumada-ug

Jan Albert Dumada-ug . 11 hours ago

When imagine the kid was just bored then the guys was on the car truck make him happy 😁😁😁

William Ramirez

William Ramirez . 12 hours ago

7 years later this young legend was drafted to the 2018 NBA draft with the 3rd pick overall and 2k22 cover. Luka goes back and remembers this moment when he shot that 2 pointer in his drive way 🙏🏾


Acacius . 12 hours ago

He kept calm. I would have jumped and act a fool if they did that to me 😅


PRZ ICY . 13 hours ago


Joshua Saludaga

Joshua Saludaga . 14 hours ago

The kid was like: whatever 😐

Jephtejhun Martinez

Jephtejhun Martinez . 15 hours ago

Good vibes

Prince Kallisto

Prince Kallisto . 15 hours ago


Erika yesenia Pérez rivera

Erika yesenia Pérez rivera . 15 hours ago


密林 of Joytoy

密林 of Joytoy . 16 hours ago



AMETHYST Manalang . 16 hours ago

Thats motivation that he needed to make that shot

วศพล ธารีพุฒ

วศพล ธารีพุฒ . 16 hours ago


Jane Munguia

Jane Munguia . 17 hours ago

You don't see that often passing by your neighborhood, hardly ever , lucky you , fella!!!❤❤❤

Rico BS

Rico BS . 17 hours ago

Dudes likee Wtff lmfaoo Onggg

Anime freak

Anime freak . 17 hours ago

Hahahah, nice 😂😂

นันิกา อุ่นเรือน

นันิกา อุ่นเรือน . 18 hours ago

This made my day😁

Adzim Gaming

Adzim Gaming . 20 hours ago



PawsForPhilly . 20 hours ago

Aww that probably made him really happy on the inside, cause let’s be real he didn’t show it on the outside. Regardless it was super sweet!

Sam N Ella

Sam N Ella . 20 hours ago

A marching band just happened to be all in the back of a truck & driving by...?


Babayani . 21 hours ago

Wooden and unenthusiastic reaction by him

kiara smith

kiara smith . 22 hours ago

When he's a famous NBA player this will be in his speech

Alan Lau

Alan Lau . 22 hours ago

It's so motivated for a kid

Manas Paneri

Manas Paneri . 22 hours ago

that was the best day of his life 🤣

Kandi Wolfe

Kandi Wolfe . 22 hours ago

Ha! Too cool!!;)

Arthur Amaya

Arthur Amaya . 23 hours ago

Dude, this is so fucking random. 🤣


Holy . 23 hours ago


[culevaca ]

[culevaca ] . 23 hours ago

What a dull kid, no reaction whatsoever to the standing ovation.

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