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Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre

Published on 3 days ago

Sha’Carri doesn't need you to let her do anything.

Scored and edited by Kanye West
Featured track is “No Child Left Behind”
DONDA is officially out in 48 hours! ⏲

Comments :

Ricardo Donoso

Ricardo Donoso . 15 minutes ago

he forgor💀


Kavid . 16 minutes ago

Who else floating rn ? 🙌


A K . 19 minutes ago

I love how she was incorporated into this song….it’s perfect!

Takis Songs

Takis Songs . 24 minutes ago

Still waiting for this art👑

Celly Speaks

Celly Speaks . 24 minutes ago

Me - attempts to copy her baby hair Ends up with baby bangs,

Sam Iam

Sam Iam . 31 minutes ago

If Kayne really wants to step it up he should work with Richard D. James ( aka Aphex Twin).


jayhwang17 . 31 minutes ago

I would reckon ye’s message wouldn’t be ‘live your truth’ per se…rather live for The Truth. Objectively singular not subjectively plural, and the decided fact we’re not the protagonist of our story.


Big5th . 33 minutes ago

Why yall don’t shout out VORY?

Emmitt Lassard

Emmitt Lassard . 36 minutes ago

Ehhh... Where is the album?


TBD . 41 minutes ago

Absolute chills from this, God thank you 🙏🏻

Will Mcjolly

Will Mcjolly . 54 minutes ago

This sounds like blade runner tears in the rain

Dat Boi

Dat Boi . 1 hour ago

I wouldn’t be surprise if this is the intro to his album 🙂

Lena Paul's Stepbrother

Lena Paul's Stepbrother . 1 hour ago

Kanye really the only artist who has an album of tha year chilling on his laptop just to not release it.

Jancer. Cc

Jancer. Cc . 1 hour ago


Sam C

Sam C . 1 hour ago

How can you dislike Shacarri and Kanye 🤦‍♂️2 🐐

Joseph Soto

Joseph Soto . 1 hour ago

Don’t glorify cheaters :)

lovely doll

lovely doll . 1 hour ago

These was everything i could imagine i love that girl and so happy she 🏳️‍🌈 period love secure the bag!!!

Ander Urrutia

Ander Urrutia . 1 hour ago


Nayan Akhtar

Nayan Akhtar . 1 hour ago

Mans sent me to heaven fr

Manish Chinmay

Manish Chinmay . 1 hour ago

Where that album at ??? @kanye & @beats ??

Tim Quetsch

Tim Quetsch . 2 hours ago

"hes done miracles on me" over and over hits heavy like robin williams "it's not your fault" from Goodwill Hunting

Its 4:20 somewhere Right Now

Its 4:20 somewhere Right Now . 2 hours ago

So inspirational!💯💯

Love Life

Love Life . 2 hours ago

This first time im going to disagree with kanye smhhhh not her/him bro


Impxred . 2 hours ago

Now this is album of the year

Vumetro Records

Vumetro Records . 2 hours ago


Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi . 2 hours ago

Donde esta donda

Davé Ghimire

Davé Ghimire . 2 hours ago

Why have I replayed this 100 times already

Paige Summers

Paige Summers . 3 hours ago

And he’s backkkkkkkk !!!!

Rico Swavey

Rico Swavey . 3 hours ago

Hardest beats promo you will ever see, Ye x Carri x beats 🕊🔥🏃🏾‍♀️🎧


Mdama . 3 hours ago


Breah Saldana

Breah Saldana . 3 hours ago

My heart goes out to her...but remember we live in a society were there are rules and regulations the Olympics !

Santiago Segura

Santiago Segura . 3 hours ago

Back again, I used my back against the wall Never called on y'all, never count on y'all Always count on God He's done miracles on me

wyatt breymeymeyer

wyatt breymeymeyer . 3 hours ago

im not surprised donda didn’t drop,


LoveIsWar . 3 hours ago

They not promoting the God you think

Unpeace Officer

Unpeace Officer . 3 hours ago

Those nails are 🤢

tationa elliott

tationa elliott . 3 hours ago

I loved it!!! This came at a perfect time. Regardless of what she been through, the most high not done with her yet. Blessings unto you Queen

emanual sissay

emanual sissay . 3 hours ago

VORY is to hard

Leoo Pokat

Leoo Pokat . 4 hours ago

she gonna change the world 🌎

Thabisa Whittington

Thabisa Whittington . 4 hours ago

Lord Jesus thank you for your miracles 🙏.

Chisel Fitness

Chisel Fitness . 4 hours ago

Shoulda prayed to god to pass that drug test lol

Karmack 41

Karmack 41 . 4 hours ago

Man i’m tearing up

T Allen

T Allen . 4 hours ago

Great job

Aquatic Ape

Aquatic Ape . 4 hours ago

"Smoking weed was more important than fulfilling my life's work." - Ms Stereotype

Vincent DeBiasi

Vincent DeBiasi . 4 hours ago

Those church organs.... unreal


Storm . 4 hours ago

Gave me chills 🥲

Alexis Brandon Isbell

Alexis Brandon Isbell . 4 hours ago

God is a Black Woman! She!!


Chulodee . 4 hours ago

Wtf that's literally one minute of sound and im already feeling emotional

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