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Jessa Seewald

Jessa Seewald

Published on 3 days ago

Labor and delivery, and announcing to siblings baby’s gender and name!

Comments :

Marjorie mesidor Joseph

Marjorie mesidor Joseph . 17 minutes ago

Congratulations, God bless your family

robina jacob

robina jacob . 53 minutes ago

Jesus bless

Amy Enderink

Amy Enderink . 1 hour ago

That name!! I LOVE IT!

علي علوكي

علي علوكي . 2 hours ago

سبحان الله

Mommy life! Sandy

Mommy life! Sandy . 2 hours ago

I cry with you Jessa congratulations

Carolyn Jensen

Carolyn Jensen . 2 hours ago

Jessa - thank you so much for going to the hospital for your delivery and receiving an epidural. signed a labor and delivery nurse. Congratulations to you and Ben.

Noor din

Noor din . 2 hours ago

So cute

morninte bugal

morninte bugal . 3 hours ago

We have the same name, Fern

Mandysc squad

Mandysc squad . 4 hours ago


laskin riubn

laskin riubn . 5 hours ago


Hennessy Garcia

Hennessy Garcia . 5 hours ago

Praise the Lord Jesus. I’m so happy for y’all.

Thrisha Js

Thrisha Js . 5 hours ago

When I ever I see a baby I just feel to marry soon nd give birth too a baby . I wish it happens soon

Holly Owens

Holly Owens . 6 hours ago

Would you be willing to share some praise artists you listen to? I no longer listen to the "worship" music on the radio and would love some suggestions for my family and to have when it comes time to deliver my 3rd baby.


latosa18 . 6 hours ago

I need a tissue! Just beautiful. Great job guys. Blessed be. God is good.

Kia O'Hara

Kia O'Hara . 6 hours ago

Congrats. She's beautiful

natasha cherrin

natasha cherrin . 6 hours ago

Oh my , she’s beyond adorable !!! What a precious moment to watch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re so blessed Jessa !!! Congratulations, my four year old daughter says “ She’s so adorable, all the best ! “


XXXTENPUBG123 . 7 hours ago


Kristýna Plíšková

Kristýna Plíšková . 7 hours ago

Beautiful baby 👶🏼💖


a7? . 7 hours ago

الحمدلله على السلامه😎

The Haskins Family Vlog

The Haskins Family Vlog . 7 hours ago

She is a beautiful baby!! You did great Jessa! I absolutely love her name!!

Melody Vicky

Melody Vicky . 8 hours ago

Congratulation to you ❣️😘


ghizlane_beauty . 8 hours ago

Oh god, she is so beautiful 😍, congratulations both of you

Tama Watr

Tama Watr . 8 hours ago

May the Lord bless you and your family 🙏

Emabel Esh

Emabel Esh . 9 hours ago

Good job love Praise the Lord!

Kame Ganatra

Kame Ganatra . 11 hours ago

Congratulations on your baby girl God bless you. Stay safe stay healthy keep on smiling Amen 🙏 From London UK


TLV Lav . 13 hours ago

So glad to see grandma there!


TLV Lav . 13 hours ago

Congratulations!! So Precious!


Saw_Piggy . 14 hours ago

Congrats, she is so adorable, omg I miss that new boy smell. God blessed me with 3 so I'm grateful

Mary Brown

Mary Brown . 14 hours ago

Congratulations 👏🏻🌸🎊 she’s so precious

Cynthia Parsons

Cynthia Parsons . 14 hours ago

Beautiful family 💚 congratulations 👏

Harvey Flegerhlfleger

Harvey Flegerhlfleger . 14 hours ago

Congratulations. What a little sweetheart.

molly jensen-roe

molly jensen-roe . 15 hours ago

Congratulations Jessa and Ben...she is absolutely gorgeous ♥️

Sherry Shelton

Sherry Shelton . 15 hours ago

She’s a beautiful gift!!!

Jones Lisa

Jones Lisa . 16 hours ago

Congratulations. She's so Beautiful.

Joann Wilson

Joann Wilson . 16 hours ago

Ben and Jessa, she's beautiful! Congratulations!

Blessing Ella

Blessing Ella . 16 hours ago

Oooh bless her, she has same name with my daughter.

Onyinyechi Amuzie

Onyinyechi Amuzie . 16 hours ago

She is so adorable congratulations

Vicki Marlene

Vicki Marlene . 16 hours ago

They have beautiful children

Ivonne Desjhill

Ivonne Desjhill . 16 hours ago

Congratulations again you guys looks like henri


justYouJesus1God . 17 hours ago

The baby is beautiful, congratulations! My brother's name is Fernando, we call him Fern.

Alice Sadler

Alice Sadler . 17 hours ago

What a great family y'all have God is good🥰❤️😁💞

Alice Sadler

Alice Sadler . 17 hours ago

Also so adorable

Alice Sadler

Alice Sadler . 17 hours ago

So cute 🥰 congratulations ❤️🙏

Kathy Germack

Kathy Germack . 17 hours ago

Beautiful baby, but Fern?

Lyn Flom

Lyn Flom . 17 hours ago

She is beautiful 😍

Alice Cordova

Alice Cordova . 17 hours ago

Congratulations 🎉🎊

michealange micheal

michealange micheal . 17 hours ago

Like DADDY said praise the lord

Jean Buffkin

Jean Buffkin . 17 hours ago

Jessa, your momma’s voice is sooooo soothing and comforting to listen to. You and your family are such a joy. Continued prayers for you all and congrats on baby Fern.

Christy Young

Christy Young . 18 hours ago

She is beautiful! I love her name! My only granddaughter is named Elliana and we call her Ellie. Congratulations 🎊🤱🏽🍼


CrazyDoxyLady . 18 hours ago

She reminds me of Henry. All your children are adorable just like their mommy and daddy! Congrats!!!!

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