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Published on 4 days ago

Extended highlights of the Seattle Kraken at the Vegas Golden Knights

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SuperPat88 . 4 hours ago

I'm now, in all likelihood, the *666TH* comment... For a new team to show this kind of fight on their first ever game... *GOOD SHOW, Seattle!*

Bernard Styles

Bernard Styles . 6 hours ago

I get the idea of the name.....BUT DONT DO CRACK!!!

wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 7 hours ago

Geekie has really impressed me during the preseason, and tonight he showed that he is not slowing down during regular season. Becoming one of my favorite players


JÄGER_rS . 14 hours ago

This thing shows great resilience with a young core and new everything. Seattle can definitely make a playoff run if everything goes right and they can do what they did tonight but actually win. Great start to a new franchise. Goaltending in between the pipes is the only problem I see with this team

Chris 2000

Chris 2000 . 21 hours ago

Great game by the Kraken, pretty cool that their first game was against a fairly new team. Even though they lost they put up a hell of a fight. Now can we please have a team down here in Houston.

Will Ch.

Will Ch. . 1 day ago

Is it a distinct "kick"? Perhaps not. Does he deliberately angle his skate such as to play the puck with the skate to his advantage? Obviously. That shouldn't logically be allowed.

gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 1 day ago

Horrible ruling

Malcolm K

Malcolm K . 1 day ago

Seattle Kraken's first game of all time and the NHL STILL has to throw the game to Vegas... SMH.

Ted Orbach

Ted Orbach . 2 days ago

The Vegas Golden Bettmans strike again

Linda Nowak

Linda Nowak . 2 days ago

Vaguest kicked there fourth goal in

mikea hiooi

mikea hiooi . 2 days ago

That shouldn’t be a goal. That’s a damn kicking motion. You can clearly see him kick the puck into the net with his foot.

Trent Wilson

Trent Wilson . 2 days ago

I am the 667th comment, yikes whoever commented before me

Super bowser Josh

Super bowser Josh . 2 days ago



WeirdDingus . 2 days ago


Vegas golden knights

Vegas golden knights . 2 days ago

Lesss goooo knightssssss

Ejc Ejc

Ejc Ejc . 2 days ago

Seattle's logo is so cool


RZARECK36 777 . 2 days ago

Puck should be kicked more often


RZARECK36 777 . 2 days ago



Bryan119 . 2 days ago

even after the loss Seattle showed they have a place in the NHL Goood job to both teams


darkstar0470 . 3 days ago

Feeling good about this PNW expansion; gonna keep an eye on Geekie

Darren Wood

Darren Wood . 3 days ago

Still a big L

Buddy Trevino

Buddy Trevino . 3 days ago

Knights awesome as always, but damn that was a kick...

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell . 3 days ago

Also who's Idea was it to have Seattle's first game not be a home game?

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell . 3 days ago

ESPN really dropped the ball by not putting Gary Thorne on commentator when he said he was interested in doing it

ralle p

ralle p . 3 days ago

hey sick ...... welcome to the nhl^2021-2022


Patrick . 3 days ago

start driedger grubauer stinks


Krakhead . 3 days ago

I’m just glad we exist.

Todd Williams

Todd Williams . 3 days ago

the first goal in Kraken history was a beauty gritty, plus some nice balance and hand-eye coordination if they rally around that kind of play, they'll go far quickly

Krak Head

Krak Head . 3 days ago

Robbed a win there, nice way to invite new fanbase to the league. I'm not going to the home owner, screw the NHL/MLS


l3eastUnleashed . 3 days ago

Seattle got a really dope jersey scheme

Paul Revere

Paul Revere . 3 days ago

Two teams that have NO physicality. Gonna be tough in the playoffs. I think 4-5 body checks that whole game.

J Smith

J Smith . 3 days ago

VGK fan here…. That was a kick in. Kraken got screwed over. GG

Brian Smith

Brian Smith . 3 days ago

Hockey is back! Where you can’t see the puck most of the game. Great sport. Lol

T-Virus Terrance

T-Virus Terrance . 3 days ago

Hello, Humans. The Poodle is one of the cleanest breeds of dogs, making them a great choice for people with pet allergies. They don’t molt much at all, and they rarely smell either. TERRANCE OUT

Calling Elvis

Calling Elvis . 3 days ago

Nice kick-in to win it.


Xenithrain . 3 days ago

Got this video on the trending page, so happy that hockey is trending!

Wes Desilets

Wes Desilets . 3 days ago

Ronaldo won it with the fourth goal!

Carlos Anaya

Carlos Anaya . 3 days ago

So I heard Grubby left a Good team for this expansion for the difference of $900,000?

Achieved Divinity

Achieved Divinity . 3 days ago

My first game rooting for an expansion team and I gotta feel proud about a comeback from 3 down. Better days ahead

Jack Diiorio

Jack Diiorio . 3 days ago

I Hate when goals when the Puck goes off skate or off part of body n goes in this should not be Considered a goal n put in rule books. puck must make contact with stick to be a goal.


BGY Mix . 3 days ago

I’m not much of a hockey fan, but I definitely was interested to see how the newly added Kraken team would do in their first game. Not bad at all!

aola wili

aola wili . 3 days ago

Oof, despite the score, the Kraken are gonna get rolled this year if they play this loose. I already feel bad for Grubauer

DJT lying POS Sucks

DJT lying POS Sucks . 3 days ago

Way to go Kraken nice come back welcome to the NHL

Elias Reynolds

Elias Reynolds . 3 days ago

Ok we won but like Lehner has to do better than this. He almost blew our three goal lead to an expansion team in their very first franchise game and some of the goals he should've been able to stop. If he continues to do stuff like this, this is just gonna be a much difficult season with him as our main goalie. He needs to be taught to be faster like how Fleury was when he was with us. Now lehner ain't a bad goalie, just most of his performances when he was with us was pretty close to unexpectable. So like come on Lehner gotta do something.

Eugene Layton

Eugene Layton . 3 days ago

They're playing like a typical Seattle team...never quite good enough.


ToryTheWild . 3 days ago

2 New Teams A New Rivalry has begun ⚔️ 🦑

John Loye

John Loye . 3 days ago

as someone who doesnt care about either one of these teams, i just watched tis to see seattles uniforms, they are horrible by the way, the vegas player definitely kicked the puck into the net. just watch his leg being thrust out toward the net. why would the nhl make a rule that is open to the refs own interpretation? there are so many judgement calls in football that create so much controversary why bring that to the nhl? just say no skate goals period

Trent Palladino

Trent Palladino . 3 days ago

proud of the kraken after their first ever game they look like they can compete for the playoffs already i bet they get 3rd in the pacific maybe 4th, hate to see them get robbed right away tho😭

Cynthia Jones

Cynthia Jones . 3 days ago

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Jesus H

Jesus H . 3 days ago

Seattle chose the Kraken. Washington chose a football team lol

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