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Published on 10 months ago

Today we check out all of the new Halo skins in Fortnite!
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Comments :


COD VANGUARD HATER . 7 months ago

Xbox one x lol it’s series x and s


Spppon . 7 months ago

When you have a skin lachy doesn’t 😎


Mythic . 7 months ago

I love how he has the halo 3 warthog run soundtrack in fortnite :)

Kabir Ka Kitchen

Kabir Ka Kitchen . 8 months ago

When lachaln can buy a new xbox just for skin


vloneXace . 9 months ago

We need a Samus or star fox:(

Fudbalski Čelendzi

Fudbalski Čelendzi . 9 months ago


Sunlight Bro

Sunlight Bro . 9 months ago

Honestly don’t care about Fortnite, I’m only here because Halo Infinte is not out yet

Juventino Juarez

Juventino Juarez . 10 months ago

Next mab be link


kiler . 10 months ago

I have halo for x box

DriP Cullen

DriP Cullen . 10 months ago


DriP Cullen

DriP Cullen . 10 months ago

Lachlan i did your skin and I hand to go whan I was doing it and I get mad but then it came to the item shop I get it

Spartan Mark-V

Spartan Mark-V . 10 months ago

*replacement for microsoft halo* "Bungie Halo" perfect

Collin K.

Collin K. . 10 months ago

That’s kind of poggies

Jackson Bramble

Jackson Bramble . 10 months ago

Lachlan its actually Xbox Series X and S

Simon whittaker

Simon whittaker . 10 months ago

I want a donkey Kong skin 🤣

Arjunan Geevan

Arjunan Geevan . 10 months ago

Lochlyn I want you to read this you have to scroll down on your videos and see the non-Fortnite video and then do a video about that nothing can not nothing nothing nothing you can’t even say a word about fortnight.

I like ramen_68

I like ramen_68 . 10 months ago

I want Hitman


lil_he_rapper . 10 months ago

Walking dead is my fav show

Hailey Shearer

Hailey Shearer . 10 months ago

love your vids lachy

Hailey Shearer

Hailey Shearer . 10 months ago

code lachy

Nicholas McDaniel

Nicholas McDaniel . 10 months ago

remember when the assualt rifle had 60 bullets: *YEA*


geon . 10 months ago


Nicole Burwell

Nicole Burwell . 10 months ago

Lachlan can you help me with a fashenshow

Jmj 0

Jmj 0 . 10 months ago

Lachlan there is a female elf coming to fortnite soon

Ethan Koopman

Ethan Koopman . 10 months ago

I use Code Lachlan

Wade Caruk

Wade Caruk . 10 months ago

lachlan, what video/recording was it that got scuffed?

Scarlett Williamson

Scarlett Williamson . 10 months ago



Deadphoenix7862 . 10 months ago

I wanna let you know there is a leaked female code name elf coming in the winter fest


Ripler . 10 months ago

1:45 I think he meant Xbox series x or series s

Thanos mr

Thanos mr . 10 months ago

can i be in pwr me put pwr in my fornite name


Boykerr . 10 months ago

when corona is over could u pls do some vlogs cause they were fun


Zeptique . 10 months ago

I wish i could get fortnite I can't. I only have a Xbox 360 so it's fun too watch you to get some tips

L2 Strxnt

L2 Strxnt . 10 months ago

Lachlan is the best youtuber that I got his skin and bundle.


annalyxnicolee . 10 months ago

Petition to bring launch pads back

Karli Stobbart

Karli Stobbart . 10 months ago

preston seaid stop beying sking he want so vews dud just for a gifting vido

Lightningwiz Gaming

Lightningwiz Gaming . 10 months ago

Can you shout out my channel


Its.Sxsvk6e . 10 months ago

lachlan is there a possibility that pixelmon island will comeback I really miss it and you got to redeem yourself you lost is the last pixelmon island


Sw1fty . 10 months ago

Only ogs remember I am believing😭


ッDarkPlayz . 10 months ago

Sony we get a Spider-Man skin??


OMG RONNIE . 10 months ago

when was there ever a typical gamer fish lachlan just pulled one at slurpy 3:08 i did not know that was in the game lol 😂


Barrett . 10 months ago

Ngl these channels are slowly dying

Fire Gaming

Fire Gaming . 10 months ago

Do a live steam fashion show six thirty USA central pls 12/15/2020


KaZe BS . 10 months ago

thegrefg B)

Bryan Garduno

Bryan Garduno . 10 months ago

I meant no scope

Bryan Garduno

Bryan Garduno . 10 months ago

can you do a video about using a sniper but you can only no stop

jamie lees

jamie lees . 10 months ago


jamie lees

jamie lees . 10 months ago

Sub to 9r1m clan

Daniel Sediqi

Daniel Sediqi . 10 months ago

Mans gonna pay £300 for a skin 😂😂


NBA2K DUNKS . 10 months ago

Here’s a challenge you should play fortnite without keycaps

Brett Games

Brett Games . 10 months ago

I was 3 year old when i started to watch the walking ded

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