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Published on 11 months ago

Today we got early access to the Last Laugh bundle and it's very epic!

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Comments :

Steve Ogbimi

Steve Ogbimi . 2 months ago

I got in Europe early


RainbowDoesMinecraft . 2 months ago

Lachlan sees a clown:"ITS CLOWN VS CLOWN Nite Nite:ITS SHOWTIME 😈🤡(Eliminates Lachy) Lachy:I JUST GOT CLOWNED BY A FLIPPIN CLOWN Nite Nite: "Nite Nite Joker see u in your dreams😈!!!!!!!!"


RainbowDoesMinecraft . 2 months ago

Other utubers:"i got a game early" "I got early access to a bundle or something" (CLICKBAIT) Lachlan:"I got early access to the Joker bundle" People watching Their reaction:😯 "He's telling the truth" Other utubers:😠"No Fair"


Mikkelfaxs . 3 months ago

And the bundle is still purchaseble 8 months after 🙄

Brais Mallo Garcia

Brais Mallo Garcia . 4 months ago

Glitz at the ritz: awesome song bro


Refreshe . 4 months ago

cant believe that this pack is still in the shop

Top Enderman2k

Top Enderman2k . 5 months ago


JMS Births

JMS Births . 5 months ago

I took the phone on in the skin

Transformer_ Addiction1

Transformer_ Addiction1 . 6 months ago

It been five months and it’s still hear

Arslaan Rahman

Arslaan Rahman . 6 months ago

Does he have auto fire

Ferran McAdam

Ferran McAdam . 6 months ago

Lachlan from europe😁 I'm British... U don't get many professional brits. They do say you learn something new everyday

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon . 7 months ago

Your the best YouTuber ever

Fred Griffiths

Fred Griffiths . 7 months ago

I bought the Lachlan skin

leo fishy gang

leo fishy gang . 7 months ago

youre good

Stacy Cano

Stacy Cano . 7 months ago

I liked and subscribed

Ignacio Santana

Ignacio Santana . 7 months ago

8:10 Joker driving the Batmobile

gangsta spongebob

gangsta spongebob . 8 months ago

when i saw this a little bit of me died

RealmBlox YT

RealmBlox YT . 8 months ago

i just bought it !

salah Cherifi

salah Cherifi . 9 months ago

can you gift me joker skin in fortnite

Zaid Gaming Channel ZG

Zaid Gaming Channel ZG . 9 months ago

Everyone: look at the Joker bundle Poison Ivy and Midas Rex: am I a joke to you?

Asima Rahil

Asima Rahil . 9 months ago

Im a big fan of yours can you Please send me friend request id wolfrage67

The Joker

The Joker . 9 months ago


Max Harris

Max Harris . 9 months ago

Hey I got last laugh but used code Pwr


8xll . 9 months ago


Saurabh Lal

Saurabh Lal . 9 months ago


Saurabh Lal

Saurabh Lal . 9 months ago


Electric Big h

Electric Big h . 10 months ago

Can I 1v1 you

Saurabh Lal

Saurabh Lal . 10 months ago


pooper Hurley

pooper Hurley . 10 months ago

This is my favorite youtuber


LD . 10 months ago

Very good, I liked it.


APSAC Sectt . 10 months ago

good to know...

M Junaid

M Junaid . 10 months ago


Creater Jayanth

Creater Jayanth . 10 months ago


Arsalan Ahmed

Arsalan Ahmed . 10 months ago

arsalan ahmed (@timebucks)


v0id._. . 10 months ago

9:13 tHuNdEr PlUmP

Shakira Willetts

Shakira Willetts . 10 months ago

Just joken

Richard Maddick

Richard Maddick . 10 months ago

How do you get the fortnite joker skin without paying for it

Richard Maddick

Richard Maddick . 10 months ago

does anyone that plays fortnite have the joker skin

Axnan Xhan

Axnan Xhan . 10 months ago

The last laugh bundle really good but also expensive


ItsJustAugo . 10 months ago

Lachlan got ran over by a ca-ar takin a stroll at Starky's in November you can say there is no such thing as sweats but as for me and doggo we belive

Saurabh Lal

Saurabh Lal . 10 months ago



Xdevilripply7YT . 10 months ago

I have last laugh bundle

Creater Jayanth

Creater Jayanth . 10 months ago

Love the game

Satyam Sandesh

Satyam Sandesh . 10 months ago


Último Valadares

Último Valadares . 10 months ago

Interesante isso gostei.

Ajoy Sahu

Ajoy Sahu . 10 months ago

Nice sir

Stefo 777

Stefo 777 . 10 months ago

Am i the only person that thinks he said jearker and not joker


GibsonFelix58 . 10 months ago

Lachlan: I’m from Europe Also Lachlan: A native Australian

That Boi

That Boi . 10 months ago

This guy is so bad man

Biplob Gain

Biplob Gain . 10 months ago


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