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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 3 weeks ago

We're shopping at WALMART with only $100 for 3 outfits! Can we do it?! Then, watch as we break down the BEST costumes for your next college theme party! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/5oEfFxeSKcE
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Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 3 weeks ago

What amazing finds does your Walmart have!?!

Brandie K

Brandie K . 3 days ago

I have the tank top Sinead was wearing in every single color they put out... soft, fitted, can go braless... I live in those tanks.

Baylei Jo

Baylei Jo . 5 days ago

Walmart air forces are awesome cuz you can buy new ones when you want them for barely anything and always have them white and fresh

Delanie W

Delanie W . 7 days ago

Growing up in the Midwest and hearing you guys say that you’ve only been to Walmart once drives me crazy bcs I go to Walmart at least twice a week

k c

k c . 1 week ago

Don’t be jealous but my Walmart is just about 30 minutes away

Kaitlin Medina

Kaitlin Medina . 1 week ago

I grew up wearing Walmart clothes and ppl used to mock it 😅 I’m glad that it’s becoming normalized

chrissa b

chrissa b . 1 week ago

We have like 4 walmarts near me and only one has a good clothing section

Kasey Foret

Kasey Foret . 1 week ago

Y’all Walmart compared to mine in the south is very different, kind of sad for y’all that they didn’t have much women’s options because ours has women’s clothes like a forever 21 and there’s so much.


BriLexis . 2 weeks ago

The 2.88 tank tops are my favorite I have like 6 two in the same color one to sleep in the other to wear during the day love it

Madi Payne

Madi Payne . 2 weeks ago

why is the audio so weird at 12:09 lol. sounds like a voiceover.

Hannah CJ

Hannah CJ . 2 weeks ago

Wait where's Erin??

Katrina Lilomaiava

Katrina Lilomaiava . 2 weeks ago

I’m at Walmart at least 2 times a week 😂

Samantha Barnes

Samantha Barnes . 2 weeks ago

Imagine not knowing who George strait is..

Michy Says

Michy Says . 2 weeks ago

I would love to see a video of Amazon favorites, or Amazon top rated clothes! Especially the bodysuits! I see all these bodysuits with thousand of reviews but I would love for you gals to really review some Amazon bodysuits, tips, dresses, shorts, jeans, workout gear. Obviously not all in one video hahaha 🤣

Danielle Villarreal

Danielle Villarreal . 2 weeks ago


Annie Kirk

Annie Kirk . 2 weeks ago

Can ya try the close from the dollar store


Brookie777 . 2 weeks ago

When madeleine said “he’s like what up b*tch” I laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣

~𝕻𝖔𝖎𝖘𝖔𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖘~

~𝕻𝖔𝖎𝖘𝖔𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖘~ . 2 weeks ago

Hah I new this would happen sooner or later, man i love walmart

Vernie Plummer

Vernie Plummer . 3 weeks ago

I love you but those are bobby socks. Tube socks go up to your knees.

Adriane Williams

Adriane Williams . 3 weeks ago

Find the brand Time and true

Kasual Beauty

Kasual Beauty . 3 weeks ago

Your closest Walmart is an hour away. Wtf lol

Rebecca Prelle

Rebecca Prelle . 3 weeks ago

LMAO “the George” is George Strait☺️

Libby Cakes

Libby Cakes . 3 weeks ago

Madelyn: I’ve only been to Walmart once Me: I went to Walmart everyday this week, am I cheap?

Katy Lowe Gibson

Katy Lowe Gibson . 3 weeks ago

Yo I just started working at Walmart like a month ago and it is so hard to not buy clothes and shoes and socks every day walking by them.


Nerdy_3000 . 3 weeks ago

Sinead's kitten outfit is giving me, SOS for this kitty.

Jaci Baker

Jaci Baker . 3 weeks ago

It’s crazy to me that they don’t know who George Strait is🤭

Tiffany Grande

Tiffany Grande . 3 weeks ago

Kinda surprised they allowed you to film inside cause my walmart’s very strict when it comes to recording/filming inside their premises

mahrukh malik

mahrukh malik . 3 weeks ago

Shinaid has a kid what ? She looks so young

mahrukh malik

mahrukh malik . 3 weeks ago

Do you guys get to keep what you buy?


Andie . 3 weeks ago

Dont let the dollar store fool you, go to walmart FIRST.

Keshia Miller

Keshia Miller . 3 weeks ago

Noooo now tank tops that I live in from Walmart are going to sell out now lol. I have so many of the tank tops and I wear all the time.


Taishea . 3 weeks ago

An hour to your closest Walmart?! I can drive 15 minutes, from my house, in any direction and hit a Walmart. 🤣🤣


D R . 3 weeks ago

It was all ugly. Sorry.


D R . 3 weeks ago

I hate sineads opening sweater.

Selena Archuleta

Selena Archuleta . 3 weeks ago

Also, did you know that clothing at Walmart may vary depending on your location because they look at the demographic. Clothes depend on weather, ethnicity, economy, and just what is most frequently bought!


1942rita . 3 weeks ago

My politics won’t permit my shopping at Walmart. They represent a corporation that has the slave master mentality.the 7 members of the family are billionaires while the workers were getting welfare while working full time. I haven’t checked on whether the corporation has a fair salary plan that includes a living wage, retirement plan and sick leave, maternity/parental leave. I don’t want cheap on the illness of families.

Carrie Swank

Carrie Swank . 3 weeks ago

I love Sinead’s cat ear headband with her cat tee. So cute!! 🐈‍⬛

David Hunt

David Hunt . 3 weeks ago

Who's loving Madeline's fit from the intro?


jen . 3 weeks ago

You guys should do a video where you shop small business on Instagram. Maybe POC/black owned businesses? Or that could be two videos!

Raven Wolfe

Raven Wolfe . 3 weeks ago

Sinead, those aren’t capris…

Daisy Fisher

Daisy Fisher . 3 weeks ago

So here in the UK we have ASDA, owned by Walmart, and I grew up with George! It's where we'd get my school uniform every year, and as an adult now I love looking at what bargains I can find there. Just loved the hype you guys gave George haha

abigail Dehn

abigail Dehn . 3 weeks ago

“Don’t sleep on the kids section” girl I’m 6ft and fat

Hannah Wommack

Hannah Wommack . 3 weeks ago

No Boundaries is the juniors section lol

Mnemosyne Melpomene

Mnemosyne Melpomene . 3 weeks ago

Where did Loryn be at? Haven’t seen her in a while


erriberri . 3 weeks ago

Gurllll way over budget haha

Lola Blake

Lola Blake . 3 weeks ago

I’m only 4:31 mins in but I’m obsessed with that cool cats and kittens shirt that sinead found!!! 🧡🦁🐯🐱

Diana Perry

Diana Perry . 3 weeks ago

Everytime I shop at Walmart I get annoyed at how much better the selection is in the men's section. They have the cutest graphic tees in mens.

mary hershelman

mary hershelman . 3 weeks ago

You skinny girls can hit the girls dept. I found a Bob Marley cropped tee on clearance in the children’s dept for $1. Have had it for years and love it love it love it.

Natasha Wuebker

Natasha Wuebker . 3 weeks ago

Feels like Tiger King was so long ago and that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw that cool cats and kittens T-shirt 😆

Miss Adventure

Miss Adventure . 3 weeks ago

I walked by the kids section at Walmart yesterday, and they are selling cutsie baby pink Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd clothing pieces. I think it was like a little jogger set. I found it odd yet amusing.

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