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Published on 4 months ago

Today we review the Season 7 Battlepass in Fortnite!
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Comments :


idea . 2 days ago

i can't believe this 4 months ago😨


Foxxy234 . 4 weeks ago

This season was not really good


Teh204xx . 4 weeks ago

I’m still in season one

José Bunny fortnite2

José Bunny fortnite2 . 4 weeks ago

Stop getting all the battle pass


MEEM_L0RD . 1 month ago

Whos here waiting for season 8


D4rkBunnyYT . 1 month ago

here we are at season 8

Dante Stewart

Dante Stewart . 1 month ago

Code Lachy ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶😆

Dante Stewart

Dante Stewart . 1 month ago

Guggimon is a horror bunny 👹💀😈🙏🦹🏿‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐉

Elijah Rojas

Elijah Rojas . 2 months ago

I made something called alien gang involving with my god brother and my big brother and the Vulcan Salute 🖖 is what we do represent the Alien gang

Sharon Cormack

Sharon Cormack . 2 months ago

Lachlan, Morty is who I unlocked!

Official YoungNY

Official YoungNY . 2 months ago

Ngl I be feeling a little salty every new season when all big youtubers just buy the whole battle pass and I’m grinding hard just to get to level 20 😂 but I understand if u got money spend it 😂

Baarav Para

Baarav Para . 2 months ago

you dont have to claim each pages separately. you can just go to the final page and claim every single reward there. Also. you got the battle pass already because you are a crew member.

justice washington

justice washington . 2 months ago

R.I.P pickaxe Morty...

The Invisible cactus

The Invisible cactus . 2 months ago



Shay . 2 months ago

I hate and love the new format tbh

Bogura Only fun

Bogura Only fun . 2 months ago


Reymark Escarez

Reymark Escarez . 2 months ago

Wow amazing


Midcept . 2 months ago

Epic missed their opportunity on adding a get schwifty music pack

Shukri Hassan

Shukri Hassan . 2 months ago



Ibeatkidz . 2 months ago

Since this is a battle pass review remember in season 2 chapter 1 when he did one and saw orange justice and said justice fore orange kid just a throwback


ProGamer_Official . 2 months ago

What is jpv dollars?

Woneak Ledbetter

Woneak Ledbetter . 2 months ago


Woneak Ledbetter

Woneak Ledbetter . 2 months ago


Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson . 2 months ago

He clicked to get the whole page when he could've just went to the very last page and claim all rewards at the same time


X-ray_Channel . 2 months ago

New bp system is kinda trash


D1egoPlayZ . 3 months ago


Night Mares

Night Mares . 3 months ago

hi :) :)

Dominica's Sound System

Dominica's Sound System . 3 months ago

0:38 biggest scan ever. They say you can get what you want but you really can't. You have to get everything 🤦🏿‍♂️ I give this battle pass a 3.

Elijah Kendall

Elijah Kendall . 3 months ago

I’m going to be honest many other battle passes where better but this season isn’t awful (I can say that because I’ve been playing since Chapter 1 Season 1) this is also my opinion :)


LevaithanEdvin . 3 months ago

Whos watching this 1,5 month later

Dobamen dogs

Dobamen dogs . 3 months ago

Can I hv a skin to this username RAV_ThunderCloud pls I’m a default

Qwazy YT

Qwazy YT . 3 months ago



meestafreeski . 3 months ago

I hope that pickle rick makes an appearance.


aldocarlo . 3 months ago

Sad you didn't even see bonuses


Ok . 3 months ago


Caden Drake

Caden Drake . 3 months ago

Can you give me a schedule of the best friend I want your shows a lot on my TV I'll take my user and chat cadendrke10

James Skinner

James Skinner . 3 months ago

This season battle pass sucks fight me

Lucy Sings

Lucy Sings . 3 months ago

Lol he forgot he had Fortnite crew


gin . 3 months ago

get with the pack


MR_XS . 4 months ago

Should’ve made him Morty a backpack could’ve been when They were on the purge planet with badass suits

Ferdous Sohel

Ferdous Sohel . 4 months ago

Fun fact Donald mustards daughter designed the sunny skin

WrangWrang is me

WrangWrang is me . 4 months ago

I just died You can do more than one page at a time lol


ttv_jrplays . 4 months ago

Me please im a default and i subscribed

Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu . 4 months ago

If you went to the final page you coulda bought the whole battle pass


BalakeTheYoungin . 4 months ago

My gosh how are you still playing and making videos on this game. I would be so bored


lolcakes . 4 months ago

“I’m doing 90’s morty! I’m doing 90’s!” “Oh jeez rick, I don’t think I could do that.”

Diego 986

Diego 986 . 4 months ago

Lachlan u are the best YouTuber Ever your videos are so good so I just want to say thank u for being the great person you arr

strider man

strider man . 4 months ago

Bonus rewards?


ShinyHydra . 4 months ago

Why does GUGGIMON give me five nights at Freddys vibes

Max Morrow

Max Morrow . 4 months ago

I think I might install fortnite, buy the Rick skin and never play the game again.

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