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Published on 11 months ago

Here are some amazing moments mainly in sports that show how some people's skills are on another level!

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some amazing moments that happened with a main focus in sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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Comments :

Kyle Dutson

Kyle Dutson . 1 day ago

It's weird you think such little smoke will hurt the environment

Ben Wall

Ben Wall . 2 days ago

The alligator is fake

Ultrra -

Ultrra - . 2 days ago

thank you Elliot

pretty queen_D

pretty queen_D . 4 days ago

The girl who can use her feet with the bow and arrow is soffie dossie she's amazing

sean chisholm

sean chisholm . 5 days ago

It's so obviously not a real alligator


Nipa . 1 week ago

4:18 ayo bois wanna make a fast boat?

Filip Persson

Filip Persson . 1 week ago

6.00 hockey game?? thats floorball


Abhigna . 2 weeks ago

7:37 That's Sofie Dossi 😁


BERNARD HARMON . 2 weeks ago

The inquisitive starter cumulatively decide because second rheologically precede by a rampant fish. hypnotic, lush blade


G SASIDHARAN . 2 weeks ago

7:42 sofie dossi Contortionist

Aayush Narayan

Aayush Narayan . 2 weeks ago

Don’t interrupt a cat conversation, never interrupt a cat conversation .

BTS ARMY lover

BTS ARMY lover . 3 weeks ago

7:36 sofie dossi

Viya Shah

Viya Shah . 3 weeks ago

7:32 thats soffie dossie. I saw it in the preview and thats a only reason i clicked on this video

Thạnh Phạm

Thạnh Phạm . 1 month ago

Science stupid like cows Science doesn't know, Every second the moon ' s core attracts the Earth ' s core 1200 tons of electricity causing tides on Earth

Kishwor Thapa

Kishwor Thapa . 1 month ago



FaKTD20 . 1 month ago

so we're just supposed to go about our day like i didnt just see a man elbow drop an aligator

Ay Kay

Ay Kay . 1 month ago

1:21 That a fake Alligator man. It's platic.


Shilotastic . 1 month ago

1:28 for the people who don't know yet the gator was a prank and it's just a remote control


finsclapping . 1 month ago

I have caught nearly all the things that I dropped for a long time now. I'll feel it slipping or notice that I nudge something over. And I either catch it with my hands or I make sure to let it drop on my foot if I know I won't be fast enough. Haven't had anything break in years.


BTS ARE BTS . 1 month ago

7:44 doffiee

Marc Thistle

Marc Thistle . 1 month ago

It’s a gator head on a RC boat😂😂

True Britz

True Britz . 1 month ago

Alligator bobbing up and down pmsl


Jules PALOUX . 1 month ago


charles curry

charles curry . 1 month ago

Why do I remember that inside edition episode lol

Manuni Zahthang

Manuni Zahthang . 1 month ago

Doesn't clickbait Doesn't get straight to the point Not a perfect channel

Menna Ayman

Menna Ayman . 1 month ago

Can we talk about the person who jumped in the water with the gator to save his buddy? What a great friend!


zno . 1 month ago

not hokey but ok... its floorball


Marklor . 1 month ago

1:24 That's a toy LMAO a fake alligator boat

iRaQi Loti

iRaQi Loti . 1 month ago

1:34 Fake

Tony Hernandez

Tony Hernandez . 1 month ago


pro gamer

pro gamer . 1 month ago

how much does a monster truck weigh haha stupid.

Ken F

Ken F . 1 month ago

The alligator is remote controlled lol

Doggo_87 __

Doggo_87 __ . 1 month ago

That elbow drop to a crocodile tho..

David kennaway

David kennaway . 1 month ago

The aligator is fake

Angel Ng buhay ko

Angel Ng buhay ko . 1 month ago

Sofie dossi


thea . 1 month ago

1:26 i laughed so hard at this 💀


rfixe . 1 month ago

5:36 Jet set Radio irl!

Jarrod Sanders

Jarrod Sanders . 1 month ago

Oh my god I just saw the vid cause I was bored 2 videos ago


mistirion . 1 month ago

1:28 typical Florida man moment

Inigo shorts and Gaming

Inigo shorts and Gaming . 1 month ago

Lol its lebron james from the space jam the legacy

Anthony Mburu Waweru

Anthony Mburu Waweru . 1 month ago

I just hate the voice overs, prefer clips without

Ohio Against The World

Ohio Against The World . 1 month ago

that Japanese wall climbing chick is a 100% total babe.

John Dawkins

John Dawkins . 1 month ago

People know that alligator was remote control right?


Bill . 1 month ago

Who’s the knockout 👱‍♀️diver in the tucking competition 🥰

The LA sisters! 🥳

The LA sisters! 🥳 . 1 month ago

7:42 might be sofie dosie

Erl Gregory

Erl Gregory . 1 month ago

What a friend!!!!sacrificing his life for his friend

Gabby Cervantes

Gabby Cervantes . 1 month ago

That alogator was fake😁

Ameemah Aziz

Ameemah Aziz . 1 month ago

5:17 My bestfriend talking her crush and shooing me off 😭😭


hwalight . 1 month ago

2:16 A.S.M.R

Sam Steel

Sam Steel . 1 month ago

imagine having the motivation to use a calculator that fast..

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