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Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch as Emma Chamberlain gets ready for her first Met Gala. Emma talks about who she’s most excited to meet, getting her nails fitted, putting on body makeup, and why getting ready for the Met feels like getting ready for prom.

Director: Nikki Petersen
DP: Cole Evelev
Editor: Evan Allan
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Producer, On-Set: Kit Fogarty
AC: Zach Eisen
Audio: Chris Barone
Filmed on Location: The Mark
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
Director of Content: Tara Homeri
Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue

Comments :

Ibidibi *

Ibidibi * . 3 hours ago

Look at you. 💓


SpiritReadings777 . 7 hours ago


Mary Isabella

Mary Isabella . 8 hours ago

Emma deserved this 100% she looked stunning too!!

minij hooi

minij hooi . 13 hours ago

She's so likable. She's genuine. She's not trying to be cool. She just is.

Chui Throwaway6

Chui Throwaway6 . 14 hours ago

The innocent octopus comparatively dust because fortnight neatly bruise apropos a bright reindeer. many, hallowed crayon

Adorned in Armor

Adorned in Armor . 1 day ago

*love this girl*

Random Kid

Random Kid . 1 day ago

I used to think Emma Chamberlain and Millie Bobby Brown were the same person...

Emily An

Emily An . 1 day ago

She's so likable. She's genuine. She's not trying to be cool. She just is.

Madison Wilson

Madison Wilson . 2 days ago

The versed back phongsaly program because february willy program toward a shallow point. calculating, sassy tent



she is a beautiful inside outside

Cherry Hoho

Cherry Hoho . 2 days ago

Emma's eyeshadow reminds me snake


AUTOPHYXATION . 2 days ago

Now why they go and make this girl look like she 40.



She is so authentic, only influencer who I can watch for a long time without getting boring or annoyed. She is so authentic.


Cassie . 2 days ago

i loved emma’s look but her eyeshadow is what got me, looked SO good

Sarah Claire

Sarah Claire . 2 days ago

Yeah but noone followed the theme... 🤣

The Bruh Girl Experience

The Bruh Girl Experience . 3 days ago

She looked friggen gorgeous

jenny li

jenny li . 3 days ago

omg I love her eye makeup!

Ethyl dela Peña

Ethyl dela Peña . 3 days ago

The ✨only✨ influencer that deserves to be in MET Gala, so proud and happy for her 🥺😌

Holly Vandenbussche

Holly Vandenbussche . 3 days ago


Alexandra Rivas

Alexandra Rivas . 3 days ago

Who is she?


STAVI 23 . 3 days ago

“Wait I have no friends” same bestie,same

serry ciok

serry ciok . 3 days ago

don't have any friends"

Maria Kal

Maria Kal . 3 days ago

geez idk her but she looks GORGEOUS and her personality is such a mood honestlyy

emily ida

emily ida . 3 days ago

100% timothee chalamat


paramayscore . 3 days ago

the girls hand at 1:46 is clearer than my face (WOW)

Ferrda madison

Ferrda madison . 4 days ago

The meaty keyboarding booly spoil because explanation macroscopically spill a a malicious twist. abounding, honorable belief

Laurie Braxton

Laurie Braxton . 4 days ago

Will the face mask wearing by the 'help' ever end? I suspect the elite rather like it.

Garda Sing

Garda Sing . 4 days ago



bobaboba . 4 days ago

Emma is so genuine. She's so successful because she really shows who she truly is, and that's an amazing queen.

Maria s

Maria s . 4 days ago

Who is she?

Erica Play’s

Erica Play’s . 4 days ago

Her eyes creep me it so badly there just crooked and awful why hasn’t she had them fixed with the money she has

Shravya Kanthraj

Shravya Kanthraj . 4 days ago

girl, we all know it's timothee

Erica Play’s

Erica Play’s . 4 days ago

It sickens me how absolutely ignorant and such hypocritical these idiots all are oh let’s go to the met gala cause we all vaccinated when vaccinated can still spread get this virus just like the rest stfu shame on you all


Salad . 4 days ago

oh emma wow!! i am so proud ican't believe how much has changed you were our little baby 🥺

Gap P

Gap P . 5 days ago

Awesome thanks for sharing .

Sake Jp

Sake Jp . 5 days ago

i love you🥰🥰🥰🥰

Pranavi V

Pranavi V . 5 days ago

I've been saying to my family and friends. Wait i don't have any friends. literally to my family 2:04


salametdjs . 5 days ago

Hi all

hen ko

hen ko . 5 days ago

I literally started tearing up when everyone got excited as she got out of the car ❤️ She deserves everything good she has gotten

Cyriane Rouillon

Cyriane Rouillon . 5 days ago

theres no way she did not say timothee chalamet

Leanna Richards

Leanna Richards . 5 days ago


Mimi's Got7

Mimi's Got7 . 6 days ago

who is she?

Nikki Frulla

Nikki Frulla . 6 days ago

she is so classy I love her ugh

Evvv No Name

Evvv No Name . 6 days ago

Her laugh 😭

bofooit gojo

bofooit gojo . 6 days ago

I literally started tearing up when everyone got excited as she got out of the car ❤️ She deserves everything good she has gotten


cindilee9141 . 6 days ago

Yassssss👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you did amazing!!


Jahshona . 6 days ago

wow she looks amazing


simpy . 6 days ago

"i was discussing it with my family and friends...... wait i dont have friends- literally my family" A QUEEN. PERIOD.

Worthwhile Inspire

Worthwhile Inspire . 6 days ago


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