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Blue Origin

Blue Origin

Published on 3 days ago

On July 20, Blue Origin successfully completed New Shepard’s first human flight with four private citizens onboard.

Comments :


MiNA GAMING . 37 minutes ago

Ah yes, that shape. Natural Aero Dynamics.


cash . 44 minutes ago

To all the losers and haters, have a nice day!


advncedbionics . 1 hour ago

Congratulation !

David Dave

David Dave . 2 hours ago

CGI 🤭🤭🤭🤭😂🇺🇸

David Dave

David Dave . 2 hours ago

FAKE CGI haha. Where’s the camera after a sole minutes


Brabusrocket800 . 2 hours ago

To all the people with the jokes about this-it sucks to be poor, doesn't it? :D

God's Grace

God's Grace . 3 hours ago

Boy satan has really done a job on us humans...smh

Andrea Petrovska

Andrea Petrovska . 4 hours ago

Congratulation Jeff, Mark, Wally & Oliver🌍♥️🦋👏📚✌👍💯🙂


AuroraMills . 5 hours ago

Where are you Jules Bergman? We need you now more than ever!

Daniel Zabala Mesa

Daniel Zabala Mesa . 5 hours ago

To much money for rockets, but not enough for good cameras...

Daniel Zabala Mesa

Daniel Zabala Mesa . 5 hours ago

CGI dildo? come on...

Kangaroo Caught

Kangaroo Caught . 5 hours ago

What a pointless exercise.

Bug Honey

Bug Honey . 6 hours ago

Gee, I wonder if my penis joke will stand out amogst thousands of other ones!


slatibaadfast . 6 hours ago

They spent how long in 'space'? 90 seconds or so? Over 2 hours of bozos wanking and telling everyone how he rips off the IRS and his employees. What a moron. Oh and if you stand outside, jump as high as you can. You are technically 'in space'

Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves . 7 hours ago

The landing of the booster was the coolest part . It resembled an old scifi movie . Looks like it touched down softer than the capsule .

Who's a good Dogue

Who's a good Dogue . 7 hours ago

All that money spent, and the ship looks like it was designed by Mel Brooks or Woody Allen - it looks like a giant rocket powered dildo.

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 8 hours ago

Yeah, they "jumped" 😂

the punt✔️

the punt✔️ . 9 hours ago

Vergin galactic is better than this 🙄🙄


ZokStar1 . 10 hours ago

@1;41:51 ANYONE CARE TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS SHOT WAS CAPTURE. Seemed like a stationary craft filmed it looking down and then panning all the way up as the Rocket passed it. ANYONE?

Kyle jones

Kyle jones . 11 hours ago

Honestly astronauts work really hard to be given the opportunity to go to space i don't think it's fair to call these guys astronauts. And there barely spending 5 minutes up there.

Balasubramanian Narasimmalu

Balasubramanian Narasimmalu . 12 hours ago

Too much money for 10 minutes of flight. What is the use of it. You cannot even finish eating your meal.

Mein kampf

Mein kampf . 12 hours ago

1:48:44 when i had too much taco bell

Lee C.

Lee C. . 12 hours ago

I think i'm on the wrong site ... this isn't the 'rocket ship' i was expecting


uowebfoot . 13 hours ago

Call me a buzz kill or whatever not trying to be one. Considering we had the first American go to space 60 years ago is it REALLY that big of deal? Come on.


Neuro . 15 hours ago

I'd hog the best window. Sorry.


Oumuamua . 15 hours ago


Brave Voice

Brave Voice . 15 hours ago



CryptoNews . 16 hours ago

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Jud Ad

Jud Ad . 17 hours ago

Nasa lies… Nasa fraud Wake up call people

Jud Ad

Jud Ad . 17 hours ago

What a crap propaganda is that? Really? Can anyone believe that bullshit? Great actors yeahhhhhhj And all the cowboys hats at the landing? The american dream yuhuuuu Jajaja

Uncertainty Principal

Uncertainty Principal . 17 hours ago

@47:45 into the video……. Spend billions of dollars on a rocket and ride into space, but cut costs by not getting the electric tailgate option on the Rivian?

Carl Does Music

Carl Does Music . 17 hours ago

1:06:29 "don't keep pulling on it" Jokes... go...


Mach998 . 17 hours ago

I love space everything! Wish I could be a bigger fan of Blue O. But Bezos is such a whiny bitch. I'm ready to watch him sail away in his Queen Mary, and leave space to the real cowboys.

Bruce Leib

Bruce Leib . 18 hours ago

With what we can do with the ISS and satellites, just crossing the Karman line is required to be officially in space. I think at a full orbit should be at minimum in space

Douglas MacIlroy

Douglas MacIlroy . 18 hours ago

Following their corporate motto to a tee...

James Gang Racing

James Gang Racing . 18 hours ago

Why are you even bothering? You think a suborbital flight is impressive? A man landed on the moon before I was born, and I'm no spring chicken. I am not impressed by this joke a craft, just as unimpressed with Branson. A billionaire dick measuring contest, and you both brought micropenises. You need to have a craft capable of escaping the Earth/moon system or go home. Elon brought it to town, and I'm supposed to think this is cool? LMAO! Bezos, your "space" program is a joke. You didn't go to space. You went on a high altitude flight. Unimpressed.


MsThor1 . 18 hours ago

Where is space?🤣Fakeasfuck

Stan Eckel

Stan Eckel . 19 hours ago

First human flight? Mr. Natural is just going to have to tell you to fuck right off. And do it today.


Gerry . 19 hours ago

Blue Origin: We did a sub orbital flight without passing the Karman line. This has never been done clearly and this is a first! "Sad sputnik 1 noises"

ツ MAX & Karina ツ

ツ MAX & Karina ツ . 19 hours ago

Good flight for fun =)


F M . 20 hours ago


Malcolm Reynolds

Malcolm Reynolds . 20 hours ago

Public service announcement: Watched this video lots of times, the capsule never explodes! You're welcome..

Double Oof

Double Oof . 20 hours ago

Man it sure would suck if Jeff Bezos got thrown out the cockpit mid-flight into space, hahaha yeah


jonboy1000 . 20 hours ago

Nice one Bozo


Jose . 20 hours ago



Jose . 20 hours ago

what a scam!

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