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Published on 5 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Vitamin C - "Graduation (Friends Forever)" from her self-titled debut album (1999). "Graduation (Friends Forever)" samples Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and is featured in the movies '21 Jump Street' and ‘Scary Movie’.

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Comments :


RHINO . 5 months ago

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2021! 🎓🎉

Seong Gi Hun

Seong Gi Hun . 58 minutes ago

I went from relatively happy to having suicidal thoughts from listening to this song

Frankie Lima

Frankie Lima . 3 hours ago

I wonder where the two girls at the end of the video are today


jvz . 5 hours ago

80s,90s,20s songs really means a lot for memeories wish I could go back 😭

Chi Chi

Chi Chi . 10 hours ago

3:18 that’s what I would do if I graduate Soooo emotional 😭

ur so shrexy

ur so shrexy . 11 hours ago

i remember our kindergarten playing this for our graduation omg


Entertainment . 20 hours ago

Class Of 2020 Rona Season Boy’s RIP Juice Wrld

Groot !!

Groot !! . 23 hours ago

Fuck Class of 2000!!! Salem High School in Virginia beach.

Rusty Love

Rusty Love . 1 day ago

this is so good all the excitement from that day and night! wow it was def a highlight of my life rep hardcore 2004!


UEH MBA K30.2 . 1 day ago

I remember this song being on a different channel is it not?

Lawrence Stanton

Lawrence Stanton . 1 day ago

Me and my girlfriend relationship ❤️❤️❤️ with last forever and forever ❣️ this year is the best of my life 💗 I love you sweetie 💓

Irene Kilburn

Irene Kilburn . 1 day ago

It was played at my graduation class of 2002

maring mg

maring mg . 1 day ago

Friendship is the most beautiful thing on the planet 💖✨💓


Cheyenne . 2 days ago

This song hits hard because our lives can change so quickly. I remember a schoolmate of mine tragically passed only months before graduation. I didn't know him personally, but knowing he was just younger than me and that he had a whole life ahead of him rattled me and still haunts me now. I know this song is supposed to be happy and sentimental, but it just makes me hurt. To any high schoolers possibly reading this now, don't take your friends for granted. Give a smile to anyone you pass in the hall. You never know how quickly things can change.


hugemagoo . 2 days ago

She is 50 now. 50!!! In this video she is younger than I now. God damn blink of an eye and we'll all be taking our last breaths

Jose Juan Hernandez vera

Jose Juan Hernandez vera . 3 days ago

I'm here 4 scary movie

J. Snow

J. Snow . 3 days ago

Most people probably only know this from Scary Movie 2. 😂


Strabius . 3 days ago

I remember this playing through every May and June on Radio Disney for the kids that were graduating. They would even play actual teens calling in and giving shoutouts or brief graduating thoughts during those instrumental parts of the song.

Yasmín MFabricio

Yasmín MFabricio . 3 days ago

This song made me cry in my elementary graduation 😭

Jenna 'JennaCyde' D

Jenna 'JennaCyde' D . 4 days ago

Graduated in 2007 Still remain close with a bunch of friends from High School. Mainly everyone from Theater and Stage Crew. COVID prevented our gathering last year, but every year since then for Christmas we get together and reminisce and catch up. Can't wait to do it again this year <3

Elijah H

Elijah H . 4 days ago

Watching late 90s early 2000s HS movies rn and it reminded me of this song. Damn i miss being a teen

Zac Bernard

Zac Bernard . 4 days ago

One of us is lying

Tammie Knuth

Tammie Knuth . 4 days ago

Real ones know tamekk 1996 and comes after

Shuvair Smith

Shuvair Smith . 4 days ago

This was my graduation song.


SIVIK . 4 days ago

After hearing juice wrlds version coming back to this i realize how depressing this sounds

Matteo Lo Presti

Matteo Lo Presti . 4 days ago

"Hey, shut the fuck up and let me sing"

Erin levere

Erin levere . 5 days ago

This song came around the time I graduated 😉



Hey! Shut the fukk up and let me sing, okay?

The Creativist

The Creativist . 5 days ago

I actively try to avoid this song! :(

Chris Gee Reacts

Chris Gee Reacts . 6 days ago

This song brings back so much memories. I graduated in 2008


petalgoth . 6 days ago

Oh wow I’m just now finding out that this song wasn’t originally by juice wrld….

jacob traicoff

jacob traicoff . 6 days ago

The point of the song I'd to teach children what it's like to be rejected


Eggycarrot . 6 days ago

I want to cry

Markie Olano

Markie Olano . 7 days ago

too much Citrus on this MV


BeeMusikLive . 1 week ago

Impossible to take this song seriously after Scary Movie 2.

sergtser esgsdfgsdfg

sergtser esgsdfgsdfg . 1 week ago

năm 1900 hồi here của người ta đấy

Edin Sol

Edin Sol . 1 week ago

Lol The Highschool Students Back then looks 25.

Michael Truong

Michael Truong . 1 week ago

theres no way this vid doesnt have at least 1 mil thats some bs

Let there be - Parkour!

Let there be - Parkour! . 1 week ago

Anyone here from the juice wrld and benny blanco version?

Emily Uncry

Emily Uncry . 1 week ago

This song and the benny blanco version are both lame. Just focus on making the right choices towards your future.

Johann Pliessnig

Johann Pliessnig . 1 week ago

Cindy singing on scary movie 2

Eric W.

Eric W. . 1 week ago

All Cindy's, please let her sing in the car.


gameguy783 . 1 week ago

c/o 1996

Juan Jose Molina Correa

Juan Jose Molina Correa . 1 week ago

shut the fuck up and let me sing

The American E2

The American E2 . 1 week ago

This song looks so 2008 what year was this made and please let it be 08

I am cool

I am cool . 1 week ago

I’m graduating this year, I’ve been at this school for 10 years, I’m not ready to leave, the building + the playground holds SO many memories, I’m really going to miss everything <3


Blackichan . 1 week ago

She went forward in time and stole juice wrlds song


Shreyas . 1 week ago

Why is this not on Vitamin C YouTube channel? Why is this re-uploaded 5 months ago??

Mr. Mole

Mr. Mole . 1 week ago

I had to sing This for the end of 6th grade at the time in hated it now honestly I’m glad that they made us

jennifer rohlf

jennifer rohlf . 1 week ago

If only we knew that the big jobs and big money would actually be big student debt and starting salary $10 for a 4 year degree 😩

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