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Published on 12 years ago

Music video by Kevin Rudolf performing Let It Rock. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 22,655,556. (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

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Comments :

Dee Cee

Dee Cee . 6 hours ago

Great work, that being said lil wanye a bottom

Nicholas Bruno

Nicholas Bruno . 11 hours ago

Madden 11 vibes. Where has time gone😫


FlyGuysStory . 16 hours ago

Wow 11 years ago we getting old


NATHAN GONZALEZ . 23 hours ago

The nostalgia just hit deep bro. Like dam the days

Gerson Gutiérrez

Gerson Gutiérrez . 1 day ago

like si estás aquí porque recuerdas este hermoso tema por la promo del royal rumble 2009


Grizwald . 1 day ago

Madden 11 running with the chiefs when they all they had was jamaal Charles

Wyatt R

Wyatt R . 2 days ago

The nostalgia hits hard man

Logan Buffkin

Logan Buffkin . 2 days ago

Absolute banger of a song right here


ThatFloydKid . 3 days ago

Madden 2011 anyone? 😂🤙

Quita Wesley

Quita Wesley . 3 days ago

If Rob Dyrdeck made music 😂😂😂😂


MaxOnator3 . 3 days ago

HOLY SHIT WTF WOWW This was the biggest blast of nostalgia I've EVER felt. I can't even describe this with words... I've listened to thousands of songs... I remember listening to this song 10 years ago or so, absolutely loving it, and then I somehow randomly forgot about it. YT never showed it to me throughout these last 7 years, and I never heard it on the radio either, so it was gone in my memory. BUT TODAY, I saw this, thought the title looked kinda familiar. Clicked it, and HERE IS THE SONG. LET IT ROCK, LET IT ROCK, LET IT ROCK!!!

Luke Ware

Luke Ware . 3 days ago

This song was the shit when it came out

Stoney Markham

Stoney Markham . 3 days ago

Reminds me of Crystal by New Order with the background.

Mrs. D

Mrs. D . 3 days ago

Your song played before I got to the hospital to have my son. Now he'll be 13 this year.

Stride_ Reset

Stride_ Reset . 3 days ago

To the people who commented on this song when I was younger and couldn't understand but thank you guys for being there for me when I was young

Hardy Silver

Hardy Silver . 3 days ago

Wayne sounds like he is running outta breath with all that censoring 😂

Ryan Bradley

Ryan Bradley . 4 days ago

This song came out 11 years ago and I’m just now realizing Lil Wayne is in it lol… anyone else? No just me? K

Ireallyreally Hategoogle

Ireallyreally Hategoogle . 4 days ago

Censorship sucks.


⚡DJ M0ZARTZ⚡ . 4 days ago

I see what you did there

minty chocolate

minty chocolate . 4 days ago

The song that reminded me of this bop wasn't Next Level, but Coldplay's and BTS's My Universe😆

Tima Alo

Tima Alo . 4 days ago

this is better than next level

GuNjAn StArK

GuNjAn StArK . 4 days ago

😭 I miss this time 😢😭


SinisterShift . 5 days ago

They really dropped this banger on Madden then dipped

Rocio Rosales

Rocio Rosales . 6 days ago

Forgot this song existed 😭

Andre Adams

Andre Adams . 6 days ago

This song is hard to beat

Vishnu Vikraman

Vishnu Vikraman . 6 days ago

came here to relive my childhood

Rica’s Rucksack

Rica’s Rucksack . 6 days ago

Came here because I miss 2010 (heard this frequently in the clubs back then).

Ari Wenger

Ari Wenger . 7 days ago

im on the ne-xt le-vel


Paranoid_Android . 7 days ago

2:53 Is that Jake Paul wearing a red baseball cap?

Its Shünmi

Its Shünmi . 1 week ago

This is a song i expect to be played on a barbie pop star movie

John Moss

John Moss . 1 week ago

Idk why lil Wayne is holding a guitar he don't even play it lol. I'm curious can he play guitar??? Great song though!!!


Swordchicken . 1 week ago

This song is actually pretty deep once you understand the lyrics.


dimsumboy22 . 1 week ago

Lil Wayne ruins it


bearcat579 . 1 week ago

I heard the beginning of song while leaving a restaurant today and I couldn’t think what it was which is weird because when I found I still knew all the lyrics. Long live the 2000s!

Alejandrina Castillo Cs

Alejandrina Castillo Cs . 1 week ago

Next level what


Nicaking505 . 1 week ago

One hit wonder

فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم

فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم . 1 week ago

I see the new evooo


「FuJiKi」 . 1 week ago

You are at the vintage part of YouTube when a video like this doesn’t go higher than 480p

Vairion suralious

Vairion suralious . 1 week ago

So I hated this song untill I listened to Kevin ... Underrated lyrics here and wayne really turned this song into trash .

sh ma

sh ma . 1 week ago

d sch ich wir

Morgan Cozart

Morgan Cozart . 2 weeks ago

what a time to be alive man.

I upload stuffs

I upload stuffs . 2 weeks ago

This is dope I'm also from that Next Level video

Adam Qasamy

Adam Qasamy . 2 weeks ago

Best Duo Rap / Rock 💪🏻🎸 🧐👏🏻 You should make an Album together or make Kevin Rudolf Let it Rock 2 feat. Lil Wayne or Lil Wayne Let it Rap feat. Kevin Rudolf 🙌🏻 :3💙 2022

no userr

no userr . 2 weeks ago

Many people say sm is the blue print for K-pop? 😂 They can't even make their own song. Sm has no originality

Suguru Tekashi

Suguru Tekashi . 2 weeks ago

Fuck man nostalgic


AkemiStart! . 2 weeks ago

next level vibes


Abdinoor . 2 weeks ago

Idk who Mera is but I been here bitches!!!! Wabalubadubdub

Hazel Key Zabala

Hazel Key Zabala . 2 weeks ago

I am here because of Aespa Next level.. sounds familiar 🤔

Parminder Singh

Parminder Singh . 2 weeks ago

Im here from Mera's next level from aespa's edit 😂 ik many people are here from that


Lucane . 2 weeks ago

Lmao this shit was on every commercial

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