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Published on 5 years ago

"Let There Be Rock" by AC/DC from Live at Donington, 8/17/91
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He said, "Let there be sound"
There was sound
"Let there be light"
There was light
"Let there be drums"
There was drums
"Let there be guitar"
There was guitar

Oh, let there be rock

#ACDC #LetThereBeRock##LiveatDonington

Comments :

Leonard Stone

Leonard Stone . 13 hours ago

Chris Slade is sick. Give the man some love


Cavendish . 17 hours ago

Angus has chewed a lot of air in his lifetime

Mehdhi Hassan

Mehdhi Hassan . 2 days ago

Angus Young Eddie Van Halen Ace Frehley Gene Simmons Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Are the 6 guitar gods I know🤟🏽

Vladimir Volin

Vladimir Volin . 7 days ago


Gilberto Colmenares

Gilberto Colmenares . 1 week ago

Esa bateria va a 1000 por hora buenisima¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!

Gilberto Colmenares

Gilberto Colmenares . 1 week ago

Puro rock excelente que BANDA

Nicolas Montero

Nicolas Montero . 2 weeks ago

2:20 WTF????


Luke1296 . 2 weeks ago

The bass needs to be turned up. You can barely hear it.

Brice Martin

Brice Martin . 2 weeks ago

"one day, everybody's gonna realize what he's doin' live..." M.Young

Sunset Solutions

Sunset Solutions . 2 weeks ago

I hope they gave Slade a raise after this show.

Alexandra C.

Alexandra C. . 2 weeks ago

This music heals me!!!

Игорь Сентяй

Игорь Сентяй . 2 weeks ago

В огне! Сожженые славой.

Angel Tello García Ballesteros

Angel Tello García Ballesteros . 2 weeks ago

Los uno

Oleg Lukianchuk

Oleg Lukianchuk . 2 weeks ago

Слейд офигенный!!! Машина!!!

Olegs Sergejevs

Olegs Sergejevs . 3 weeks ago

Крис за барабанами ...БОГ !!!

Peter Bread

Peter Bread . 3 weeks ago

How the hell the drummer can keep that rhythm for that long


mimi0731 . 3 weeks ago

Who’s the biggest, baddest band in the whole wide world??? It’s GOT to be AC/DC, hands down.

Sergio Ruiz

Sergio Ruiz . 3 weeks ago

Desde banfield argentinaa el mejor tema en vivoo de ac dc terriblee saludoss

William Stuart

William Stuart . 4 weeks ago

His guitar keeps cutting-out, in the middle

Иван Аверков

Иван Аверков . 4 weeks ago

Барабанщик просто Демон!

Reap Raw

Reap Raw . 4 weeks ago

They don’t make em like this no more

Deborah Hoffman

Deborah Hoffman . 4 weeks ago

Never ever will there be another!!! I feel so privileged to have experienced the AC/DC rock gods. Job well done gentleman!

El Mago

El Mago . 4 weeks ago

Donington, hace 30 años C.S demostró que la mejor versión de " let there be rock" es cuando el esta en la batería.

Heavy Metal Gamer.

Heavy Metal Gamer. . 1 month ago

I love AC⚡DC. 🤘

Leonardo Cuamatzi

Leonardo Cuamatzi . 1 month ago

Esto siii es música

i am awesome king

i am awesome king . 1 month ago

If you guys want to work out be like Chris slade here

Johan Bergman

Johan Bergman . 1 month ago

Love to see the late Malcolm in this clip!

Leslie Tiu

Leslie Tiu . 1 month ago

What is the name of the singer

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy . 1 month ago

Imagine being angus playing this for over 17 minutes straight.

Rob Newbat

Rob Newbat . 1 month ago

Marcus I love your videos man they're awesome keep up the good work

Mirabelle Pamplemousse

Mirabelle Pamplemousse . 1 month ago

Superbe 👍🤘

andrzej cz

andrzej cz . 2 months ago

Ударник,это просто бомба.Шпарит как драммашина.


KravMagaThailand . 2 months ago

That’s a real fast version, wonder is that because Chris is driving a faster beat? Nice cymbal crashes when rhythm section is keeping beat going wait for Angus to solo.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades . 2 months ago

Never heard of this Chris guy???? Bang a drum??

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades . 2 months ago

Don't take Angus as a side show... He is the God of guitarists!!


Raze . 2 months ago

People: Chris is awesome! Angus: Am I a joke to you?

Саша Иванов

Саша Иванов . 2 months ago

Крис Слейд супер!!!

Николай Михайличенко

Николай Михайличенко . 2 months ago

Хлопцы, а пра чё энта пездня?😮

Gilmer Marin Machuca

Gilmer Marin Machuca . 2 months ago



G G . 2 months ago

Listen to that so good rhythm at 4:31. That's what I call Rock 'n Roll

Jeff Roderick

Jeff Roderick . 2 months ago

ANGUS sho flew Dat Airplane BA

Jeff Roderick

Jeff Roderick . 2 months ago

Kicked dee thit outta it...Wow...Great Show KIDS

Jeff Roderick

Jeff Roderick . 2 months ago

Wow Seen THEM in Early 90z...with my WIFE... Opened the show with a stack jail house block...waiting 4 ANGUS to Break out...and Open The Show... Like Murdock on the A Team.. lol

Emerson Sullivan

Emerson Sullivan . 2 months ago


Emerson Sullivan

Emerson Sullivan . 2 months ago

What is that f***ing song

Daniel Melo

Daniel Melo . 2 months ago



TOBOR . 2 months ago

Jimi WHO?????

Jose Palminha

Jose Palminha . 2 months ago



vilamor007 . 2 months ago

Chris Slade is a powerhouse on the drums, brilliant performance by all the guys.

Зуднев Олег

Зуднев Олег . 2 months ago

Класная группа лайк

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