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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 months ago

We're playing a NEW GAME where we have 30 minutes and only $30 to buy an outfit for each other! How hard could it be?! Then, watch us try H&M's Y2K collection! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/n2yvbkGPD_w
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What We Wore!
Old Navy Shorts - https://fave.co/381oMt4
Similar Top - https://fave.co/3y0C3MV

Two Tone Necklace - https://fave.co/3sAVHOC

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#BFFs buy #outfits in #30minutes for #30dollars!

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Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 2 months ago

What is your go to store for an affordable outfit under $30?!

Jasmine Boyle

Jasmine Boyle . 1 week ago

You should go to the uk and do some shop challenges and I'm sure you will love the charity shops in the UK to x

Loa Lane

Loa Lane . 2 weeks ago

Don't go for under budget have fun shopping rennee and Gail my name is heather hall from buzzfeed

chelsea walsh

chelsea walsh . 4 weeks ago

Old Navy is the PLACE TO GO, if you want good deals! I work in one of our Canadian stores and we now have "everyday magic deals" in our womens and mens departments, some of them are $10 classic plain tees, $12 for classic graphic tees, and those shorts Sinead is wearing is a set $17 always!! Such great deals at Old Navy!!🥰


Rachelle . 1 month ago

I love Drew’s outfit and necklace on her!🙌

Izabela Legowska

Izabela Legowska . 1 month ago

WHERE ARE DREW BOOTS FROM ?! Please help me, I am looking for white boots for sooo long....

Hey Sas

Hey Sas . 1 month ago

I just realized that Sinead is the girl from the PLL after show. 😀


hopemjacquet . 2 months ago

Drew we need to know about your epic mask!

Sara Samaletdin

Sara Samaletdin . 2 months ago

I don’t know how Drew is wearing that white fabric/top to work.

Joy-El Anderson

Joy-El Anderson . 2 months ago

32 cents!!!

Battlequeen Natz

Battlequeen Natz . 2 months ago

Can we give some cred to the editors 🤣

Muzainah Saffdar

Muzainah Saffdar . 2 months ago

Sinead did not bu an outfit. Fax. It was a jacket and a necklace. I repeat , a JACKET and a necklace.


Aleshaburton . 2 months ago

I like drew outfit ! I can see Rihanna wear it !


Ani . 2 months ago

I love you guys but one question I Sinead And Drew really best friends or just good friends. 🤔

Juliet Ngweno

Juliet Ngweno . 2 months ago

This was so underwhelming especially the outfit she got Drew! A jacket and boots? I wanted to see more. Drew has such good style, she should have gotten her a cute dress, maybe a skirt. This was meeh.


L LS . 2 months ago

Excuse you a "full" outfit includes the shoes!

Ola ShaLynn

Ola ShaLynn . 2 months ago

They should try to fine 5 dupes in 30mins

Kira L

Kira L . 2 months ago

The dynamic duo 😍👏


MariE . 2 months ago

They should've went to the thrift store lol


RENEE W . 2 months ago

I swear all the Clevver ladies are goals!

Alyssa Marie Quinones

Alyssa Marie Quinones . 2 months ago

I love them don’t get me wrong but sometimes I feel like they aren’t up to date on trends and they do way to much.


pugs910 . 2 months ago

You should do this again but at a thrift store

Maria Cervantes

Maria Cervantes . 2 months ago

Where did drew get that mask ???!! I neeeeeeeeeed !!!!!! 😂

Kathleen Birrell

Kathleen Birrell . 2 months ago

Maybe this is an Aussie thing but this challenge is easy, like a crop top is like $5

Rebecca Westervelt

Rebecca Westervelt . 2 months ago

You guys should make a video on picking outfits from Old Navy! Like “shopping at unpopular places.”

Brandi Munguia

Brandi Munguia . 2 months ago

We all need a sinéad or drew in our lives to constantly hype us up.

Ariel Ross

Ariel Ross . 2 months ago

$60 & 60 minutes maybe? Then maybe they can put a little more thought into it. 💘

Morgan Raley

Morgan Raley . 2 months ago

shpuld have gone to forever 21!!


JessicascBeckham . 2 months ago

I’m a grownup and you could buy a lot of clothes for under $30 I whair kids clothes some times


oneringlotr . 2 months ago

Am I the only one who would love to see all the ladies style Crocs???


BananVapnet . 2 months ago

Did Drew make her own top? The white with a chain! 😀

Amanda Andersen

Amanda Andersen . 2 months ago

Drew looks like a beutiful bond girl.


Akinia . 2 months ago

I'm just like, why go to Zara on a $30 budget??? Sinead!!!! Zara can be so expensive! Even when shopping the sales x.x.... I went with a friend for the first time this June and I think I walked out with one dress lol. Got it for $15 tho xD. But I would love to do this with a friend! Gotta love she got the top in the kids section. Id do it lol.


Tubbkin . 2 months ago

I don't consider a jacket and a necklace to be a full outfit but it was a cute jacket lol

Shanalee Ayee

Shanalee Ayee . 2 months ago

I’ve done that for less including shipping on fashion nova just saying


MinnesotanSyrup . 2 months ago

I forgot about that beauty trippin!

Rayven Rose

Rayven Rose . 2 months ago

Okay but nobody is taking about how good Drew's diy top looks on her 🔥❣️

Miss Adventure

Miss Adventure . 2 months ago

I'm petitioning to see this fashion game in the next Clevver Fashion Olympics. 😭 It's so good!

Bridget Gray

Bridget Gray . 2 months ago

Try the new Liza koshy x fabletics collection please

Mecca Believe

Mecca Believe . 2 months ago

Where is Drew’s mask from??!!!??

19SOC1023 Arangba Tzudir

19SOC1023 Arangba Tzudir . 2 months ago

Yassss in store shopping finally!!!!


Melz . 2 months ago

It is mind blowing to me that Sinead is a mom. Lmao I keep forgetting and then she brings it up and it just reminds me and it makes her so much more extraordinary every time lmao (if that makes sense). I'm just baffled beyond words how amazing she is and she is definitely, no argument, the coolest mom a kid could hope for. Harrison is one lucky boy! 🤗🤗🤗 Also I love you Drew too! 🥰🥰 Ur laugh is so affectionate and ur bubbly personality is just .. well, I'm envious to say the least 💖

Paula Avery

Paula Avery . 2 months ago

Love you girls, you always make me laugh and your so gorgeous too ❤️

Reem A

Reem A . 2 months ago

Watch this at x1.5 lol

Shayla Davies

Shayla Davies . 2 months ago

⭐️NEW CHALLENGE IDEA⭐️ Buy a full outfit (4 pieces: top, bottom, shoes, accessory), with each piece from a different store! 4 items, 4 stores, 1 hour time limit maybe???

April Holmes

April Holmes . 2 months ago

I love these ladies and this entire channel! ❤

CounryChicc 94

CounryChicc 94 . 2 months ago

Love Drew, but the white towel? That she has held up by her necklace to cover her chest is not flattering at all...😔

Raven Wolfe

Raven Wolfe . 2 months ago

This was surprisingly successful! Y’all should style each other for $30 or $50, but ONLINE in 10 minutes.

Elizabeth Beck

Elizabeth Beck . 2 months ago

I don't know why but I've had such struggles trying to watch clever videos lately. Like YouTube won't let me watch them for some reason

Mary Wrenn

Mary Wrenn . 2 months ago

Sinead sounds traumatised at the end and Drew so totally happy. Only 30mins. I need to come back to a top at least once to decide. And I'm also a scavenger. Therefore my buzzfeed Quiz says I'm Sinead 😂

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