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Published on 3 years ago

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Sin Gaming

Sin Gaming . 2 years ago

Listen at the end, "Open the door, flight is there I am going "😂😂😂😂😂 Guys please Like this video and share with your friends And Subscribe.

Afzal khan

Afzal khan . 1 day ago

increase the ticket price everything will be fine

Chief Kenway

Chief Kenway . 1 day ago

why dont people get the concept of delayed flights like wtf man

Bipin Moon

Bipin Moon . 5 days ago

INDIGO Airlines! The Worst Airline in India

Prabinraj Pandey

Prabinraj Pandey . 6 days ago

Very funny

Govardhan Penta

Govardhan Penta . 1 week ago

Passengers ask for CAT certification from Ground Staffs whereas it is only given to Pilots though Ground Staffs said yes to the same.....

Shivaji Jilebi

Shivaji Jilebi . 1 week ago

Naan staff aah Iruntha .......Pothikittu poi okkarra 😂😂😂


cbpspartan . 1 week ago

Whoever took the video is a moron. And not one bloody passenger had the brains to try and de-escalate the situation.

Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan

Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan . 1 week ago

Enough fighting in English lets switch to our mother tongue.

Praveen Raj

Praveen Raj . 1 week ago

This is what happens when a budget airlines gives tickets for cheap in India 😂 chutiya thought it is a bus...

Praveen Raj

Praveen Raj . 1 week ago

He is a stupid.. 🤦 if a flight gets delayed airlines will go on loss... Does the airline forced to delay the flights?? It is not a bus... A small problem causes accident in flight... A small problem causes delay in flight which is for passenger safety..

Shouvik Mukherjee

Shouvik Mukherjee . 2 weeks ago

Special respect for this young Indigo staff.

9E 18.Anurag Purakayastha

9E 18.Anurag Purakayastha . 2 weeks ago

When bus and train passenger travels in flight for first time


Shankar . 2 weeks ago

Useless of getting angry this man getting angry as if he Oly booked tickets indigo flight book pantu ivlo scene create pannitu poran idhaa Ivan Emirates panirklam

Gaming Noobie

Gaming Noobie . 2 weeks ago

yo common they are big gaints flying !! like it will delay sometime safety is first and they do the same work for all the time like common u can fight the storm or rain with punching it ?? can you ?

Srijita Ganguly

Srijita Ganguly . 2 weeks ago



ZRN . 2 weeks ago

Getting frustrated and yelling at the staff .....Did the airline ban him already?

Homey maniac

Homey maniac . 2 weeks ago

He should try this on emirates

Homey maniac

Homey maniac . 2 weeks ago

I can clearly see he is an idiot with zero knowledge of aviation


AJOTHA . 3 weeks ago

Indi problem ...

Srinivas Samuel

Srinivas Samuel . 3 weeks ago

It's not a bus ton go on road and it's not a bike or car... it's a flight, they have n number of check list to do and being a responsible customer he is not questioning in write manner and the guy who was giving answer, these customer fearing him... what will u get man by that... He said whether dont u understand or u just came by like that... if whether doesn't support because of you everyone one die... so please maintain understand the situation. They respect u r urgency but also u r safety. Mind it..

Pantologist !!!

Pantologist !!! . 3 weeks ago

That passenger should be made to sit on top on the flight n travel for his behaviour...great handling by the indigo staff


SeriousSam . 4 weeks ago

The customer is soo unreasonable

The Bharat

The Bharat . 4 weeks ago

Man was drunk n influence with nexal

Aswini Nanda

Aswini Nanda . 4 weeks ago


syed abuthaheer.A

syed abuthaheer.A . 1 month ago

Indico flight vere vere A flight-poor service security-free journey that is the worst of the worst"",i.e., when the flight climbs into the sky and flies"? The danger of landing is still not safe for our belongings, and more important lying is that the passengers are being insulted and intimidated.

Alex Anto

Alex Anto . 1 month ago

Paavam that guy I feel so sad for him .


KABILAN B . 1 month ago

Kiruku punda aven


H . 1 month ago

God knows- budha ko kis baat ki akad hai


H . 1 month ago

IDK WHY THE HELL IT THE LOSER GUY FIGHTING WITH STAFF- (maybe drunk?) it’s sad to see how idiot these people are shouting ag airport’s due to delays.- there was no need for the old idiot guy to scream to staff- the guy should be banned from travelling from indigo and should apologise to the staff. Pathetic behaviour- OLD MAN MUST BE BEHAVING THE SAME WITH WIFE AND KIDS (if any)

vinson .G

vinson .G . 1 month ago

Hats off bro.

Natures Beauty

Natures Beauty . 1 month ago

All are so freindly ❤❤

Matt Hedges

Matt Hedges . 1 month ago

Seriously, what is wrong with Indian passengers, why do they behave so badly.

Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling . 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing

Abhilash Nair

Abhilash Nair . 1 month ago

This ass hole passenger doesn't even know who is an airline employee and an airport employee.. Such crazy passengers come inside airport. He had had fight with his wife and couldn't win it, venting out his frustration here with the staff.

Raja TS

Raja TS . 1 month ago

super staff. nice handling. show off by passengers. third degree behaviour.

Aditya Pramod

Aditya Pramod . 2 months ago

This is legit my dad when I get a bad grade

Soona Paana

Soona Paana . 2 months ago

Idhi unma paa mg koda airpory la hindi full ah use pandraha pathi sonanga......

Shivaraj Shetty

Shivaraj Shetty . 2 months ago

Passenger: I want to fight today searching for Bakra...

Siddhant Singh

Siddhant Singh . 2 months ago

Abe o chillani wale chup kar


-- . 2 months ago

Please do away with Hindi in the South Of India. No one wants to speak a U.P states language.

Yash Bhagat

Yash Bhagat . 2 months ago

That's the reason why aviation is a tough job 😬

Varun Shah VO-TV

Varun Shah VO-TV . 2 months ago

Indigo always trouble people


rina . 2 months ago

Bich k language kuch smjh mein ny ayi😂🤣🤯

VISHAL Dhengale

VISHAL Dhengale . 2 months ago

Indian accent is so funny 😂😂🤣

Seetharaman Kesavan

Seetharaman Kesavan . 2 months ago

I wonder this idiot didnt ask Mr vinod to bring his parents to complaint abt flight delay ..... Are u guys standing because of me ..... worst passenger of d year ..

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar . 2 months ago

At India airports every dog starts barking like this in English 🙄


Ehtesham . 2 months ago

Ooo bloody man listen you just purchased the plane ticket not this man okk please talk to him politely. Apart from this if you want to show your power go and sho in front of politician .. shame on you man

Sidhaarth B

Sidhaarth B . 2 months ago

Enna iyalk plane odichode

JC2971 Sol

JC2971 Sol . 3 months ago

All these shitty passengers can do is to scream! Speak Hindi, pray to some cow, and eat so pulled pork! End of crisis.

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