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Total War

Total War

Published on 3 months ago

#TotalWar #Troy #TotalWarTroy

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Comments :

Total War

Total War . 3 months ago

What am I? Tell us here: https://discord.gg/totalwar

Nvmt t

Nvmt t . 2 weeks ago

Ok, but why is this hidden in the grand cathay trailer?

Don Juan

Don Juan . 3 months ago

Clifford, the Big Red Dog! Duh, what else?


Björne . 3 months ago

Yeah, so how about that Warhammer 3 release date?

Mac Trucc's Mack Truck

Mac Trucc's Mack Truck . 3 months ago

I didnt realise total war TROY was an actual game... don't see it on steam so it doesn't exist

King Brian

King Brian . 3 months ago

a Balrog of Moria? Kronos?

Wesley S

Wesley S . 3 months ago

thought that awful game died

Clint Westwood

Clint Westwood . 3 months ago

Nice but please fix the problems with the cav in Warhammer 2 first


Spaceknight105 . 3 months ago

hades likes the video


Jordan . 3 months ago


Ryan 101

Ryan 101 . 3 months ago

Bring back total war arena you bastards


TheBackan . 3 months ago

shoddy made DLC for a game no one asked for

Kowalec Kacper

Kowalec Kacper . 3 months ago

Are you try realy rescue this dead game?

Нико Ни

Нико Ни . 3 months ago

Multiplayer campaign for three players?


Chaloner . 3 months ago

Wish it was Empire Total War 2 or Total War World War I or even Total War: American Civil War instead....


Varjokani . 3 months ago

Fanbase of Thanquol demanding their fave rat boi in game? :-'D

Mathieu Fontana

Mathieu Fontana . 3 months ago

Is this a titan DLC ? :D


Freden . 3 months ago

Please be Total War Troy: Mythology (fingers crossed)

niico jam

niico jam . 3 months ago

Oh The new total War, "Total war Warhammer Troy"

Young Smokepole

Young Smokepole . 3 months ago



Harlequin619 . 3 months ago

Mythology Total War?

2timesasausage ,

2timesasausage , . 3 months ago

What am I 🤔🤔, probs just a lazy corner battle.

Nico Smit

Nico Smit . 3 months ago

ManBearPig is real!


[Raw] . 3 months ago

Definitely the 12 labours of Hercules.

Holy Heretic

Holy Heretic . 3 months ago

So are they finally going mythology with Troy instead of the halfway nonsense?

Nova Vita

Nova Vita . 3 months ago

feminism comes?

Флавий Ираклий

Флавий Ираклий . 3 months ago

Будет сегодня видос интересно хмм

David Murray

David Murray . 3 months ago

Garviel loken?

Espen H

Espen H . 3 months ago


Eddy Price Midgley

Eddy Price Midgley . 3 months ago

How's medieval 3 going though

Doga Singi

Doga Singi . 3 months ago



jack . 3 months ago

Better be Chakax

Aa A

Aa A . 3 months ago

Total War Saga Troy: What am I? The world: a meme

Puckered Meatball

Puckered Meatball . 3 months ago

ghostbusters dogs


Smokedout33 . 3 months ago

When the hell are we getting Troy on steam...


ChoiceSocks . 3 months ago

It's Karanak, hound of vengeance. Khornes Cerberus.

Ricardo Cueto

Ricardo Cueto . 3 months ago


Jacob Coates

Jacob Coates . 3 months ago


Cyclopsmen Lost

Cyclopsmen Lost . 3 months ago

Hades’s Beast


Madness . 3 months ago

I didn't want the game for free as it came out, but if you've fixed my main gripe with it as it seems you did, I'll be happy to pay for it.

Tyler's Video Dumpster Fire

Tyler's Video Dumpster Fire . 3 months ago

i swear to god CA if you guys just taped 3 dogs together i'm gunna lose it

Ruben D.

Ruben D. . 3 months ago

Ah yes, can't wait for this new dog unit

Dan Dead Or Alive

Dan Dead Or Alive . 3 months ago

Dad finally coming home with the milk?

Simon Berry

Simon Berry . 3 months ago

I guess you guys have officially stopped with the hole 'realistic mythology' thing


TheMandoMan . 3 months ago

Mmmmmmhhhhmmm smells like Beastmen are coming


MMaxattack . 3 months ago

Make a middle earth total war you guys would make SOOOOOOOO much money $)

Caleb Atchison

Caleb Atchison . 3 months ago

If they are making an actual mythology dlc for troy that would get me to play the game hopefully they introduce an actual minotaur and he can krump the fake one

Undead Lich

Undead Lich . 3 months ago

4 guys dressed as Cerberus


hundefar . 3 months ago

what is the musical theme? did someone know?

Borg Cube 100

Borg Cube 100 . 3 months ago

It’s clearly the Ghorgon

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