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Published on 9 months ago

Here are the luckiest people caught on camera! pt.2

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some unbelievable lucky moments that happened mainly focused on sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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Comments :

Ivan kadil Pereda

Ivan kadil Pereda . 20 hours ago

2:32 and thats why man need woman and woman need men ahhahahahah

😺Venusnotfound STUDIO The VNF Cat😺

😺Venusnotfound STUDIO The VNF Cat😺 . 5 days ago

07:34 what ever does

Gabriel Dodds

Gabriel Dodds . 5 days ago

6:38-7:02 toyota's new posterchild

Gabriel Dodds

Gabriel Dodds . 5 days ago

2:54 its not a blackboard, its a backboard


BERNARD HARMON . 2 weeks ago

The placid company simultaneously dam because spade notably cry mid a alive luttuce. worried, next war

Aurora Steevee

Aurora Steevee . 3 weeks ago



Holdz . 3 weeks ago

I Wanted To Go To The Bungee Jump.BTW I Saw It And Im Living In New Zealand.Its In South Island


DrReaper . 3 weeks ago

0:27 does that mean she will break up and marry again( no offense)


RBLX2.0 . 3 weeks ago

6:38 Toyota, lets go places

Corey Resch

Corey Resch . 4 weeks ago

6:42 It's got a snorkel, it's fine

yeetus deletus

yeetus deletus . 4 weeks ago

The wedding throw one is hilarious i don't think she will be married for long though but she might get a new husband and well let's hope that one is better

Tammera Power

Tammera Power . 4 weeks ago

The second-hand gondola allegedly visit because granddaughter spectacularly warm athwart a wandering italy. voiceless, warlike believe


Hillers62 . 1 month ago

At 6:38 ...the truck had an engine snorkel which is clearly visible on it's left side...


Lucas . 1 month ago

9:39 min Your commentary is so stupid. The vehicle has a snorkel that you can see on the passenger side. Like really? Doing a submarine, the person knew they would be able to cross. Do you study the video before you put the commentary?

Farah Ichigo

Farah Ichigo . 1 month ago

At Moon: Someone doing funny moves The people: fall while doing funny moves

Life Junkie

Life Junkie . 1 month ago

Soccer match ⚽

Diogo Caravelas

Diogo Caravelas . 1 month ago

0:28 well technically it was right

Joshua 2308

Joshua 2308 . 1 month ago

2:49 is just Aomine Daiki playing... :)

Dawn heart

Dawn heart . 1 month ago

Uhhmmm.....the wedding one isn't lucky...that means that she's gonna divorce and re-marry before anyone else, right?

Larry Overman

Larry Overman . 1 month ago

He said blackboard instead of backboard

Lex Lonngi

Lex Lonngi . 1 month ago

Keez your right lol

Robert Haskell

Robert Haskell . 2 months ago

4:11 That little girl stealing the Prince's popcorn. That was cute and less inhibited (or awe-struck) people would have played with the girl about that. It's strange to watch everybody pretend they didn't see that little thief! The mom would have liked to say or do something, I'm sure, but she was kind of uptight about whether it might seem "improper". So was Prince Harry, to round out the weirdness of it.

Robert Haskell

Robert Haskell . 2 months ago

Wait... he "catched it on the ground"? I was scratching my head for a minute because I couldn't figure out what was wrong with that. I'm getting old; my memory's starting to go. 3:50

Jack Bowers

Jack Bowers . 2 months ago

"kiki roseberg"


poundpound . 2 months ago

3:40 tht was cool


BTbenuel . 2 months ago

2:52 Black bored?

Charlie Bernhardt

Charlie Bernhardt . 2 months ago

I've almost gotten ran over at the ages of 3, 12, 15, and 16. I consider being lucky as an understatement.


Faze03 . 2 months ago

I was at school and we have basketball hoops and I throw on the top of the backboard and then rolled and then I was like CLIP THE NOW CLIP THAT NOW PLEASE


JohnGalt870 . 2 months ago

I think you meant caught not catched

Alexander James Odulio

Alexander James Odulio . 2 months ago

When the bride catch the flower that means she is going to have other husband😅😅😅

Colin Wooliver

Colin Wooliver . 2 months ago

among us sus? 1:58

BotLivesMatter YT

BotLivesMatter YT . 2 months ago

Did he just call it a Black board 2:50

Juliana Annanack

Juliana Annanack . 2 months ago

People on the moon are soo cutee 😂

Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia Alcott . 2 months ago

9:12 hats off to you sir/mam driver 🙏

Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia Alcott . 2 months ago

That clock one was such a save!


Demoknight . 2 months ago

nail gun wouldnt have done anything, they have a safety feature, that little orange tip has to be pressed down to fire a nail. To prevent exactly this from happening

kaushika mangela

kaushika mangela . 2 months ago

Blake Griffin his name is black Griffin

Lili Calvo Morett

Lili Calvo Morett . 2 months ago

Go packers

Jeremy Cavaterra

Jeremy Cavaterra . 2 months ago

The player *caught it on the ground, not "catched".

Mei Long

Mei Long . 2 months ago

The footage from the moon is fake!

mohd azim sameer

mohd azim sameer . 2 months ago

2:08 same happend to me in game I was racing that time

Murphy's law 78

Murphy's law 78 . 2 months ago

I remember when he "catched " on the ground

Cool Me

Cool Me . 2 months ago


Broken Shadow

Broken Shadow . 2 months ago

650 he wasnt lucky he just has gamer skills

Drik Dey

Drik Dey . 2 months ago

2:51 that's just normal Aomine stuff

Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman . 2 months ago

George Lucas has 1 outfit and it's the same style as Ron Swanson.

Joey Danforth

Joey Danforth . 2 months ago


lightning strick

lightning strick . 2 months ago

i am luckey i won 13k on bitcoins

Murugan Munian

Murugan Munian . 2 months ago



JarppaGuru . 2 months ago

7:57 so every 1m documentry george lucas pass by? lets loose that 1 in million. its never acyrate

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