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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Published on 5 days ago

As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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Comments :

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell . 5 days ago

https://kgs.link/12022_Calendar As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

garry rompis

garry rompis . 7 minutes ago

If we had ftl space engine, we could go to far away place just to see the past light from earth just to see dinosaurs

Zak Gour

Zak Gour . 13 minutes ago

why would some one dislike this just why

Bunny Kim

Bunny Kim . 19 minutes ago

I love that jurassic park reference at the end

SoleGitter 35

SoleGitter 35 . 20 minutes ago

I loved the Ian Malcolm quote they even got it more right than the Jurassic world movie poster. They put the ‘uh’ in the middle


wislarstud . 32 minutes ago

I really want to know why some managing editor insisted to have the tweeted note about forests representation forced in mid-production at 4:27. Didn't feel natural at all, and it seems like it was added to appease some legal team or client. Instructional design is great and all, but lately the videos feel like they are very corporate and that they are created by a huge team full of editors and reviewers and red-tapers. Not a fan.

Caramel Soz

Caramel Soz . 33 minutes ago

My daughter learned english and science just by watching your videos

Ali Almohsen

Ali Almohsen . 33 minutes ago

This is probably the most beautiful YouTube video ever animated! 😍😍😍

Jaime Jimenez

Jaime Jimenez . 34 minutes ago

I spy with my little eyes… LILEEP!

Promaxius Enterprises

Promaxius Enterprises . 1 hour ago

The "solutions" they offer are reformist in nature. They serve to perpetuate settler society.

Kade Edwards

Kade Edwards . 1 hour ago

Was going to get a calendar as it looks great and would love to give it to my son but a little too expensive with postage for me. Thanks for your great videos hopefully will be able to get something from you guys soon, but postage to Australia makes it hard.

Azriel Jale

Azriel Jale . 1 hour ago

Moral of the story: Chicken ruled the earth.

Cyber Punk #386

Cyber Punk #386 . 1 hour ago

In an age of increasing conspiracy theories (which still remain just theories…) channels like Kurzgesagt’s are valuable because they provide information and proper conclusions.


Assassinsam . 1 hour ago

dragons :(

Nicky P

Nicky P . 2 hours ago

Ah yes, the 🅱️🅱️🅱️. My favourite documentary channel.

Phuong Trinh

Phuong Trinh . 2 hours ago

I hope the upcoming videos will have Vietnamese subtitles


drazapatos . 2 hours ago



NAQIB R . 2 hours ago

MashaAllah Tabarakallah wa bihamdiHi (By the will of God, God's blessings, and all praises are to Him) The conclusion of the video reminds me of a verse in a Quran And [mention, O Muḥammad], when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority."1 They said, "Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we exalt You with praise and declare Your perfection?"2 He [Allah] said, "Indeed, I know that which you do not know." - (Quran 2:30)

Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan . 2 hours ago

Fun Fact : Dinosaurs means *"Frightening Giant Lizard"* Bonus Fun Fact : If you type anything that starts with the word "fun fact", they'll read your comment fully

Edward Duong

Edward Duong . 2 hours ago

I've been told since I was young that T-rex has tiny brain. But now I know, it's still bigger than others.

Nicolas Ibaceta

Nicolas Ibaceta . 2 hours ago

I miss spanish languaje :( 💔

Rere Reza

Rere Reza . 2 hours ago

Since i cant get my hands to that calendar or other merch since i am broke, all i can do to support kurzgesagt is to not skip ads on this video. Man that background music incredibly done. about the time marching on? It punch me in the guts.

Eli S

Eli S . 2 hours ago

Ehhh we have enough animals already.

Cheese studio

Cheese studio . 3 hours ago


senni bgon

senni bgon . 3 hours ago

"All that moment will lost in time like tears in the rain", such incredible ,so beautiful.

Clarence Hawkins

Clarence Hawkins . 3 hours ago

Lol, all fakery!

Kim Khôi Trần

Kim Khôi Trần . 3 hours ago

This turns out to be so much more inspiring than I thought


RTE . 3 hours ago

Make a video on cryptocurrency! There’s ones from 6-7 years ago on the channel about banking/credit and stock markets, cryptocurrency would be perfect for the channel as our use of currency advances

HayRonMan PUBG

HayRonMan PUBG . 3 hours ago

Just the Best channel in YouTube


AsphaltFries . 3 hours ago

Video request: What would animals look like on other planets?

Kemp Hoop II

Kemp Hoop II . 4 hours ago

Video is about more dumb then a fucking ice cube

Hugo Lopez

Hugo Lopez . 4 hours ago

So, they looked like a stupid flash cartoon

V protocol

V protocol . 4 hours ago

Thank you for the new dinosaur nightmares on my way

Andrew A

Andrew A . 4 hours ago

The Paahhhst


NathanIsDank . 4 hours ago

I appreciate you guys talking about dinosaurs


Orsino . 4 hours ago

Heh. I guess pokemon wasn’t that far off

Naman Wadhwa

Naman Wadhwa . 4 hours ago

Gotta Catch Em All


MrBenjie1992 . 4 hours ago

isn't it that the process is elements that are perpetuated through tasks giving history as it happens a presumable law of our human nature? x

Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman . 4 hours ago

I love Kurzgesagt


Jotaro . 4 hours ago

The past is a vast

What the shit

What the shit . 4 hours ago

I’m ready for my usual existential exploration with beautiful animations Edit: your animations are getting ever better and more beautiful and fluid with every video but I really gotta hand it to your music production team/person as well! I have a playlist somewhere of JUST the music on your videos

What the shit

What the shit . 4 hours ago

I have a habit of downvoting every ad I see but after a few downvotes the voting option disappears for a few videos lmao anyone else notice this?


MrProfGenius . 4 hours ago

Yeah Dinosaurs actually more like a bird have furs and feathers, not bald like a reptile 👍

Bred Head

Bred Head . 4 hours ago

A little drunk and definitely crying. Thank you guys 💙


. 4 hours ago

I really like the Spinosaurus transition at 5:38, it's very clever

Gael o Yáñez o Ñañez o Sr YC o Tnry o gaell Ñañez

Gael o Yáñez o Ñañez o Sr YC o Tnry o gaell Ñañez . 4 hours ago

AAAA por qué todo lo que sube kurzgesagt es tan bonitooooo aaa


SirOvilus . 5 hours ago

Amazing video <3 i love it

Em P

Em P . 5 hours ago

Wegen eines derzeitigen Anlasses, wäre es möglich die weitreichenden Themen des Kanals mal kurz außer acht zu lassen und näherliegende Themen in betracht zu ziehen? Wie die derzeitige (laut eigener Erfahrung explodierende) Plaage an (teilweise leider sexuell angehauchten fake Kanälen zugehörigen) Kommentar-Bots (automatischen Kommentar platzierungs Software) und warum diese so problematisch sind. Ich bitte darum, da desswegen möglicherweise mehr Personen dazu gebracht werden würden, bei der dauerhaft währenden (und somit auch Einzellast der aktiven Personen verringernden) Säuberung beitzuhelfen was eine gute Steigerung des derzeitigen Allgemeinwohls zufolge hätte. Vielen dank an wenauchimmer der oder die das durchlesen hatt, vielen Dank über die Zeit der du mein Flehen erlaubtest deinen Geist zu fesseln. GLHF P.S.

Sir Bites A lot

Sir Bites A lot . 5 hours ago

Oh yessss new calendar! I love the theme


Christiian . 5 hours ago

I loved this pharase "time marches on without any concern for our feelings and the past expand with every moment that passes"

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