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Bad Barbers Bad Haircuts - animation | Young Don
Young Don The Sauce God

Young Don The Sauce God

Published on 5 months ago

Bad Barbers Bad Haircuts - You ever get a bad haircut and still tip the barber? The next barber that pushes back my hairline better be ready to run that fade.

Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

Song from my upcoming EP .. drops soon

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Written, story boarded, illustrated and animated by:

Don Hinds

#animated #badhaircuts #youngdon

Comments :

Young Don The Sauce God

Young Don The Sauce God . 5 months ago

Drop a like for the most consistent youtuber of all time

Shoe dealer

Shoe dealer . 24 hours ago

bruh white barber shops ASS. THEY CAN NEVER DO MY HAIR RIGHT

ur mothers mom

ur mothers mom . 24 hours ago

yo don why u put a female symbol where it says 3 men?

Reedy Vlogs

Reedy Vlogs . 1 day ago

3:38 yellow text on Sat says buy plan b. Your welcome

Your Bad

Your Bad . 1 day ago

I get my haircuts at oish

Dylan Trevisano

Dylan Trevisano . 2 days ago

Imagine not having a widow's peak

Panda Games

Panda Games . 2 days ago

“Rich white neighbors” LMAO

Micah Forster

Micah Forster . 3 days ago

Lol I know exactly where you got your hair cut

jerry 123

jerry 123 . 5 days ago

My brother got his hairline pushed back once lol

jerry 123

jerry 123 . 5 days ago

Roses are red violets are blue when people see yo hair line like dat they'll roast you

awsome mora247

awsome mora247 . 7 days ago

Bro I live in Texas

Jbgamer 2

Jbgamer 2 . 1 week ago

I see that gtr

Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez . 1 week ago

Don has cracked the code... if you save $25 to $30 on haircuts, then you have around $25 to $30 for a car wash. BUT WAIT! A regular car wash runs you around $10 to $15 depending if it’s the DIY or Like a automatic one. And if you wash your car WEEKLY then you tend to spend $10 on the economy packet (I’m thinking of jet pros) so that means your have LEFT $15 to $20 EXTRA to pay for dinner or buy Plan B! Young Don has a big brain. A GOD DAMN GENIUS

Floating on Clouds

Floating on Clouds . 1 week ago

Who ur broward barber


TAI YUNG TEMPLES . 1 week ago

I always get bad haircuts, My dad usually cuts my hair but when I Actualy go to a barbershop. The haircuts aren't even that good

Julian Ellis

Julian Ellis . 2 weeks ago

5:46 got me dead 😂


B L E A C H . 2 weeks ago

Bro my hair line goes straight all the way to the middle then goes down and the worst thing is I'm only fucking 16

• Lünar Ciłent •

• Lünar Ciłent • . 2 weeks ago

Forgot the 4th person.. *You're Uncle*

Karolina_kid7 X

Karolina_kid7 X . 2 weeks ago

Buy plan B

HTX Kiri Jalen

HTX Kiri Jalen . 2 weeks ago

Who else looking for the video at 4:03💀💀💀😭😭😭

yeiron mobil

yeiron mobil . 2 weeks ago


MCW Bigote

MCW Bigote . 2 weeks ago

Who even tips barbers😂😂🤣

Richy HB

Richy HB . 2 weeks ago

That crooked edge up and or shitty taper 😂😂😂 Saaayyyyy GOOOOEBYEE my guy


Robin . 2 weeks ago

"I saved 20 dollars!" Girls:"hah awww that's cute...,only 20?"

Rajesh Roger

Rajesh Roger . 2 weeks ago

young don looks like he does the dew on a dolphin that flies, and survives off of skittles.. lol if only I could save generation of oppression...

Doggie Eilish xO

Doggie Eilish xO . 2 weeks ago

To this day I’m tryna figure out how these barbers gonna cut your hairline so far back and think it’s good or not try to fix it

Deyonna Baxter

Deyonna Baxter . 2 weeks ago

this was funny

SimpXbehavior 7495

SimpXbehavior 7495 . 2 weeks ago

I'll tip the barber with a two piece


ORA Jotaro MUDA DIO . 2 weeks ago

Oh so that’s why you wear a headband

Lumande Tengu

Lumande Tengu . 2 weeks ago

🤣 🤣 🤣 Truth for days

Lil Trunks

Lil Trunks . 2 weeks ago

Sadly my shit is for ever pushed back because my shit is receding


U BETTER LIKE . 2 weeks ago

Me: Asking to cut of the tip not to much just a lil bit Barber: Cuts half of my hair off

Andre forrester

Andre forrester . 2 weeks ago

lol yoooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!


Auvi . 2 weeks ago

damn u gotta buy plan b once a week xD


feez . 2 weeks ago

So many legends from florida I'm proud!

FN Novaa

FN Novaa . 2 weeks ago

i live in huston XD

Shaggy Closure

Shaggy Closure . 2 weeks ago

Bruh a barber cut my hair next thing I know I wake up and hair is tryna go back from being pushed back

pickle tickler

pickle tickler . 3 weeks ago

Bruh I can relate to when the hairline grow back I cut the sides but not the horizontal line

pickle tickler

pickle tickler . 3 weeks ago

If your black you instantly don’t have a relationship with you’re dad

Samuel Ortez

Samuel Ortez . 3 weeks ago

When he said they live in houston 😂

ıllıllı Grey Amigo ıllıllı

ıllıllı Grey Amigo ıllıllı . 3 weeks ago

"There are 3 men you want a good relationship with" *insert female gender signs in the background*

Tristan Jackson

Tristan Jackson . 3 weeks ago

I live in Houston.

Josue Maciad

Josue Maciad . 3 weeks ago

Bruh I’ve been subscribed since 400k

Rapid Freddy

Rapid Freddy . 3 weeks ago

My dad is my barber he owes to barbershop

Annette Vlogs And more

Annette Vlogs And more . 3 weeks ago

Omg u live in Austin Texas omg same but I live in Pflugerville so that’s crazy


Saiphix . 3 weeks ago

Is that Lil HBK?


Maz3rLaz3r . 3 weeks ago

Over here in England no hats So when I got a haircut and my barber fucked up when my hairline started growing back...

Kermit_ Carter

Kermit_ Carter . 3 weeks ago

360 jeezy is my dad

Hey It's Blessing

Hey It's Blessing . 3 weeks ago

the BMW better in my opinion :)

Jamal Kanu

Jamal Kanu . 3 weeks ago

The calendar said Buy a plan B on Saturday 😂😂😂😂

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