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Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer and visit https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/battle-pass/cubed for more details.

This is our Reality and we’re going to save it. We’ve got the best of the best on our side to help us out.

Comments :

Nitrozero frost

Nitrozero frost . 3 minutes ago

anyone else notice the dual cross bow

Jackson Kuzmic

Jackson Kuzmic . 48 minutes ago

So far I like it because they actually update the game with venom mythics,armored wall, and steamy destroyed and chug splashes


NSDSouthwest . 1 hour ago

Add more punch cards

Trey Fritz

Trey Fritz . 1 hour ago

Siren head in there becauseat the end of the trailer I saw something big that look like siren head so I think next season will have a siren head boss that we would have to fight 😱 omg


Limanewb . 7 hours ago

Fortnite cubed = cancer squared

Robyn Rachel Stahlbusch

Robyn Rachel Stahlbusch . 8 hours ago

Who else noticed that Kevin is talking in the few seconds of the video

Best Person

Best Person . 10 hours ago

Jeez they also said it that the end of world is near but people don't even care about it🙄 Fortnite illuminati confirmed 😱

JandK Salters

JandK Salters . 11 hours ago

sirenhead is coming to fortnite: 0:46


jimmythespy . 12 hours ago


J Marie

J Marie . 13 hours ago

The new battle pass thing with the stars makes it worse. Why the hell did you keep it? It was better when we could have just leveled up to get the things in the pass. Also chapter 2 season 2 was the last hood season change my mind.

Kmin 999

Kmin 999 . 13 hours ago

0:45 What da siren head doin?

Terreon Willoughby

Terreon Willoughby . 14 hours ago

It’s amazing how epic games constantly ignores everyone’s requests for a throw back season on the OG map because obviously they like to throw random buckets of paint on to the iconic map for no apparent reason, how carless can you be epic games😢

sokin jon

sokin jon . 14 hours ago

Bright Future For Season 8. Great Job Epic!👍🏼🔥

Traig jr's master channel

Traig jr's master channel . 15 hours ago

You’re my guest on mystery skin 1. Earthworm Jim 2. The undertaker 3.Six from little nightmares

James's World

James's World . 15 hours ago

Hmm tame foot correct or siren head TAMEFOOT

Lissette Inshan

Lissette Inshan . 15 hours ago

Siren head is coming to the game whattt the crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!°°!!!!!!!!!!!

IH Chan

IH Chan . 18 hours ago

What epic why is torin sideways style is the China version but the other version of Torin sideways shift style is not China version?

yusaira Amina

yusaira Amina . 19 hours ago

Please un ban fortnight in android phones please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

ItsMatthew : Video Games and stuff.

ItsMatthew : Video Games and stuff. . 20 hours ago

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 : Basically Season 6 Chapter 1 but with more than one cube

Robo Raptor

Robo Raptor . 21 hours ago

Steamy stacks: I'm not afraid of you

Soud Official

Soud Official . 22 hours ago


Axolotl games :~:

Axolotl games :~: . 22 hours ago

Bro why is siren head in fortnight?

lisk wittle

lisk wittle . 23 hours ago

0:46 umm whag dat in the backgeound

More Maves

More Maves . 23 hours ago

new season bad already spam gun are still in the game on brain


UVplayz . 23 hours ago

This might be the best season of chapter 2. Not to mention siren head at 0:44.

The Krazy Kinkajous

The Krazy Kinkajous . 1 day ago

0:31 that mask is different

Shazy Hiles

Shazy Hiles . 1 day ago

The unicorns crossbow might become an exotic or a mythic

Kamaria Jack

Kamaria Jack . 1 day ago

Epic games can you add back fortnite on iPads pls I really miss fornite and I play on a iPad


HugeBert88 . 1 day ago

0:46 you can see siren head in the background

Obi1 Ben

Obi1 Ben . 1 day ago

My prediction for the secret skin would be the symbiote known as Scream. Why I think of this is because Scream looks like the one from the trailer, also because they added already Carnage and an Eddie Brock skin this season, also because Scream is female. If I am correct, my next prediction for the item shop would be Anti-Venom as well. My prediction, go on and criticize it.

joshua sidders

joshua sidders . 1 day ago

The 7 will return very soon can’t wait

Ravanger 21

Ravanger 21 . 1 day ago

what is that gun fishstick is holding? rapid fire smg?

hoiy vinosa

hoiy vinosa . 1 day ago

THIS NEEDS TO BE A MUSIC PACK NOW Perhaps It Shall be Called “Cubed”


Aggelossal10 . 1 day ago

an axel good traler

Kyle Devine

Kyle Devine . 2 days ago

The trailer is mest up one of skins are Chinese

jaws da gecko

jaws da gecko . 2 days ago

was that siren head?!


AbridgedEel2233 . 2 days ago

Wait so does carnage have an emote?

Keith Sherman

Keith Sherman . 2 days ago

ME:What the flip slone Slone:bye bye little guggiemon

LAKSHMI PRADA vennelaganti

LAKSHMI PRADA vennelaganti . 2 days ago


tornadoodin plays

tornadoodin plays . 2 days ago

I thought that voice was Dr. Slone


FArrow . 2 days ago

WTF was that thing in the background of the last clip?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Zizzy Squad

Zizzy Squad . 2 days ago

Has anyone noticed that those trees aren't in the game


nagatoro . 2 days ago

That didn't make sense either


nagatoro . 2 days ago

That made no sense but anyway I'm on to you fortnite


nagatoro . 2 days ago

Fortnite fortnite you didn't mess up you think I didn't see that with that Anna Elsa looking skin you know how The Elsa Anna whatever skin that is and you know how she has like a Skull mask but fortnite China doesn't let schools inside of their games and they have a different mask form of the Anna Elsa whatever skin that is before night I'm on to you you didn't think I saw the China version of that Anna Elsa skin fortnite Fortnite fortnite what a shame just a simple thing and you misplaced it that's something I'm not judging you it's just the fact that that was just weird why I see the China version of this mask on a Elsa Anna skin whatever that is it's just weird why I see that even though in America we have a way different skin version just weird

Conor Jaxson Sturtevant

Conor Jaxson Sturtevant . 2 days ago

BRUH in the background at the end that tall creature looks like siren head

Snake eyes

Snake eyes . 2 days ago

The secret skin is going to be the worst skin ever


crazygamer . 2 days ago

This was my favorite part 0:01

The derpy rabbit

The derpy rabbit . 2 days ago

Sire head

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