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Pruning In Cucumber Cultivation
saurabh rane

saurabh rane

Published on 8 years ago

The video shows how you should cut the secondary shoots from the cucumber plant

Comments :

Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Kitchen Vlogs and More

Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Kitchen Vlogs and More . 5 years ago

Your plants look very healthy. Congrats. What's the seed source?

Elba Perez

Elba Perez . 6 years ago

Your video was very simple and extremely helpful! Can't wait to start pruning my cucumbers now that you have shown me the proper way of doing it. Thank you very much!

Tammy Guy

Tammy Guy . 7 years ago

Thanks for your help, I am new to gardening. I will check my plant tomorrow morning.

saurabh rane

saurabh rane . 8 years ago

Thanks sis..... :)

Shruti Vaidya

Shruti Vaidya . 8 years ago

nice bro... :)

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