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Published on 2 years ago

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David Haney

David Haney . 1 month ago

fun fact , "the riddle" is a nonsense song , when Nik writes , he write a chord / rhythm / bass / drum part and then just puts in any old words that fit to create a melody , and then later goes back and writes lyrics , well , when it came to the riddle , he couldnt come up with a better lyric so , he said "screw it" left the nonsense lyrics in and just called it "the riddle" , its actually one of my favourite Nik songs , but it means absolutely nothing .

Carlos Avellaneda

Carlos Avellaneda . 2 months ago

Live aid 85 excelente, 2019 espectacular

Antonio Florenzi

Antonio Florenzi . 2 months ago

Excellentti Cantautoure

Antonio Florenzi

Antonio Florenzi . 2 months ago

Two Greatest Beat Songs Him

Antonio Florenzi

Antonio Florenzi . 2 months ago

Excellent Concert Excellent Voice

Antonio Florenzi

Antonio Florenzi . 2 months ago

Young Voice

Paul Self

Paul Self . 4 months ago

What a talent, what a song.

Piotr Smorag

Piotr Smorag . 4 months ago

nice performance


SAORI K . 8 months ago



Ghl . 8 months ago


Ennio De Mitri

Ennio De Mitri . 10 months ago

Still got It! Rock on Nik

miskel products

miskel products . 11 months ago

Class! An underrated songwriter.

sean winter

sean winter . 1 year ago

he has aged a lot . but boy are this music good man.

Roger Arve Vigulf

Roger Arve Vigulf . 1 year ago

Legend from the 80s:)

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor . 1 year ago

Snare drum killing it.

Alex 080267

Alex 080267 . 1 year ago

Nik made a mistake in using his best songs right away on the first few records and after that he was unable to maintain the success of his early career. But he is a very good artist, absolutely underrated and he is also a good guitarist.

Isaac De Paula

Isaac De Paula . 1 year ago

The guy still on the road, recording albuns and still an exelent singer This man is awesome

fabri f.

fabri f. . 1 year ago

Be' è invecchiato bene.

Commuter Branchline

Commuter Branchline . 1 year ago

After 36 years the quality of the songs still shine. Musicianship and production are amazing, Nik is getting better with age!

Cvepic 990

Cvepic 990 . 2 years ago

This was so amazing! Glad I was right at the front

anastasio folletti

anastasio folletti . 2 years ago

Big Nik

Ray Stroud

Ray Stroud . 2 years ago

Songwriters' songwriter. Guitarists' guitarist.

Istvan Bally

Istvan Bally . 2 years ago

This guy is epic! My all-time favourite since the 80s. Heard The Riddle once and could never forget the tune. Still performing today with so much dedication and perfection!

Marcelo Painter

Marcelo Painter . 2 years ago

Nik, I like your music.


Mistysmudge1 . 2 years ago

Love Nik, so talented, and such a lovely guy too <3

Andromeda One

Andromeda One . 2 years ago

Still sounds as good.😎

Ian Turner

Ian Turner . 2 years ago

Dream came true to see him live yesterday. I love the 1980s. Proper music.

pass iton

pass iton . 2 years ago

Love it, the 80s were the best (after the 50s, 60's and the 70's).lol

Régis Richaud

Régis Richaud . 2 years ago

Awesome stuff thank you

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