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Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA) - Audio


Published on 1 week ago

Listen to “WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA)": http://smarturl.it/WHENIWASOLDER

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


Flappy Boi

Flappy Boi . 20 minutes ago

That auto tune tho


TheOtherSide . 22 minutes ago

Is it bad to say I don’t really like this song.....?

STICKYArt Channel

STICKYArt Channel . 28 minutes ago

THis is ART! they say great art inspires! When I am needing some creative inspiration Billie Eilish always does the trick!

Caleb Crawford

Caleb Crawford . 39 minutes ago

Billie is seventeen guys. 👏🏻seven👏🏻teen. Just remember that. She and her brother are out of everyone's league.

Nicole Lluckerwolf

Nicole Lluckerwolf . 41 minutes ago

mygoodness billie you really have our heart aahh

Sophie m

Sophie m . 56 minutes ago

I love this

Ivy Gates

Ivy Gates . 58 minutes ago

damn, this is really good

Jhonatan Ortiz

Jhonatan Ortiz . 1 hour ago

Dale like si eres de los pocos que comentan en español😁

Say Ballaga

Say Ballaga . 2 hours ago

Bello! 👏😎👏😎👏😎!!


ЯØSÈ . 2 hours ago


Larry Clapsaddle

Larry Clapsaddle . 2 hours ago

https://youtu.be/mGcxOB4qONQ please watch this cover of my friend

Madilynn Thomas

Madilynn Thomas . 2 hours ago

This song is so calming and smooth, I literally fell asleep from it, and I listen to about a good 100 times

Chander T

Chander T . 2 hours ago



Meloetta . 2 hours ago

record label: so how many copies do we want this song to se- billie: *yes*

Letty Ramirez

Letty Ramirez . 3 hours ago

she is the beat singer in 2019

SonyBird 187

SonyBird 187 . 3 hours ago

This sounds like hate me by eurielle


S . 3 hours ago

The autotune is strong with this one

J Wolfe

J Wolfe . 3 hours ago


Ted Cleveland

Ted Cleveland . 3 hours ago

I started to think we’re all are cloned and programmed. This billie it’s just another version of cara delavigne, but as a singer

XxShade MistxX

XxShade MistxX . 3 hours ago


Daniela Estrada

Daniela Estrada . 3 hours ago

Come kaka

Flaming Hot Phan Trash

Flaming Hot Phan Trash . 3 hours ago

for a split second, my emo ass thought that the title said "when i was a young boy" i am such a rat

Beastly G

Beastly G . 4 hours ago

How much Auto-tune you need? Billie-Yes

Bianca Mawi

Bianca Mawi . 4 hours ago

B.A.M. (beautiful, Amazing, Magnificent)

Maria Eduarda

Maria Eduarda . 4 hours ago

Cadê os brasileiros? I love you BILLIE EILISH❤❤❤


sophiamarie101 . 4 hours ago

i’m a big fan of billie but i hate this trashy auto tune on her voice

jhon ortiz

jhon ortiz . 4 hours ago

La amo jepucta la amo :') ❤❤

Murat Kurtoğlu

Murat Kurtoğlu . 4 hours ago

Mithrain'den gelenler ++

Benjamin Velasquez

Benjamin Velasquez . 5 hours ago


Mr. Panda

Mr. Panda . 5 hours ago

Oh my gawd this is a great song what am I saying it’s amazing!!!!! I don’t think she will ever have a song that’s bad

Uchiwa-chan 212

Uchiwa-chan 212 . 5 hours ago

Comment arrive-t-elle à réussir toutes ses chansons ? Je suis envoûtée à chaque fois !

1000 Subcribers with no videos

1000 Subcribers with no videos . 5 hours ago

Yass billie *Love you*

Margarita Aguirre

Margarita Aguirre . 5 hours ago

Love ❤️

Prince Sky

Prince Sky . 5 hours ago

Even with auto tone, she sound really good. Sorry Lil Wayne, your time is over.

Gabrielle Moran

Gabrielle Moran . 5 hours ago

Anyone wanna talk about how the movie wasn’t as good, but Billie really blessed to get a clear idea of the movie?

Heather Caro

Heather Caro . 6 hours ago

I love you billie your the best singer 🎤I listen to your songs all the time and I sing your songs

Jennifer Mendoza

Jennifer Mendoza . 6 hours ago

Billie is amazing I discovered her a few months ago and i am hooked so far no songs i dislike. Best of luck in 2019!

Aimée O.

Aimée O. . 6 hours ago


Mr. Simmons

Mr. Simmons . 6 hours ago

So much detail, even the barking dogs... takes me back to the movie, both are a masterpiece

Giulii Alvarez.

Giulii Alvarez. . 6 hours ago

99% autotune 1% Voice real :(


Buddyxzz . 6 hours ago

This sounds like a B side from Kanye Wests 808s and heartbreak. I like it.

Audrey Ventura

Audrey Ventura . 6 hours ago

Who else notices a man is singing in the background? 0-0

Lisa Gill

Lisa Gill . 6 hours ago

Whoever produces her songs is incredible

Mfking Galy

Mfking Galy . 6 hours ago

I was a sailor in the on an open sea 🌊🤤


SaddyblueAvocado . 6 hours ago

Avocado it’s me like.. 🥑 I really wrote the song lyrics.

Mč Pəđřïňhœ {561 AVK }

Mč Pəđřïňhœ {561 AVK } . 6 hours ago



SaddyblueAvocado . 6 hours ago

saddyblue like..

Anna Berg

Anna Berg . 6 hours ago

When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea But now I'm underwater And my skin is paler than it should ever be Hmm I'm on my back again Dreaming of a time and place Where you and I remain the best of friends Even after all this ends Can we pretend? I'm on my, I'm on my back again It's seeming more and more Like all we ever do is see how far it bends Before it breaks in half and then We bend it back again Guess I got caught in the middle of it Yes I've been taught, got a little of it In my blood, in my blood Memories burn like a forest fire Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud In the flood When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea But now I'm underwater And my skin is paler than it should ever be I'm watching movies back to back in black and white, I never Seen anybody do it like I do it any better I'm goin' over you, I'm overdue for new endeavors Nobody lonely like I'm lonely and I don't know whether You'd really like it in the limelight You'd sympathize with all the bad guys I'm still a victim in my own right But I'm the villain in my own eyes, yeah When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea

Dominic Tossas

Dominic Tossas . 7 hours ago

Happy one week🎉🎉🎊🎊


SaddyblueAvocado . 7 hours ago


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