In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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Dee H

Dee H . 4 minutes ago

I love trevor and his grandmother... there is something great in him awaiting to spring forth!!!!

Levitie King

Levitie King . 11 minutes ago

Very beautiful man and family

Jordash Shirley

Jordash Shirley . 16 minutes ago

Her expression of whistling is interesting...


Crazy4hire . 22 minutes ago

Trevor, God bless your beautiful Grandma, that was just my street growing up. The steps we take in this world.

David Muriithi

David Muriithi . 27 minutes ago

Absolutely Love this❤️❤️❤️


I'mPurseHappy2 . 28 minutes ago

Trevor your grandma CoCo is funny. You should take her home with you. TFS your family! 🤗❤️


Synchrodive . 28 minutes ago

But mostly good looking? LIKE HELL ...hahahaha....

Beth Kebede

Beth Kebede . 33 minutes ago

I Loveeeeeee 💗 your grandma 👵🏾. She’s too adorable!!! She looks very strong and alert too for her age. May GOD Bless her for many years to come. 🤗🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Un Tor

Un Tor . 48 minutes ago

Her sweet tone and strength, reminds me of Cicely Tyson

Un Tor

Un Tor . 51 minutes ago

Thank you for sharing your childhood and grandmother with us. Brought back some real good memories, and some not so good ones. Both make a person. So I'll take them both. Thanks again Trevor and his crew. That was real nice.

Ernie Faison

Ernie Faison . 54 minutes ago

Classy guy. He didn't forget who he is. That's why he's being blessed now.

Jessica Swain

Jessica Swain . 1 hour ago

Love this

Barce boy

Barce boy . 1 hour ago

This is what more ppl should do never forget your home towm

Aurora Cantoris

Aurora Cantoris . 1 hour ago

I honestly couldn't watch this at first because, and I kid you not, your grandma could so easily pass for my grandma's younger sister!!!! Right down to the little whistles and how she says "Eh!?" it was just a little too much. My own gran passed away back in December 2015, after leading nearly a century's worth of life as a phenomenal, incredible Sierra Leonean woman. I was fortunate enough to have her have a big part in raising me, and even more so to have been with her in the weeks and months leading up to her death, because by then, I was more happy for her than anything. Her soul was such that could no longer be confined to mortal limitations, and needed to be freed. Sorry, that was a crazy long way of saying that this video is one of my FAVORITES!!! THANK YOU AND YOUR GRANDMOTHER!!!

Bill Gall

Bill Gall . 1 hour ago

I would normally laugh Trevor off as a complete tosser, but I actually liked his personality in this video. He's simply a shit comedian, it turns out. High five to him as a normal person!

kev villa

kev villa . 2 hours ago

Talk about the theft going on to poor farmers in South Africa. You always cry about America being racist but ignore the stupidity in your own country, which it's on its way to being the new Zimbabwe.

Its Moe

Its Moe . 2 hours ago

Wow amazing native land of yours Trevor! Btw, I'm a fan from Philippines. I admire your wit and intelligence. Such a clever you are man! 🤘😊👈

Paulo Adika

Paulo Adika . 2 hours ago

Trevor hands down your best ever show; from east Africa in NC, USA...your gogo's wit is phenomenal...hilarious, I thought to myself Trevor's just had it with the $tates and packed to head back to Soweto! We should all do that once in a while!!! Lol...


BB1987 . 2 hours ago

This was so sweet to watch☺️


fabanyie . 2 hours ago

That was beautiful Trevor! I watched with a big smile the entire time. Your grandma is simply lovely, thank you for sharing her with us. 🥰


naturalforme . 2 hours ago

Lmao!! The joy of going home is amazing and catching up is even better! I'm going this December and I can not wait to see my people! Lmao I just might cry

Nisha Khan

Nisha Khan . 2 hours ago

Oh My God your grandmother does not look like 91. She is beautiful, energetic and enthusiastic. Love her😍🤗

Diego Ramos

Diego Ramos . 3 hours ago

I just want to share this, I have made way under 40,000 USD a year in wages for many years, in some years less than 20,000. Whether I have been employed or at some times unemployed my grandmother in Ecuador whom I send money to on a regular basis to this day has never had her power cut out. I worry about her a lot because people abroad are not living the lifestyles we can afford in the US. I understand that his grandmother would never fathom flying over the sea or wearing designer clothes, but I doubt she would mind the comfort of a nice updated home and on top of that I am sure she would not mind if @ would pay her electricity bill. I am always so appalled when I hear of "celebrities" who don't put in a little more effort into caring for those who they have so much to thank for... let's start with parents and grandparents. My grandmother has over 35 grandchildren and very very few of us are able to help with finances and bills, but my what I would do with a better paycheck! If I were Trevor I would certainly be visiting my grandmother in a new home I got for her with basic things like electricity. I'm not hating on what people can/ want to do or not for others, but for me that's what true love is. But for real I bet the camera man has a better house. My saying is we ALL rise together.


henry040 . 3 hours ago

This is an amazing woman! Just incredible! Such a sweet sweet woman :-)

T laner

T laner . 3 hours ago

No crapping on the floor Trevor!


Goldengoddess76 . 3 hours ago

Beautiful!! Warms my soul.

Brittney Fox

Brittney Fox . 3 hours ago

Awwwwww this is so sweet. Such a blessing.

Allen Ruschman

Allen Ruschman . 3 hours ago

Why do I keep hearing reports of South African whites being robbed ,raped , murdered, and their land being “ appropriated “ on an epic scale ? Is this true?


A DW . 4 hours ago

OMG!!! Trevor, your Grandmother (Cocoa) is sooooo adorable!! All that wisdom and she's still around to tell her story. Amazing....I only pray that I could live that long and still be able to communicate and have all of my faculties as she does. What a Blessing(:)

Faith Muthoni

Faith Muthoni . 4 hours ago

Trevor ther big mouth of jokes is from granmaaaa i miss my own trevor she is just like mi big photocopy even habit they say

Bea Blessed

Bea Blessed . 4 hours ago

WOW! His grandmother is amazing!

Politicalprincess666 666princesspolitical

Politicalprincess666 666princesspolitical . 4 hours ago

Aww. I like you more. Aww u made for tv!??? Tears n joy!!! I sware u gotta extend this!!!!

Kathryn McNorton

Kathryn McNorton . 4 hours ago

This was beautiful!

Sara Prsic Akbari

Sara Prsic Akbari . 4 hours ago

The way he says "wauw" sounds like someone who has heard exactly those answers a couple of hundred times, trying to still act surprised hahahah

Jussica Haynes

Jussica Haynes . 4 hours ago

I would love to hear more stories from her.


Kapado . 4 hours ago

South Africa has the same wall defense we had in some areas in Portugal growing up. Glass on top of cement

craig smith

craig smith . 5 hours ago

"Those big bumps.....they know my slippers!!!!" 2 funny!!! Those ARE some big bumps though. LOL

Koku gloria

Koku gloria . 5 hours ago

woow i enjoyed listening to this granny she is awesome


DCProPho . 5 hours ago

The rock walls with the glass on top must be cheap, Mexico does this as well lol

Joy Garithi

Joy Garithi . 5 hours ago

Is this the house you took a shit in? LOL! That part was hilarious-Born a Crime is the only book I've read back to back in 2018 Yaaay!!! :-)

Jaucinta Jagmohan

Jaucinta Jagmohan . 5 hours ago

This is so amazing, thank you Trevor. Big hugs from 🇫🇯

K T Jackson

K T Jackson . 5 hours ago

Beautiful woman...thank you

Bura-Bari Vincent Nwilo

Bura-Bari Vincent Nwilo . 5 hours ago

This is the most beautiful experience I have watched this year. I can relate to this in so many ways. The joy and smiles and wit are awesome.

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells . 5 hours ago

I would rather be a black person during apartheid, than a white person living under the ANC. At least I would have known that the police would have done something about my brother that was rubbernecked. If you don't know what that is. Its when they put a tyre, drenched in petrol around your neck and set it alight. They then dance and sing while you burn to death. He was legit too, valid visa... burnt him alive for being a foreigner who stole their jobs. He might have gone hungry, but should have stayed in shithole Zimbabwe. If they didn't murder him, he might have been able to come to the UK with me. Its funny how black people run to countries run by white people, where the majority are still white. Too funny... sad.

Blayz TheRapper

Blayz TheRapper . 5 hours ago


Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells . 5 hours ago

Well, they didn't only talk about Apartheid.

Jamal H

Jamal H . 6 hours ago

She's so beautiful ! A wisdom that endures !

Stina Wilson

Stina Wilson . 6 hours ago

I love how the chancla is so universal ! She said she hit him with her slipper!


e-boogie . 6 hours ago

Black people being oppressed in Africa where the original black man come from is very upsetting to me.

James Richardson

James Richardson . 6 hours ago

Beautiful moment Trevor. Good to see my people return to their hometowns to remind them where they’ve come from.

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