In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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ntombizethu gebashe

ntombizethu gebashe . 2 hours ago

Love and respect

Tk Tk

Tk Tk . 3 hours ago

I love you Trevor!! Thank you for showing us your home and your lovely grandmother ❤


BTS INFIRES MY LIFEUU _ . 3 hours ago

Now I can picture the book better after this video Gogo is such a wonderful spirit. God bless her

Erika Hopkins

Erika Hopkins . 4 hours ago

The pic of you in the very bright blue underwear....priceless 😂😂😂

Saiyed Zaidi

Saiyed Zaidi . 5 hours ago

i like how the granma uses whistle to express important things.....hahha

sweet doll

sweet doll . 7 hours ago

Omg the fruits on the refrigerator!!!! Nostalgia from Haiti 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💘

Latrice Dean

Latrice Dean . 10 hours ago

His Grandmother's house looks like LOVE

Claudio Lassala

Claudio Lassala . 10 hours ago

How can anyone give a thumb down to this?! We need more people like Trevor bringing humanity to the masses. Never forget where you come from! Trevor's respect for his grandma is a lesson to all of us.

Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent Gonzalez . 11 hours ago

Lets bring roadjoy to America, from glacier to glacier less angry drivers

Ms D

Ms D . 11 hours ago

Thank you Trevor for sharing your Gogo with us.

Barbara Centeno-Cannon

Barbara Centeno-Cannon . 12 hours ago

What a jewel! Your grandmother is so lovable! Cherish her!

Omer Abdalrahim

Omer Abdalrahim . 13 hours ago


Kari Kennedy

Kari Kennedy . 14 hours ago

I adore his Gogo's sense of humor. <3

Dawit Gedefaw

Dawit Gedefaw . 15 hours ago

Your Book Trevor become the first book i finished in almost 8 years.....I am going to reward myself bc of that so thank you


Nerah . 15 hours ago

‘Born a crime’ Read it people 😘

Celeste Ratcliffe

Celeste Ratcliffe . 16 hours ago


NAGA NOONA . 16 hours ago

With this truly your fan now. I love you and your grandma. You're so humble. Great respect for you./

Candice Nicole

Candice Nicole . 16 hours ago

We need more Gogo! This was so beautiful and funny and rich with love and culture. I'm a first generation American so this resonated with me so much. Also, it makes me feel so blessed that my grandmother lives close by, but I need to spend more time with her. Calling my Gogo now.. 💕💕


danicakes921 . 16 hours ago

Smart, sexy, and funny....GEEZ! Lol 😘....oh yeah... I guess he's cute 2 lol


CheesecakeLasagna . 17 hours ago

That "Curbs: Oppression Edition" killed me lmao.

lee lee

lee lee . 20 hours ago

What a sweet woman!😍

abdi abdi

abdi abdi . 20 hours ago

We've been through a lot of bulshit but Let's Conteneu moving forward and Never look back

Amber Lalchhani

Amber Lalchhani . 20 hours ago


Kevin Start

Kevin Start . 20 hours ago

*You were born a crime* Ouch lady chill 😂

shalin gomez

shalin gomez . 21 hours ago

Trevor, your grandma lied on your face. She has all the electrical kitchen appliances still she says she can't watch you because of poor electric supply.

Shengie Quino

Shengie Quino . 22 hours ago

Tears went rolling down.. thanks.. No one humbles Trevor like his grandma and mother.. 😉


AD W . 23 hours ago

Too awesome for words!

Dr. Deepti Singh

Dr. Deepti Singh . 1 day ago

Respect to dis man Noah! dint try to pretend dat he has forgotton his mother tongue.. Grounded!

Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69

Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69 . 1 day ago

Thought, South Africa is supposed to be black country! !! Why is white people control Africa? ??

Ken Texican

Ken Texican . 1 day ago

What a lovely, beautiful, endearing woman. What a way to start my Friday!

Carla Curado

Carla Curado . 1 day ago

So sweet this chat between grandma and her grandchild. 😍😍

Kay Moduka

Kay Moduka . 1 day ago

ei Madiba!! haaaaah!!! she killed me right there.

Judy Ntwiga

Judy Ntwiga . 1 day ago

Trevor inherited the "funny bone" from Gogo. She is hilarious to say the least.🤣

April Hernandez

April Hernandez . 1 day ago

Loved watching you and your grandmother... MEMORIES of my grandmother and I was so close💖💕💞ps. I hope your grandmother and you Trevor will be seeing each other more often...Ty for posting.

Maryan sheikh

Maryan sheikh . 1 day ago

It sucks and is also cool to have a grandma who speaks English because my grandma doesn’t speak English so when she makes fun of me she finds out what it means and throws a sandal at me

Maryan sheikh

Maryan sheikh . 1 day ago

Coco: you know those big bums know my slippers Me: EVERY... STANDARD AFRICAN GRANDMA

Natasha Lall

Natasha Lall . 1 day ago

looks beautiful... would luv to go

Enita Chipoyi

Enita Chipoyi . 2 days ago

Lovely Trevor

exo’s Love shot

exo’s Love shot . 2 days ago

He’s so charming and down to earth

exo’s Love shot

exo’s Love shot . 2 days ago

‘ I thought everyone was my friend. They were not.”

Claudia Finelle

Claudia Finelle . 2 days ago

What a beautiful grandma. No wonder he is so wonderful.

Zeljko Brekalo

Zeljko Brekalo . 2 days ago

Trevor your gramy is ugly as hell, stay a way from her

Mark Walker

Mark Walker . 2 days ago

Love your sprit bro 👍🏾


G1Main . 2 days ago


Anjali Sawlani

Anjali Sawlani . 2 days ago

She made HIM laugh like crazy !

Donatus Orth

Donatus Orth . 2 days ago

Such a strict grandmother she is, not surprising a self-deprecating comedian he became.


miraamshah . 2 days ago

Too bad he did not mention how ANC turned SA in a shithole country and Mandela was a terrorist who blew up schools and churches

Dillon Marshall

Dillon Marshall . 2 days ago

She is in great health for 91 she looks very young


RAFAELA CARLINA . 2 days ago

💪❤❤💙💪💪💪🍸omg she is amazing

Cecilia Warfield

Cecilia Warfield . 2 days ago

I loved this.

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