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AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!


Published on 1 week ago

Alexxus Davis

Alexxus Davis . 32 minutes ago

I just gave my friend my old AirPods, just to give me a excuse to get the new ones lol

Ryan Gradek

Ryan Gradek . 43 minutes ago

would the new airpods work with android phones like the old one?

Bool01 Guytr

Bool01 Guytr . 1 hour ago

he talks to much

Kennii Kalonji

Kennii Kalonji . 2 hours ago

Watching this on my brand new iPhone xs gold 256GB. Meanwhile my S8+ is in the room on the wireless charger. Feels like a weight has been lifted off me now that I’ve moved to iPhone. (8yrs on Android)


YungKeemThaDream . 4 hours ago

I’ve been putting off buying these for months because I felt that as soon as I bought them new ones would come out and would you look here

Claudio M.

Claudio M. . 4 hours ago

You said „hey Siri“ and my siri goes on😂😅


ROB URG . 6 hours ago

is it gonna be like iphones you can trade the first one for those


NomadApe . 6 hours ago

Why no Airpods? 1. too expensive and too easy to lose 2. It's nothing to be paranoid about, but if there is even a slight risk of health problems (tumors, sterility...) with Wifi+Bluetooth, it hardly seems like the best idea to put it on both sides of your brain (for long periods of listening to music!)

John M

John M . 6 hours ago

It’s the price lol.

Michael Gutierrez

Michael Gutierrez . 10 hours ago

these are the best idea for headphones... to bad they dont fit my ears...


Random . 10 hours ago

why don't they just release airpod 3 instead of releasing airpods 2 first

Uhc Nairb

Uhc Nairb . 11 hours ago

No one want to know why his shows the black Airpods on the iPhone?

aH Xaviee

aH Xaviee . 13 hours ago

Can we just get a volume button 🥺

300k subscribers with no videos

300k subscribers with no videos . 16 hours ago

I have 3 pairs of AirPods at my house

Jonathan Rosales

Jonathan Rosales . 18 hours ago

dislike for being a greedy hoe and repeating yourself to damm much


Dysphoric . 21 hours ago

Too bad the sound quality sucks. You can get something like the sr5bt for less.

1,000 Subs without subscribers?

1,000 Subs without subscribers? . 22 hours ago

Only me who ordered AirPods right after AirPods 2 are coming!?!

Joey SosaBeats

Joey SosaBeats . 22 hours ago

I love my airpods. amazon has the cheapest price https://amzn.to/2UFGz1d

g2vin !

g2vin ! . 23 hours ago

I want AirPods I’m getting them for Christmas

Ethical Mind

Ethical Mind . 1 day ago

Not anyone can buy

Tony Kwon

Tony Kwon . 1 day ago

samsung galaxy s8 and above can have two airpods working at once on one phone


hollaholiday . 1 day ago

3 in video commercials in under 5 minutes. thanks but I'll find content elsewhere. I don't need the click through ads.


JMK2005 . 1 day ago

fuck i just ordered the first ones...

Joey Flare

Joey Flare . 1 day ago

I just bought my AirPods not even a month ago :(

Nick Donnelly

Nick Donnelly . 1 day ago

Dude sound SUCKS,. did you record the audio in a bathroom?


9LK . 1 day ago

Are you fucking kidding me I legit just bought my air pods yesterday ffs

Gaming Geek

Gaming Geek . 1 day ago

Is there an official date ? I need to know ASAP !

Salvador Seixas Clemente

Salvador Seixas Clemente . 1 day ago

They be able too function in the iphone 6?

Javier Acosta

Javier Acosta . 1 day ago

Next iPhone should come with AirPods

Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty . 1 day ago

I just bought them and my biggest complaint is that they don’t come in black, if they come out in black I’m gonna be pissed

Dylan Klepk

Dylan Klepk . 1 day ago

how many ads are you gonna put in

Logan jush

Logan jush . 1 day ago

Can you learn to stop repeating yourself? Jesus Christ.


Splash . 1 day ago

They should inclue noicecancelling


Cocaopowder . 2 days ago

More ads please you need the money

Lukas Haderer

Lukas Haderer . 2 days ago

You can buy the Bose QC35 2 instead of the airpods 2 and safe more than 50€.


Priscilla . 2 days ago

I wish Apple AirPods 2 would come out in December for the holidays.

Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson . 2 days ago

I hope that they will provide coral ones... so excited with this color

michael sorokin

michael sorokin . 2 days ago

I have the AirPods now, love them, but as an audiophile if I don’t see noise cancelling features I may switch to something else. I had jay bird Bluetooth speakers and while they aren’t as convenient with a charging case, they more than made up for sound quality. At what point do the scales of convenience and performance outweigh each other ?

Maggie Zoerner

Maggie Zoerner . 2 days ago

I’d love to see more functionality within the airpods themselves, like being able to adjust the volume or skip the song by tapping the airpods instead of calling out to Siri in the middle of a workout. I personally don’t see that as a practical option. I also would love to see water proof airpods, as I am a swimmer. There are hardly any products out there for listening to music underwater that also fit comfortably under a swim cap.

Jorge Andres De La Torre M

Jorge Andres De La Torre M . 2 days ago

How do you get the AirPods 2


Maldito666 . 2 days ago

If they don’t have volume control and new colors then not worth upgrading


TRYzSHOT . 2 days ago

Who is watching this laying down in Their bed with no socks

Gabriel koutin

Gabriel koutin . 2 days ago

Just got AirPods yesterday lol


jules . 2 days ago

take a shot every time he says“airpods 2 in 2019 and airpods 3 in 2020

Harrison Bandy

Harrison Bandy . 2 days ago

I just gotta say. Android been doing dual audio with any Bluetooth earbuds (listening to one phone from two sets of earbuds) for like almost 2 years now.

Melissa Schmitz

Melissa Schmitz . 2 days ago

I guess Hey Siri would be cool on them but I really don't need that feature on every device. I turned it off on my phone because I am more likely to use it on my watch. That being said, thanks to this video, I'll probably wait for the AirPods 2. Especially if they will match my Space Gray products!

David Zafra

David Zafra . 2 days ago

sound reducion


devilsoe . 2 days ago

are you become propaganda for apple now ?


LUIOFFICIAL . 2 days ago

I remember getting my phone taken away in class yet still playing bluetooth through my headphones lmao. Earpods gonna do kids wonders in these schools

Johan-Petter Bekken

Johan-Petter Bekken . 2 days ago

Lol how much can you talk. Just get to it!

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