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10 ways Android is just better
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Published on 10 months ago

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Comments :


Lubb . 4 hours ago

iPhone 6 user: laughs at me for having a android because they think my phone makes me poor Me with a $1000 android: *yeah ok*

Mr Jibs

Mr Jibs . 7 hours ago

I’m an android user but I will say this. Most of the things you listed as pros to Android are the reason iOS uses don’t like it. Everything can be seen as a benefit if you look at it from one side

Ace Benjamin Uy

Ace Benjamin Uy . 10 hours ago

"Nutrients" 4:20


Saturday . 13 hours ago

Somebody take my iPhone!!


Nickfila . 19 hours ago

Do you hear that? It's the iPhone fanboys.

Roblox Turtles

Roblox Turtles . 1 day ago

It's funny the Galaxy watch is $200 brand new and can be used with IOS. But NO apple dont want there $400+ watch to be parried with android LAME AND A RIPOFF GO FOR THE GALAXY WATCH!!!!!

Jared Champagne

Jared Champagne . 1 day ago

4:21 Linus spits on the couch. You’re welcome.


Lanfusmcnuff . 2 days ago

I've been an Android user for a while, as well as using iOS every few years to keep up with their operating system. I always fail to understand why apple doesn't let you place icons anywhere on your home screen, there's literally no reason to not have that option. Its about time apple pulls their head out of the sand

sub2 dad

sub2 dad . 2 days ago

He mentioned fugget about it lul


-Over_0w0- . 3 days ago

There are no ways that garbagedroid is better

Cody Averesch

Cody Averesch . 3 days ago

The back button is the single more important button on any phone. No question no exception.

Cejay XD

Cejay XD . 4 days ago

4:21 thank me later

Charles Alden

Charles Alden . 4 days ago

I could never use an iPhone for one reason, iOS. iOS to me is a feature phone OS when compared to Android. I mean really, I have an HP X3 LapDock that I use with my Note 10, allowing me to convert my phone into a laptop. Yes, I’m using DEX but just as a launcher, what I really use is Citrix, VMware Horizon and the Steam Link client. Since I have an over 400Mbs LTE connection, I can stream Windows, Linux, OSX, Unix and Steam as if they were installed locally on the phone. Try doing this with iOS, forget it. Than there is the file-manager, Android is like using Windows or OSX in this regard, as Apps save their files in a local area where everything can access them at will, iOS, saves it’s files under the app that created them, which is without a doubt the most retarted thing I have ever used on computing device. My Nokia Communicator from 2004 still has a better file-manager than iOS 13, I can mount a NAS, FTP, and other computers drive on the network, than mount them as a local folder. Scripting languages, I have like, all of them installed on my Note 10, PHP, Perl, Python, Cshell, etc. even an entire LAMP server, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Why, because I can run custom web apps and than wrap them to look like any normal Android app.I have a lot of custom apps, mainly for creating internal reports that gather data from Oracle databases, than imports into a local MySQL, than using PHP and XML, thus creating professional looking reports that even outpaces MS Office. I can access my email and use data sent to me from clearing houses to calculate PNL for the day before the clearing team even looks at it. The power I have in this phone is simply amazing, sure, yes, the iPhone can also do a lot but no where even close to what I can do on Android, I mean I have a full working Linux Distro running under a Chroot, enough said.

Mark P

Mark P . 4 days ago

Apple's new slogan: You can buy better, but you can't pay more!

Muphyn Man

Muphyn Man . 4 days ago

Peep the projectile saliva at 4:20

Skeppy's Grandpa

Skeppy's Grandpa . 4 days ago

Does more Costs less... Maybe not -Apple 2015

Paul Daniel Neimontas

Paul Daniel Neimontas . 4 days ago

A wise friend once told me.. *iPhones are shit* and he owned one too.. god damn legend

Ectoplasmic Entity

Ectoplasmic Entity . 5 days ago

I have a galaxy s9 personal phone and an iphone for work. I feel sorry for iphone users, they don't know what they are missing.

Joseph Maldjian

Joseph Maldjian . 5 days ago

I love that intro


BananaBot . 5 days ago

4:21 *white substance spouts out of linus mouth*

Aaron Hitdlebaugh

Aaron Hitdlebaugh . 6 days ago

4:20 Just drooling about how good android is I see.


ant . 7 days ago

Emulators emulators emulators

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem . 1 week ago

Just got my first iPhone ever..Biggest gripe about iPhone out of all you mentioned. No freaking back button. Maybe return it next week for that reason only. It's annoying. Don't underestimate how much you use it until you don't have it. Same place always no matter what you're doing.


Queen . 1 week ago

4:21 Linus spit


GlideyYT . 1 week ago

Android lets you do anything lol-cheaper Iphone is like " pay me or dont have fun"-expensive


Jackiside . 1 week ago

Android users come here to have a boner because they think everyone is on there side with liking Android :/

Israel andersonHOME

Israel andersonHOME . 1 week ago

You Android peasants... Windows phones are the obvious winner.


GOBY . 1 week ago

1:00 all three snacccs on almost the same sofa?

Edward Schultze

Edward Schultze . 2 weeks ago

Team Android!!! Go Android! Comment of you habe an Android!! 📱 😃😃


Furtsu . 2 weeks ago

4:21 that spit tho

Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive . 2 weeks ago

I will agree that the cameras on IPhones are better but what good is that if I don't take photos 24/7? And the criticism of Android being for poor people is such a joke. Maybe people that use android just want a phone for the basics like calling, texting and some social media apps. Is having a phone that supposedly increases social status and has a better camera that you don't care for and a fragile but pretty exterior worth the extra money?


Temporal . 2 weeks ago

You forgot one Linus! As far as I know iPhones don't have "Pro mode" in camera settings.


Falcon . 2 weeks ago

*phone phone phone phone phone phone phone phone*

Zakaria Guitouni

Zakaria Guitouni . 2 weeks ago

"10 way iPhone are just better" pick a side will ya


AnonymousPrime . 2 weeks ago

4:21 : **Spits**

lexx rogers

lexx rogers . 2 weeks ago

iPhone has backswipe

Adrian Jarvis

Adrian Jarvis . 2 weeks ago

Let's talk about Android bloatware... and OS updates. LOL.

Dave Howard Schiff

Dave Howard Schiff . 2 weeks ago

Did anyone notice at 4:21 he spits?


OneAttic973 . 2 weeks ago

When apple puts in USB c people are going to say that androide phones copied iPhones

FPS Mango

FPS Mango . 2 weeks ago

Thank God someone is on my side where the Android is just so much better.


Classytagz . 2 weeks ago


Sremon Karmakar

Sremon Karmakar . 2 weeks ago

windows & android thats what i use...everything else is shit.

Oren Gee

Oren Gee . 2 weeks ago

Waiting on the iPhone XSTUYREWQADFGHJKLBNMBC Max pro lite 2 +

Expired orange juice

Expired orange juice . 2 weeks ago

About the intro with the apps, when I got my android i got an app called MySprint, and i dont have sprint.

vinay kishore

vinay kishore . 2 weeks ago

The whole point of Apple placing their back button on top left is to increase the chances of dropping your phone and pay to get your screen replaced or replace the entire phone considering the replacement cost. Such a greedy company.


liamleahy . 2 weeks ago

$750 phones are cost prohibitive for "millions of people", Linus? Really? Try about 4-5 billion people or so.


GROSE AND CP . 2 weeks ago

Pick I side you also did i vid on how android sucks


Vonophone . 2 weeks ago

2:08 *_"NipplesXD"_* Oof.


Tsokaro . 2 weeks ago

You can just swipe on iphone is EASY


FBI . 2 weeks ago

we caught the Gunman behind the camera

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