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Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty


Published on 10 months ago

"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."

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Comments :

Shadow Fll

Shadow Fll . 24 hours ago

Niki is from Singapore?!?!?!?

su jen lee

su jen lee . 2 days ago

i feel honored to live in the same country as niki (well kinda since now she lives in us but she used to soooo i still feel honored ☺️)

Kirshna Vaswani

Kirshna Vaswani . 3 days ago

Rie is really talentfull whenever any body needs help they call rie

Jason Juarez

Jason Juarez . 3 days ago

There both so fucken cute omg<3<3

Rainbow Trashcan

Rainbow Trashcan . 3 days ago

Those look so good And I'm sad that I'm allergic to pineapple

SillyChotu 2008

SillyChotu 2008 . 4 days ago

Pineapples do contain enzymes The enzyme is called Bromelain which breaks down fibers Is usually used as a digestive aid if your body can’t digest food It’s also used in stuff like treating muscle injury’s and plays a role in anti-aging Here’s an article with all the info https://www.worldhealth.net/news/bromelain_pineapple_enzyme/

Galaxy Crescent wolf

Galaxy Crescent wolf . 5 days ago

I'm Chinese and I celebrate Chinese New Year but I have never seen a pineapple tart..........

Francesca Yeung

Francesca Yeung . 5 days ago

mY nAmE iS gLaDdIcE aNd I lOvE aLaDdIcE Hahahahqs

Random Fandom

Random Fandom . 5 days ago

As a singaporean, I knew exactly what that was from the thumbnail. I used to avoid eating it when I was younger, but I've really grown to love it too. 😌

Chayo Gaming

Chayo Gaming . 5 days ago

Indonesian called it Nastar


Lis . 5 days ago


kokichi ouma

kokichi ouma . 7 days ago

ok i’m singaporean and this is pretty late but i have not seen these kind of pineapple tarts with the crosses on it?? am i just missing out oh no. but legit these look even more prettier Ö

Francine Truong

Francine Truong . 1 week ago

Legend Rie

Potato 123

Potato 123 . 1 week ago

I miss Niki :(


inveinsible . 1 week ago

I came here for Rie ❤

Sebastian Tate

Sebastian Tate . 1 week ago

Like nastar, but a pie nastar.

Ethan Eblaghie

Ethan Eblaghie . 1 week ago



peridot . 1 week ago

what's it called in singapore? i know the cookie as "nastar"

clarice ._.isnotokay

clarice ._.isnotokay . 1 week ago


Ian Tan

Ian Tan . 1 week ago

Rie : Oi Oi Oi In my head : yesssssssssss ( i’m singaporean )

Ashira Azhar

Ashira Azhar . 1 week ago

Is it just me or does this look a little different compared to the og in Singapore. Cause to me it’s a bit too yellow and the ones in Singapore are more orange. I think they forgot the egg wash because when I made it with my grandma ( btw I am singaporean ) she would always do an egg wash and make sure the crust is golden and that the pineapple was orange. Idk maybe it’s js me

zulkhairul aksar bin nafery

zulkhairul aksar bin nafery . 1 week ago

You can find it everywhere in Malaysia during Eid☺️ hope you come here tho hehehe

Jeslyn Tan

Jeslyn Tan . 2 weeks ago

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy anyone else beside meh is Singaporean??

David Welbourn

David Welbourn . 2 weeks ago

Loved seeing Niki so happy. Well worth the effort.

Furever Blue

Furever Blue . 2 weeks ago

My biggest surprise is finding out Nikkie used to be from Singapore. WHEN WERE YOU GONNA TELL US? OR HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK THIS WHOLE TIME????


Splirted . 2 weeks ago

are u sure thats nathan ? not steven?

LU Silva

LU Silva . 2 weeks ago

Rie!!! I want some of those!

Jayme Fong

Jayme Fong . 2 weeks ago

So relateble. The older generation is always pincing my cheek and i am a singaporean

Spice _61

Spice _61 . 2 weeks ago

I'm born in singapore and still live in singapore. Dont what else to say Edit: i hate pineapple tarts, i just hate that its goo-ie


osnapitzmitha . 2 weeks ago

nastar? wkwkwk

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar . 2 weeks ago

Is there anything Rie cannot do. She is just amazing.

David Hoo

David Hoo . 2 weeks ago

Im also a Singaporean and these pineapple tarts are actual bomb

Janeth Elizabeth Blanco

Janeth Elizabeth Blanco . 2 weeks ago

I honestly wanted to see her cry lol i would've cried but food does that to me when it's so Good lol

Staydon’tstray ARMY

Staydon’tstray ARMY . 2 weeks ago

Niki is so chill and cute

fried friese

fried friese . 2 weeks ago

That's basically nastar

Sacajawea T.

Sacajawea T. . 2 weeks ago

The pineapple looks perfect!! Get it in a jar and sell it everywhere??

Wolf Furry_Playz

Wolf Furry_Playz . 2 weeks ago

Lol I’m from Singapore and now in Singapore

yellow lion

yellow lion . 2 weeks ago

These look amazing however I an very allergic to pineapple and gluten


Halker339 . 2 weeks ago

Chef: I can make anything in the world. Rie: hold my lady


Ackles_26 . 3 weeks ago

In indonesia we called it "nastar" its cookie for ied mubarak

chiz pebbles

chiz pebbles . 3 weeks ago

I can get these anywhere here in malaysia but i hate them

Summer Dove

Summer Dove . 3 weeks ago

Is there a full recipe anywhere?

Unicorn dreams

Unicorn dreams . 3 weeks ago

Love from Singapore! I love pineapple tarts too! 💗🇸🇬

Marit van der Steen

Marit van der Steen . 3 weeks ago

"When you're ready, make it..." "Fancy?" HAH

C bros

C bros . 3 weeks ago

Plz do these kind of videos like MAKE IT FANCY 👊

vira 17

vira 17 . 3 weeks ago

I'm from Singapore and can you go to Singapore pppppplllllllsssssss

Vandana Rana

Vandana Rana . 3 weeks ago

Can’t spell ‘friend’ without Rie

patresia chindera

patresia chindera . 3 weeks ago

we call it nastar cookie 🍍

Kokoro Ruffler

Kokoro Ruffler . 3 weeks ago

that little hug dance tho

Kokoro Ruffler

Kokoro Ruffler . 3 weeks ago

10:26 "oh my god im amazing "

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