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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


Published on 8 months ago

Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Comments :


REACT . 8 months ago

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OwenPP . 6 minutes ago

Do smosh try not to eat food battle food

Fan Ny

Fan Ny . 2 hours ago


Madness Arcade

Madness Arcade . 18 hours ago

The rib wich isn’t that just the McRib

Madness Arcade

Madness Arcade . 18 hours ago

If ur hair isn’t clean it’s a bit gross if u had lice

Madness Arcade

Madness Arcade . 18 hours ago

He’s a cop who knew he doesn’t have a cop vibe

Micah Gillespie

Micah Gillespie . 21 hours ago

The people didn’t eat it didn’t have fun

Content Source

Content Source . 2 days ago

No Krusty burger or squishees

Shubham Nakhwa

Shubham Nakhwa . 2 days ago

try not to eat challenge : eat jin food😂... They all will lose this challenge i bet😂

Actual Cancer

Actual Cancer . 2 days ago

Missed opportunity for steamed hams!!

Leli Moreno

Leli Moreno . 3 days ago

Food from eat Jin please

InnovaShil Rocks

InnovaShil Rocks . 3 days ago

Yall should do family guy


I AM DRIPPINGJ . 3 days ago

It would have been better if it would have been the big pink lard lad donut that universal studios sells instead of that little donut

RJ 1904

RJ 1904 . 4 days ago

Was I the only one who was waiting for duff beer?

Hot cock

Hot cock . 4 days ago

but they don't know what the ribwich was made from.

Hot cock

Hot cock . 4 days ago

That hat wasn't made from a nacho.

Hot cock

Hot cock . 4 days ago

did they use liquid smoke?

Hot cock

Hot cock . 4 days ago

Why is it gross eating spaghetti?

Nate's Life

Nate's Life . 5 days ago

Tom needs to be on all of these, he eats everything lol


MrParkerman6 . 5 days ago

Anyone else notice the female producer's voice isn't very audible in this video????

kelly moon

kelly moon . 5 days ago

A try not to eat from HOOK that had Robin William's. That lost boys banquet scene always got my mouth watering when I was s kid XD

hey moon

hey moon . 5 days ago

honestly really wondering what would happen if one of the people who won were vegetarian..would they then get to eat one of the previous meals? or would they just fail everything and cry because they tried so hard and couldn’t receive awards?

Nguyenle Quangdinh

Nguyenle Quangdinh . 5 days ago

i would have lost at the donut if i were in that XD i love strawberry ;-;

Maya G

Maya G . 5 days ago

We’re the real losers here, having to watch other people eat delicious food ;-;

Lakeisha Milliken

Lakeisha Milliken . 5 days ago

What about Flanders' hot chocolate?!!!😭😭

Shane Hoffmann

Shane Hoffmann . 5 days ago

Ary and Alberto are the April and Andy I never knew I needed


DrDespicable . 6 days ago

If you're gonna penalize people for licking their fingers, then maybe provide some freakin' napkins.

kristof privat

kristof privat . 6 days ago

u licked it so u lost. LOL!

Trekkie Gater

Trekkie Gater . 6 days ago

Could you guys do Futurama foods

Artie Rupinen

Artie Rupinen . 6 days ago

8:02 is this a Reqrium for a Dream reference?


BENN . 6 days ago

Idk if I’m the only one that thought this was missing but... where was the Flanders hot chocolate from the simpsons movie

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson . 7 days ago

You should do try not to eat family guy edition.


cheriblossom983 . 7 days ago

Mmmmmm forbidden donut

Tom Ontengco

Tom Ontengco . 1 week ago

They should have put brownies in so we could see the Scene with George Harrison

Autoo Zz

Autoo Zz . 1 week ago

Looks like the Dunkin’ Donuts donut 😂

Double Diesel

Double Diesel . 1 week ago

That rib sandwich looks good asf

Joshua Mariano

Joshua Mariano . 1 week ago

don't the losers technically win for getting to try so many different foods?

Timothy Holland

Timothy Holland . 1 week ago

No fair, Jim cheated, he’s a cop😂😂😂



That fish sandwich actually sounds rather good

Karma LoneWolf

Karma LoneWolf . 1 week ago

You should do one with each bite they take of it the more punishments they get!!!!

Cryptic Ice

Cryptic Ice . 1 week ago

Jim is a cop too 😂 i get why she felt pressured

mamamoo is bae

mamamoo is bae . 1 week ago

my school gives us “ribwich” but it’s literally cardboard and tastes disgusting. so um yay

Ali balasem

Ali balasem . 1 week ago

I love Jim tbh, his reactions are gold 😂

ada barker

ada barker . 1 week ago

its nacho hat its mine lo9l

Jodh Bhangal

Jodh Bhangal . 1 week ago

Omg the ribwich 😱 I really wanna try that 🍔

Gigis It

Gigis It . 1 week ago

I love the alberto and ary duo in most videos

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 1 week ago


Cali Sunshine

Cali Sunshine . 2 weeks ago

So once again the Simpsons predict the future with the sandwiches.


Gaylyjaz . 2 weeks ago

Petition to do this with Charlie and the chocolate factory


김지은 . 2 weeks ago

can you do a try not to eat charlie and the chocolate factory version examples: maybe a recreation of the chocolate waterfall like a mini one the buttercup flowers mint blades of grass in one of the versions, there’s a rainbow crystal candy etc (this is for the people who think charlie and the chocolate factory only has chocolate)

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