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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


Published on 10 months ago

Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Comments :


REACT . 10 months ago

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kyler Graziano

kyler Graziano . 2 hours ago

They should do the exact same not make it good.

Ollie Hancock

Ollie Hancock . 2 hours ago

Jim looks like Keith from try guys in the smallest bit

Aldy Permadi

Aldy Permadi . 10 hours ago

Tom and jerry

Tucker Harris

Tucker Harris . 10 hours ago

This would be so easy!! I have to convince myself TO eat most of the time and not consume all my calories in beer 😂

Kayla Meyer

Kayla Meyer . 14 hours ago

That goth girl was up for anything.

just Destiny dance Hip Hop don't stop Love

just Destiny dance Hip Hop don't stop Love . 15 hours ago

Of course you like it you're a pig aka a cop


JDX . 15 hours ago

At school they have rib sandwiches!


I’m a NIQQER . 17 hours ago

They should’ve made Flanders hot cocoa

Frederer Power

Frederer Power . 19 hours ago

Do a Part 2 and include Flanders’ Hot Chocolate, Steamed Hams and Lard Lad Donuts!

Frederer Power

Frederer Power . 20 hours ago

The winning dish should have been Steamed Hams!!


Darky . 1 day ago

Why TF did Alberto count as a loss for licking the fkin frosting off his fingers

Maddie Ellis

Maddie Ellis . 1 day ago

Try not to eat : Harry Potter edition

Cutie Malu

Cutie Malu . 1 day ago

Life hack: eat A LOT of food before this so u don't get hella hungry

1920 P5G1 20 TANG KAI PONG

1920 P5G1 20 TANG KAI PONG . 1 day ago

I think the narrator is the real winner


Doominater19000 . 1 day ago

There is actually a simpsons donut at universal studios and it’s HUGE. U shoulda got that one for them to make them sadder XD 😂

Di Malki

Di Malki . 2 days ago

Jim: that’s the only reason I didn’t eat it, because it wasn’t covered in a whole bar of butter

Choco Late

Choco Late . 2 days ago

Do spongebob

Luis Carranza

Luis Carranza . 2 days ago

When did try guy keth get yoked and become a cop??

Salma Reda

Salma Reda . 2 days ago

Daniel looks like Harry Potter ⚡️

Gerrard Tristan

Gerrard Tristan . 2 days ago

Hot chocolate

Jeffrey Laford

Jeffrey Laford . 3 days ago

Do another Stoner try not to eat please bro😂

Javier Salazar

Javier Salazar . 3 days ago

3:49 When ur girl says u lost no nut November

Trix Gamer

Trix Gamer . 3 days ago

Where was sergeant sausage

Gacha Emma

Gacha Emma . 3 days ago

Nobody: Still Nobody: Not even my 600 pound life: Adopt me:I’m hungry

Ericka Cancio

Ericka Cancio . 3 days ago

where's brandon shshsh

360 Fazooo

360 Fazooo . 4 days ago

Subscribe to my channel bangers coming soon 💯


alberto032973 . 4 days ago

Awesome video

C3 Playz

C3 Playz . 4 days ago

It's not that hard just dont eat

mosap 5

mosap 5 . 4 days ago

It made me hungriest Video,😂


POÉSIE FUMEUR . 4 days ago

What!? I can't believe they didn't include the hot chocolate from the movie that Flanders makes for Bart.

Olive For you!

Olive For you! . 5 days ago

Your sense of smell helps you taste, so just smell the food.

Adam Huynh

Adam Huynh . 5 days ago

Idk why but when they eat and lose and the next round they resist, I don’t why they are because they lost already so mind as well eat the next rounds of food

DinoSam Gaming

DinoSam Gaming . 5 days ago

Actually, The rotten sandwich looks MORE DELICIOUS than the Ribwich.


SirCraigius . 5 days ago

I wouldn't have touched the first two foods. The second two would have been very tempting though. I freaking love ribwiches though, so I'd hold out for that.

ThoR HammR

ThoR HammR . 5 days ago

No one wore the nacho hat!

Danni Stanisauskis

Danni Stanisauskis . 5 days ago

I feel like this would be easy, like seriously, you can place the most tasty food in front of me... And I won't feel a thing tbh 😂😂😂


denica78 . 5 days ago

You should do a try TO EAT

RG Astro

RG Astro . 7 days ago

First nvm

Martin Baca

Martin Baca . 7 days ago

Want a Duff

Makaio Laborin

Makaio Laborin . 7 days ago

I got back from universal studios and Disneyland at universal I tried the homer donut 🍩 it was delicious and it was big And I got strawberry flavor

Song ÒwÓ

Song ÒwÓ . 1 week ago

Now im hungry...

Jake Alcomendas

Jake Alcomendas . 1 week ago

Why do I think that rib-wich has drugs in it (I mean in the animation)..

Jose Z

Jose Z . 1 week ago

The rib-which is pretty much what happens when you get that Popeyes chicken sandwich


PrincessofPower84 . 1 week ago

Okay, was I the only one who thought that the first guy on the left was Keith from The Try Guys?

brian maglalang

brian maglalang . 1 week ago

Whoever gets the least amount of points wins... it's better if the win a prize

ethan prather

ethan prather . 1 week ago

I love the Simpson's like the Halloween ones like if you do to

Cesar's Channel

Cesar's Channel . 1 week ago

Try to eat all?

L2 Playzz

L2 Playzz . 1 week ago

Who else loves react ? 👇💕 Sub to me for good luck 🥰😑


H S . 2 weeks ago


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