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The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!
Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Published on 8 months ago

A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty weird at first... This is dope tech with potential! This is the LG OLED TV R.

Alternate title - The LG Rollable OLED TV: March Rollout? 😵


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Comments :

g2 falcon

g2 falcon . 4 hours ago

Popup camera .... Now popup tv .... Mother......

Definite Solutions

Definite Solutions . 4 hours ago

This is really cool idea to avoid dust.

Arghya Saha

Arghya Saha . 21 hours ago

I think that 21:9 aspect ratio doesn't work... It will make the TV smaller & harder to watch


Edward . 1 day ago

We are gonna buy this expensive rollable tv just so we can keep it up open at all times because we are too lazy to wait for it to come up and the only moment we are gonna close it is just to brag to our friends about our cool tech. Yeah seems useful.

Adam Harrington

Adam Harrington . 2 days ago

Jerry should get his hands on it and show everybody how it works.


윤소정 . 2 days ago

My dream tv lg

Lord Fluffykinz

Lord Fluffykinz . 3 days ago

Thought I could roll it up.

imong mama

imong mama . 3 days ago

Is this already out in the market? Like right now?

Geng Pan

Geng Pan . 3 days ago

space saver?

Guamul Naranen

Guamul Naranen . 3 days ago


shishir shetty

shishir shetty . 4 days ago

everyday is a unboxing day..


Renlaw666 . 5 days ago

Natural enemies : Children!


yoavsnake . 6 days ago

Needs to be a laptop version with both the screen and keyboard rolled out from something the size of a bluetooth speaker.


YuTrO . 6 days ago

thunder monitor

Star Lord

Star Lord . 7 days ago

this thing gonna make it out? lol

How I made

How I made . 1 week ago

wack cause of the box

Brian Hudson

Brian Hudson . 2 weeks ago

Would you like to add Geek Squad protection for only $3,000 more?


제주삼다수 . 2 weeks ago

power of korea

C my Clay

C my Clay . 2 weeks ago


Michael Sears

Michael Sears . 3 weeks ago

If they could make a tablet with this idea. I had a dream that one side was just a huge container, hold the battery and a place for the screen to roll into. Then when wanting to be used just unroll it like an old scroll.

Oliver Harkness

Oliver Harkness . 3 weeks ago

At my house we have a tv lifter and it is probably a lot cheaper than that but good idea


Hassan . 3 weeks ago

"Where is the TV supposed to go?" "Right here." "But I see a box" "It IS the TV" "wait what"


Squicx . 3 weeks ago


Saim Shaikh

Saim Shaikh . 3 weeks ago

Naah man I want a rollable laptop, why I don’t know?

Bryan Morra

Bryan Morra . 4 weeks ago

This thing would be so cool to put flush with a table. You just press a button and a tv pops up out of the table

Hal Phillips

Hal Phillips . 4 weeks ago

anyone know what the intro song is?

Felix S

Felix S . 4 weeks ago

You could look like a magician using this

Justin Bartram

Justin Bartram . 4 weeks ago

When I used to be a mover, this would be amazing for packing in the truck.

Exciting Marmot

Exciting Marmot . 4 weeks ago

But why?

Edwin Au Yeung

Edwin Au Yeung . 4 weeks ago

Cool, I'll buy one, for $500,000 dollars..


yourgrace . 4 weeks ago

They should have called it burned rolled oled tv

Nathan Quismondo

Nathan Quismondo . 4 weeks ago

what is this demo video??

That Beamer Guy

That Beamer Guy . 4 weeks ago

The x that you are talking about are used in sunshades for car like in most cars we press a button and a sunshade rises up, i am hyped for this technology and i want to buy this tv but i dont know when this is going to be available in india?

Ron Kiarie

Ron Kiarie . 4 weeks ago

The aspect ratio idea is key man!


Jorocinak123 . 4 weeks ago

At first I was like WOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHH but then I was like woooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.


Romeo . 4 weeks ago

The next stage : Rollable Playstation.


GearAlpha . 4 weeks ago

rip in a constant brownout palce

asim hossain

asim hossain . 1 month ago

If they made a tv that hangs in the walland comes down, the gravity would make the realese faster

Arbaaz Patwari

Arbaaz Patwari . 1 month ago

sweet, sweet TV design that line mode is sick too


Jumbomuffin13 . 1 month ago

LG is changing the tech industry while Apple and Tesla are busy charging ppl for sht service

Giovanni Mergoni

Giovanni Mergoni . 2 months ago

Very cool. This is just the beginning. When a rollable >150" 8K OLED tv will be on the market at a reasonnable price it will be the time for me tu buy it in place of my projector... :)

John Mendoza

John Mendoza . 2 months ago

I will not take it in a box i will take it in a portable wand i can place anywhere i want.😄😆

Ali Yaghi

Ali Yaghi . 2 months ago

LG: Rollable Samsung: Foldable Apple: Unaffordable

Daniel Cocirla

Daniel Cocirla . 3 months ago

How is "rolled all the way down" a mode ?


gurustyleacmilan . 3 months ago

This is the future.Lg is the best on tv's.Sammy,Sony and other companies are too far behind.

Jason B

Jason B . 3 months ago

Im not impressed . I want a tv so thin i can hang like a poster. With bluetooth 10.0, wireless 8k signal transmission and wireless electricity power. Until miss me with this fuckin worthless piece of shit garbage. Basically the same shit as laser disc.

Sauce M’geeser

Sauce M’geeser . 3 months ago

1980 Zenith Space Command: Am I a joke to you?

Tech Centric

Tech Centric . 3 months ago

Anyone from the AirUnleashed Video?


Bobspineable . 3 months ago

Shortest MKBHD video of the year so far.


RobertsDigital . 3 months ago

This looks way cooler than curved TV

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