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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (lyric video)
Ariana Grande`

Ariana Grande`

Published on 2 months ago


Director: Chris Shelley @Create
Editor: Remington Franklin
Producer: Light Switch Digital

Kudo Shinichi

Kudo Shinichi . 43 minutes ago

I'm so fucking grateful for my ex ! Thanks, Ariana Grande ! I love you !

Dany VR

Dany VR . 3 hours ago

Thank U , NEXT😏

Yeraly Mera

Yeraly Mera . 3 hours ago


Onthebeach Khw.C

Onthebeach Khw.C . 4 hours ago

Thank u, Mina min

Amaya Gonzalez

Amaya Gonzalez . 5 hours ago


Paco Myers Jiménez

Paco Myers Jiménez . 5 hours ago

Oh miren, un comentario en español.

- N e v e r L a st i n g -

- N e v e r L a st i n g - . 7 hours ago

b a c o n e g g s thank u, next


exactly . 8 hours ago


Ma. Judith Rosillo Uribe

Ma. Judith Rosillo Uribe . 8 hours ago

Teinquiu ness

Ximena Arredondo

Ximena Arredondo . 9 hours ago

Thank u next 😍😍😍✌️✌️✌️💋💋

Kawaii snow pup

Kawaii snow pup . 10 hours ago

0:08 it's suppossed to be shawn :c


Relief . 10 hours ago

I am so f**king grateful for my eggs 🤔

Alon Manor

Alon Manor . 10 hours ago


Maria Ivone Rodrigues Alcântara Ivone

Maria Ivone Rodrigues Alcântara Ivone . 11 hours ago

Love you Ariana thank u,next

Nijad Dheiny

Nijad Dheiny . 12 hours ago

Yay cheer leaders swearing and twerking infront of kids


😻KITTY💋 . 13 hours ago

Thank u 2018🙏🏼❤️next,2019🥳


😻KITTY💋 . 14 hours ago


Emina Emy

Emina Emy . 14 hours ago

Bacon eggs?

Laura Stones

Laura Stones . 15 hours ago

Thank u ARI💛💚

Alpha male

Alpha male . 15 hours ago

Thats what i like

xuan 123

xuan 123 . 15 hours ago


βlαcκ ρι̇πκ

βlαcκ ρι̇πκ . 16 hours ago

I Should Get This Song Oscar Award <3

Sean Almendras

Sean Almendras . 16 hours ago

0:07 I’m hurt...

LeeGay :D 嘉瑞

LeeGay :D 嘉瑞 . 17 hours ago

3:01 Bacon Eggs.. Bacon Eggs..

Francis Mulholland

Francis Mulholland . 18 hours ago

I love this song

ѕρlαтσσи Tiff소대 티파니

ѕρlαтσσи Tiff소대 티파니 . 19 hours ago

My misheard lyrics Bacon and eggs Bacon and eggs Bacon and eggs I'm so fcking gratefull for my eggs

Worst Ever Official

Worst Ever Official . 20 hours ago

okay i disliked

Jayla Johnson

Jayla Johnson . 1 day ago


Linh Đỗ

Linh Đỗ . 1 day ago

send nudes!!!!!!!!

Liza Cante

Liza Cante . 1 day ago

Lucky x😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Calyssa Lowe

Calyssa Lowe . 1 day ago

i just noticed. it sounds like she is saying "Bacon Eggs Eggs" does it not? listen! i'm so flipping grateful for my eggs XD IT'S SOUND LIKE SHE IS SAYING BACON EGGS Lol

Lola Velazquez lopez

Lola Velazquez lopez . 1 day ago

Love ari

Julian Junior Viloria Lopez

Julian Junior Viloria Lopez . 1 day ago

Dele like el que habla y entiende el español

Josna Hossain

Josna Hossain . 1 day ago

thans U next😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Klea Kastrati

Klea Kastrati . 1 day ago

This song is the best

karla canizalez

karla canizalez . 2 days ago


yo foxjoke

yo foxjoke . 2 days ago

lool i thought it was im so fxxking grateful for my ass

ballora fnaf

ballora fnaf . 2 days ago

The best song ever!!! 😍😍😍😍

Janny Anny

Janny Anny . 2 days ago


Lusbely Vidal

Lusbely Vidal . 2 days ago

La Divaza?






I am from china bitch lasagna 2.0 fuck T SERIES 👌

Ангелина 12

Ангелина 12 . 2 days ago

Ok good

Adhil Dimas

Adhil Dimas . 2 days ago

"wish i could say thank you to malcolm, cause he was an angel" so so beautiful. i love you💛

A Toxic ADC

A Toxic ADC . 2 days ago

Fav song so far <3

Ahmed Marouf

Ahmed Marouf . 2 days ago

, next

Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar . 2 days ago

I'd be hurt if my girlfriend said I taught her patience

Pooja Sahu

Pooja Sahu . 2 days ago

Almost made me cry power of music❤

Mell105 GC

Mell105 GC . 2 days ago

Who heard 'I'm so fucking grateful for my Ass?' I did *Read more*

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