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Schumer and Pelosi's full response to Trump's border address
Washington Post

Washington Post

Published on 1 week ago

After President Trump addressed the nation Jan. 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer delivered a response. Read more: https://wapo.st/2Refxjp. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago . 3 hours ago

These two idiots should be kick in their asses


davesid1477 . 4 hours ago

Souless zombies out for their own agenda.

pasta noodle

pasta noodle . 4 hours ago

These two clowns voted for more then 25 BILLION for border walls in the past that never got built….these politicians are just like the third world country corrupt one.....the race to making America a third world country....even the liberals cant see that.. wow

Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53 . 5 hours ago

They look so weird. This is very uncomfortable to watch. This is why people voted for a business man and not politicians. Couple of freaks

Larry Melmon

Larry Melmon . 7 hours ago

what a waste of human skin I can't believe these mouth breathers are still sucking air

Matthew Snyder

Matthew Snyder . 7 hours ago


James Travis

James Travis . 8 hours ago

We voted for trump to build a wall so why don't you resign or get out of the way,you democrats will destroy this country


Equinox . 9 hours ago

Its like i m watching a trailer for the conjuring 3..


starlodear . 10 hours ago

I find this hard to fap to

Tudor Văsieşiu

Tudor Văsieşiu . 16 hours ago

Maybe they should invest in another podium...


IantheGrove . 20 hours ago

Suck my nuts you old fuckers

King And Lord

King And Lord . 22 hours ago

Add an old-style organ grinder standing there grinding for these two monkeys. Give each one a hat. Might not be a good show but at least it would be accurate.

Squill _

Squill _ . 1 day ago

dumb and serious dumb f*ck is how I refer to this tag team.....just look at them.....that was the most awkward press conference i've ever witnessed....morons...

drew quick

drew quick . 1 day ago


John Gaither

John Gaither . 1 day ago

What is yours and your husbands net worth Nancy?  We want to see 10 years of your tax returns and yours too Chucky.

William Potts

William Potts . 1 day ago

These are two poster children for a military tribunal court. Then.EXECUTIONS.

Craig Hutchinson

Craig Hutchinson . 1 day ago

Who's wearing the most makeup Schumer or Nancy

Harvey Wood

Harvey Wood . 1 day ago

They even look like they’re lying 😢

Jennifer West

Jennifer West . 1 day ago

Who the hell cares about these idiots. They dont like Trump so lets screw the American people? They literally look like 2 corpses hanging from the ceiling behind a podium. Whay do we have to hear their absolute crap.

Roach DawgLoko

Roach DawgLoko . 1 day ago

Nice looking well put together people I don't get completely disgusted looking at them like the rest good for you

Frank Nicoli

Frank Nicoli . 2 days ago

Why is Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer so wholeheartedly against funding Trumps wall proposal? In 2006, Democrats supported legislation to secure our borders by voting for "The Secure Fence Act of 2006" authorizing construction of a 700 hundred mile border-wall supported by Democrats, including. Sen. Obama, Sen. Pelosi, Sen. Schumer, and Sen. Clinton all voted for it. At that time Congress put aside $1.4 billion for the wall, but the whole cost, including maintenance, was pegged at $50 billion over 25 years. Is it because today's Democrats are playing politics just because Donald Trump is in office?

Jk_ordean Neil

Jk_ordean Neil . 2 days ago

27K likes 27K dislikes Battle??

Prism X

Prism X . 2 days ago

watch the eyes watch the hands ...... everyone can feel it there abnormal

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai . 2 days ago

Its kind of like American Gothic painting with the farmer and his wife holding the pitch fork

Michael Smaltz

Michael Smaltz . 2 days ago

Pelosi has never “met the needs of American people”.

Matt Matterson

Matt Matterson . 2 days ago

Trump outmaneuvered them big time. They thought he was going to declare a nation emergency, but he really baited them. Look at Pelosi drop her mask right after she stops speaking at 2:06. She's terrified. Fidgeting Chuck was as well.

Jun hee Bae

Jun hee Bae . 2 days ago

I disagree

musicalmermaidish _

musicalmermaidish _ . 2 days ago

Not even a fadeaway or a cut to black? Very lazy.

musicalmermaidish _

musicalmermaidish _ . 2 days ago

I know how they say they have the facts but the entire video they just spout 100% Pathos and buzzwords. Donald actually had statistics.

musicalmermaidish _

musicalmermaidish _ . 2 days ago

Why make billions when you can make *TRILLIONS?*

Reshard Jones Jr

Reshard Jones Jr . 2 days ago


Janice Hankins

Janice Hankins . 2 days ago

Build the Wall

Thomas Price

Thomas Price . 2 days ago


Jim Wyatt

Jim Wyatt . 2 days ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they BOTH are on Soros's payroll. They both look sooo creepy!


Gster326 . 2 days ago

I bet it your check is being affected, you would have a much different arguement.


T T . 2 days ago

Weirdly odd and devilish!

Trap Logic

Trap Logic . 2 days ago

Disgusting pedofolk.


VidMasterEon . 2 days ago

I dont think Schumer has a problem with Israel having a wall. I think we can allocate that 38 billion for israel towards our own

Lee paul

Lee paul . 3 days ago

What a disgrace to the public? You two ASSCLOWNS need to move to another planet!!!

Jacob Katz

Jacob Katz . 3 days ago

A modern day American Gothic, only thing missing is a broom and a pitchfork.

Dave stateside

Dave stateside . 3 days ago

One question, why are you government employees getting a pay check?

Albert Daniels

Albert Daniels . 3 days ago

What's my instinct telling me here. Run away....

Sophie gomez

Sophie gomez . 3 days ago

I guess the trump supporters will gladly help build this wall then. Get ready to empty out your pockets 🤣

Chris P

Chris P . 3 days ago

I agree with a complete shutdown of the governments of the world.

Chris P

Chris P . 3 days ago

Cough cough bullshit


TruthMaster2020 . 3 days ago

it's like ailens just dropped out of the sky and held a press conference showing their evil brand of politics.

Min Rod

Min Rod . 3 days ago

Ok, because the Great Wall of China worked 🧐🙄

Nancy Batista

Nancy Batista . 3 days ago

This is the moment to work together, but you choose the president, and we all have what you asked for, now you might be right in some things, but you have to acknowledge and accept that he is the president, we need the wall, anyways, we have the right to put a fence on our back yard, or not?, if democrats continue holding back we are going to crash sooner.

Glam Barbie

Glam Barbie . 3 days ago

Any small or big Youtubers want to support each other?💖✨💜

Omar Abdi

Omar Abdi . 3 days ago

I absolutely I agree this two people you know our current president is racist hate Muslim and Africa also Mexican come on who can stand this man..

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