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Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Published on 8 months ago

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Comments :


P.Y.S . 22 hours ago

Imagine when you enter in a chinese Restaurant, and Linus makes a review of an Alienware Laptop

jordan secrist

jordan secrist . 3 days ago

2080ti with 6gb of ram in a laptop. Are you drunk?

Michal Molitoris

Michal Molitoris . 4 days ago

well, dont get me wrong but i see nothing diferent from my 5 years old HP Zbook about upgrading, but still it's pretty machine


diwiak . 5 days ago

What i see is bunch of problems

Wesam Alnasser

Wesam Alnasser . 5 days ago

2019:custom overkill PCs 2029:CUSTOM OVERKILL LAPTOPS


GT0NY . 5 days ago

that's was cool and fun

Muhammad Aldi Putra ST, MM.

Muhammad Aldi Putra ST, MM. . 6 days ago

dat thermal paste tho......maybe dell hire mr. stefan to do it....

Erdi Roblox & More!

Erdi Roblox & More! . 6 days ago

Linus: 1..... aa, aa, aa 2.... aa, aa, aa

Changkun Li

Changkun Li . 6 days ago

clevo: hold my beer

Timur Zavidov

Timur Zavidov . 1 week ago

I really like HP and Dell, and I work in a computer repair store. The build quality is almost always nice.

Fireboy Gaming

Fireboy Gaming . 1 week ago

Where the Ifuxit kit

Thehard Geeker

Thehard Geeker . 1 week ago

i didnt expect that Alienware still exist in the computer market, i thought Alienware was bankrupted lollll


Jarrey . 2 weeks ago

linus contradicts himself with every sentence that comes out of his mouth


PEPSI MAN . 2 weeks ago

And here I thought going from 2011 Gear to 2015 gear was cool


LeboPlays . 2 weeks ago

Linus why didnt they use ryzen cpus seeing as amd has said they will use the same socket for years to come?


Supernatural . 2 weeks ago

You are pro :) thanks for looking out for us!


ProxiiPlayz . 2 weeks ago

*The laptop that started all the area 51 mayhem*

The Fork on the Left

The Fork on the Left . 2 weeks ago

i swear Linus does several lines of coke before going into these events lol i would be just like that after hitting some lines so yeah


FuzzyThoughts . 3 weeks ago

Seeing stuff like this, idk how Apple is seen as any good at all, at least with the 30% premium for the brand name, Dell sells you a monster of a PC

Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay

Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay . 3 weeks ago

But what if you've never boarded a plane? Why can't you have a normal/the standard battery?


ScOrPiOn . 3 weeks ago

This is gonna be the pc we'll be using during the Area 51 raid.

REZ- Reviews and More!

REZ- Reviews and More! . 3 weeks ago

I really want this laptop.


MrD3rpGaming . 3 weeks ago

*Me explaining to my parents why I need this laptop to run microsoft docs at school* them: OK if its necessary me: woah 30 fps on Quake 3! Wow!

Caleb Firebaugh

Caleb Firebaugh . 4 weeks ago

Someone needs to make a laptop with upgradeable motherboards as well the ability to continue upgrading like a desktop

oof sim

oof sim . 4 weeks ago

One word Raid

Nihar raut

Nihar raut . 4 weeks ago


GamePlay Entertainment

GamePlay Entertainment . 4 weeks ago

That is Holly shit goodness WoW!!!


Furiosa . 4 weeks ago

Looks like a bitch to clean.

Bisgamer Gameplay

Bisgamer Gameplay . 4 weeks ago

Linus has sexual intercourse with this alienware laptop Obviously using plugging his usb male cinnector into USB 3.0

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo . 1 month ago

Do you see that fucking rgb chair in the back?!?!

C. C.

C. C. . 1 month ago

Ok, Who wants to explain the fucking RGB chair behind linus... On the main topic, I've had lots of friends crap on Dell for years, but I feel they are wrong. The old XPS notebooks were tanks, the "alienware" I bought nine years ago still runs great, and I would not be surprised at all if this new model lives up to its hype. Dell builds all kinds of computers, You just have to decide what you get for what you are willing to spend.

Horary Zappy

Horary Zappy . 1 month ago

I don’t care about the i9 and the rtx 2080 ti I just want that rgb touchpad

Олдрідж Кіліан

Олдрідж Кіліан . 1 month ago

Don't buy this shit from dell


wallertdwp . 1 month ago

That's very interesting, imo should be the future of gaming laptops

wesley lewis

wesley lewis . 1 month ago

where is ces 2019 located

Xpro Glxlxr

Xpro Glxlxr . 1 month ago

Money does buy happiness!

John Buick

John Buick . 1 month ago

They must like Linus, they let him take apart a 4000 +$ laptop. Guess they won't be selling that one at full price. lol.

Pedro Fortuna

Pedro Fortuna . 1 month ago

My dad has a car dealership - if that shit slows down you gonna be in serious trouble mister


Torrmac . 2 months ago



SexyWoody . 2 months ago


Neil Graham

Neil Graham . 2 months ago



TJ NJ . 2 months ago

Actually its an old way to look at laptops. lol you are to young to remember i guess. Dell Compac and Spector had video upgradeable laptops and much more. Used to be able to swap out CD/DVD, batteries and HD from one slot. i personally beta tested and sold laptops that had a Primary HD... Plus 2 slots that swapped out the above hardware. Of course WiFi, memory upgrade, PCMCIA IV slot or 2x PCMCIA type III, upgradable CPU and Video. This was way back when we actually magazines with pricing and sales. Yep back when we read off paper. i think i stall have a few Pre 2000 issues laying around. Oh yeah dont forget SCSI II and Parallel for printers and 4 USB. Free trade and Politics killed the laptop. it boiled Laptops and tech down to a minimalist world. the Common Lemming dictated demand and customizable laptops went away for almost 15 years with rare exceptions. Glad Dell got its head out its .. @$$. ps i know my grammar sucks, gives something for the snowflakes.


Lags IMVU . 2 months ago

time to save my money

Allan Mark

Allan Mark . 2 months ago

This is what they'll be using on September 20

Jeremy Laffoon

Jeremy Laffoon . 2 months ago

WTF? This defies everything I know about computers! WTF?

Arnaud Bosc

Arnaud Bosc . 2 months ago

Linus : this computer is fully upgradable, you can change literally everything in it ! The MSI GT683DXR, in 2011 : *does the same thing*

Nikolai Slater

Nikolai Slater . 2 months ago

ALIENware AREA51 m wot

Enkhe Bathsaihan

Enkhe Bathsaihan . 2 months ago

Tho it's just 1080? Why.


SHOOT2KILL . 2 months ago

I would never buy that overpriced shit


Hydroxit . 2 months ago

forget this i want the rgb chair

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