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Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Published on 7 days ago

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hitmon126 . 19 minutes ago

at the low low cost of an arm and a leg

Toan Ho

Toan Ho . 27 minutes ago

another bull in chinashop moment

roberto fromamino

roberto fromamino . 1 hour ago

it's great to see you so exited about a new product


SomeTechBloke . 2 hours ago

This needs to be a standard in laptops, Think of all the E-Waste that can be cut down if we had some sort of standards like this in laptops today instead of constant soldered on jobs

FullSpectrumTech Carroll

FullSpectrumTech Carroll . 2 hours ago

Alright...who shit on the CPU and GPU socket?

Tristin Lees

Tristin Lees . 2 hours ago

Nerdddddd porn M

Aodhan Browning

Aodhan Browning . 2 hours ago

Can we just talk about how ugly that thermal paste job is on the CPU?


RetroGamerVX . 3 hours ago

Seems funny to hear a Canadian say "The bloody thing" lol


zackandcameron . 3 hours ago

"And they're actually going to allow me to open this" and that was their first mistake

Foxtrot Delta

Foxtrot Delta . 4 hours ago

Those women back there seem to be very impressed by linus's skills and humorous charms!


MEUProductions . 5 hours ago

Dell is awesome for letting you do this. This is the stuff I like to see from companies.

Adventure TV

Adventure TV . 7 hours ago

10:12 girl behind almost started claping for Linus :)


Rhydonify . 7 hours ago

Just 23000 dollar 😋😂👌

It's Akile

It's Akile . 8 hours ago

Its unreal the human that is Linus, love that guy


SnickerSnack . 9 hours ago

You keep saying desktop but you mean laptop?


Oalmax . 9 hours ago

*Finally! Alienware is back with overpriced hardware! Just what we needed*


Eden . 10 hours ago

You had me at upgradable


Bagdadsky_Hornik . 10 hours ago

what? FULL 2080ti with 6GB vram???


ShinTsu . 11 hours ago

wow epic laptop


iDiminished . 12 hours ago

* _Apple feeling really edgy about Right to Repair Legislation right about now_ *

harry martin

harry martin . 12 hours ago

what's with the subliminal glitch of you holding the laptop?

R Cajavus

R Cajavus . 12 hours ago

I'Dd smack you over your face if I saw you poining at motherboard components with metal screwdriver


Fluttershy . 13 hours ago

I'm surprised a company let Linus take apart a prototype laptop with screws that small. Linus is already known to drop things. Is allowing him to take apart a laptop a good idea?

Ron Flood

Ron Flood . 13 hours ago

its nice to see happy excited Linus.. would be nice to see him more often...


burtoner . 15 hours ago

I really thought at the start Linus isn't going to put this back together lol :D

Jacques Fernandes

Jacques Fernandes . 15 hours ago

No one? Really? 6:57 "You comin out baby? Yea you are. You want to" I lost it XD

Anonymous Pallas Cat

Anonymous Pallas Cat . 17 hours ago

wasnt there a eurocom laptop somewhere that was really nice?

Silvan Paul

Silvan Paul . 17 hours ago

this laptop is the laptop that many people wanted including me, it sucks that you can't upgrade your laptop nowadays because of the sacrifices that have been made for the thinner standards. I just don't want my graphics card and CPU soldered on to my motherboard.

Christian Wijaya

Christian Wijaya . 17 hours ago

Why you need to upgrade that monster Laptop desktop anyway. People must have so much money.


krum1985 . 17 hours ago

now THAT is one sexy laptop =) I bought a alienware laptop 6-ish years ago, and it was the best laptop I've had (but also ridiculously expensive xD). My biggest gripe with it was the lack of upgrade-ability, so when I felt the need to upgrade, I went back to a desktop PC. This laptop is probably not for me, as I don't "game on the go" much anymore, and it probably would cost me more than a whole years worth of disposable income xD

Ben The Shrubber

Ben The Shrubber . 19 hours ago

that poor poor flex at the bottom left..

PH Crownguard

PH Crownguard . 19 hours ago

i see it 1:29 skip frame! in my 57hz refresh rate 720p hd screen using youtube vanced

Theodor Samoladas

Theodor Samoladas . 19 hours ago

Tightly packaging great components is of no use when you realize afterwards that the CPU is throttling down in any workload over 20%


ekel38 . 21 hours ago

Why'd you keep focusing on his balding head LOL.

Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano . 21 hours ago

Now I want an Alien Ware.

Jonathan Delarosa

Jonathan Delarosa . 1 day ago

Hahaha saw that ending coming. No way he would put it back together lol

Arif Rizky

Arif Rizky . 1 day ago

Can't wait for full size gpu in laptop.

mythical orange

mythical orange . 1 day ago

If we also had upgradable phones

Maxwell Udemba

Maxwell Udemba . 1 day ago

can you put the i9 extreme injside

Maxwell Udemba

Maxwell Udemba . 1 day ago

did you say 2080 ti? really ti

HomebrewDr M

HomebrewDr M . 1 day ago

So this is just like the eurocom supermachines that have been out for years. Wait for the heat tests, and the wifi connector breakage issue due to heat, and the unreasonably expensive GPU upgrade options.

I like Pie

I like Pie . 1 day ago

Basically, it’s the opposite to a MacBook

Zoltán Kozma

Zoltán Kozma . 1 day ago

This takes me back. You know this used to be quite the norm as little as 10 years ago before the overpromising and underwhelming ultrabooks obliterated the laptop market because people are into designer handbags rather than reliable and future proofed machines.


smashbrosproductions . 1 day ago

Damn Linus you savage, tears apart a laptop to do a breakdown, and then leaves it to be put back together by the Dell guys. Lol.


StaelTek . 1 day ago

RTX 2080 TI and 6GB GDDR6? Something is clearly not right here


a64750 . 1 day ago

two cheap laptops both failed in 4 years - Desktops forever!


Kervin . 1 day ago

ASUS won't even let people run benchmarks on their 'Mothership' laptop but Dell let Linus dismantle their machine.


Volta . 1 day ago

- proprietary gpu connector (instead of available MXM3) - Intel LGA socket and chipset "Upgradeable" my ass


Bamfhammer . 1 day ago

Looks like a Threadripper mounting mechanism around the intel socket.

Nate fishes

Nate fishes . 1 day ago

Finally an Alienware worth purchasing

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