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Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Published on 10 months ago

Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.

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Comments :


Shatzu . 5 days ago

*Meanwhile in Bikini Bottom...* Squidward: ight imma get a glass of wate- _OOOoOoOOOoooh_ a light


NHIỆT BA ĐỊCH LỆ . 2 weeks ago

Hello am from Dien Bien Phu - Vietnam

Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen . 3 weeks ago

Ayeee I’m Vietnamese


IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon . 3 weeks ago

I wanna see Gordon in Africa cooking traditional food too

Ryan Crago

Ryan Crago . 3 weeks ago

I remember making those on Cooking Mama on my DS. *MAMA WILL FIX THIS*


helicopterツ . 3 weeks ago

only on a gordon ramsy video i get a gordon ramsy ad

Anna Dinh

Anna Dinh . 4 weeks ago

“If u don’t put some fish sauce in vietnam then u some foreigner here” ...... Well I guess my sister’s not Vietnamese anymore

ℜ𝔞𝔪ó𝔫 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔞

ℜ𝔞𝔪ó𝔫 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔞 . 4 weeks ago

Here in Latinoamérica, squid and octopus is considered delicacy

Khoa Nguyen

Khoa Nguyen . 4 weeks ago

I actually went to the same city in Vietnam that Gordon went to

Sol Surfer

Sol Surfer . 4 weeks ago

🙏 Delicious Food With Amazing People 🙏 Truly Living The Dream 🙏

Chanel Oakman

Chanel Oakman . 1 month ago

Love the adventure cooking

Naivedhya Rai

Naivedhya Rai . 1 month ago

Talk about relationship issues

Dik Phuc

Dik Phuc . 1 month ago

Great, now I'm hungry

Doge Minecraftiano

Doge Minecraftiano . 1 month ago

Why are your titles in 3rd person?

Khoa Do

Khoa Do . 1 month ago

im sure the squid Gordon made tasted amazing but even if it didn't taste good, these fishermen would still have had a time of their life and enjoyed the meal because they were just happy to have a guest to come in and have a dinner with them. That's vietnamese people there for you.

Kevin Nguyễn

Kevin Nguyễn . 2 months ago

cameraman is verry tired


darkproject08 . 2 months ago

The sight of Gordon racing a bunch of fishermen in basket boats is such a wholesome thing and you can't tell me otherwise lmao


BakuhatsuFoxy . 2 months ago



WalrusAndBEYOND . 2 months ago

Gordon: "Don't their wives miss them?" Vietnamese guy: "Their wives miss the squid more than their husbands"

Joey G

Joey G . 2 months ago

Gordon: "3, 2, 1, bathtubs RACE" Vietnamese dudes in bathtubs: *randomly spins around confused*

stream lalalay

stream lalalay . 2 months ago

Gordon being confused about a basket boat is the best

Olivia So

Olivia So . 2 months ago

I bet Gordon traveled around the world just to continue these series of hunting his meal.


leagueofcarl . 2 months ago

Your balls are not steel it's RAW

Russell Naquin

Russell Naquin . 2 months ago

Fuk fresh squid! That's fukn disgusting! I can live without! Ramsay is Badass!!

KatWolf Gacha V

KatWolf Gacha V . 2 months ago

My family is from Vietnam

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee . 2 months ago

Weirdly enough a poor country eats better than a rich country.

Andy Webb

Andy Webb . 2 months ago

Beautiful place and people. Delicious food! 😊👍🏼

Andy Webb

Andy Webb . 2 months ago


Sophia Parsons

Sophia Parsons . 2 months ago

LoOk At ThE pAiN iN iTs E YES


PRINCE RAIN . 2 months ago

6:22 when u trying the FOURLOKO FRUIT PUNCH 14%

Anallie Nguyen

Anallie Nguyen . 2 months ago

Wait a minute. These people are Vietnamese. What. I'm Vietnamese and I couldn't even understand the language and I speak fluent Vietnamese

Light Ninja

Light Ninja . 3 months ago

6:43 OMG WHAT Gordan : i didn't grow up with much money around the table ME : IS THIS THE SAME GORDAN WHO PUKES UP FAST FOOD

Finn Maes

Finn Maes . 3 months ago

1:28 waaaaaaawww

Junk In My House

Junk In My House . 3 months ago

Thai Fisherman: have to go with the flow of the water Gordon: let the knife do the work..... *WAIT WRONG PLACE* BOAT BOAT BOAT DO WORK


helloasroma . 3 months ago

I feel like the stuffed squid would taste a lot better if it was grilled rather than boiled...


陈进 . 3 months ago

If you go to vietnamese agant, you should eat Pho in Ha Noi city, com tam in Ho Chi Minh city. It very good. I from to Vietnamese


SomeWhiteGuy . 3 months ago

How many shows does Gordon have? Holy shit.


ーススペードのエ . 3 months ago

Nino would cook the squid using the water

Johnathan Doughs

Johnathan Doughs . 3 months ago

Driving around in an Army Jeep? I'd be scared to do that.

lullabby hosny

lullabby hosny . 3 months ago

Whats the different btwn squid and octopus?

Snowbacca YT

Snowbacca YT . 3 months ago

This vid makes me hungry

As a Kite

As a Kite . 4 months ago

That squid must be fucking delicious

thích chọc chó's ahihi

thích chọc chó's ahihi . 4 months ago

Không say không về 😎


iamplay . 4 months ago

in english its like eating a gum 😆🤣😂 gordon always makes me lol


iamplay . 4 months ago

these gordan ramsay uncharted are good tv, you dont see good shows on tv like these anymore

David Zheng

David Zheng . 4 months ago

10/10 Humor from the fisher “Their wives miss the squid more than their husband.”

Jeremy Hannaford

Jeremy Hannaford . 4 months ago

Apparently there’s a lot of squid off Devon and Cornwall now.

Andrew Phipps

Andrew Phipps . 4 months ago

Gordon does something. Gordon meets somebody. Gordon insults them to establish a rapport. All is well.

Hitesh Rathod

Hitesh Rathod . 4 months ago

Can anybody tell me which song played in background at 05:00 please...


Eckerbirb . 5 months ago

every splatoon player and inkling are now furious

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