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NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing! 12.9in Space Gray 1TB!


Published on 4 months ago

WOWWEEEEEEE! New iPad Pro is awesome!
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2018 MacBook Air Unboxing: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/-nqhWJwp8Gw
2018 MacMini Unboxing: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/1Sj62thYx-U
iPhone XR Unboxing: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/wTR1xSJuU7M

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Memory Card: http://geni.us/zuulPoA

Felix Tiukinhoy

Felix Tiukinhoy . 1 hour ago


Taymour Awji

Taymour Awji . 5 hours ago

Actually with the iPad Air 2 you can open it without the home button too

Riya Riya

Riya Riya . 9 hours ago

Hello! I have connection problem of my Apple Pencil with the IPad Pro 11” and wonder if I am the only one and if there are way to fix it. It worked well since I bought it, until yesterday. I have tried to follow the steps on the apple website but it still doesn’t work. When I forget the pencil, it never show up again even after I restart and turn on the Bluetooth. If there are ways to fix this, please let me know. Have a nice day, thanks!

Daily and alanis Play roblox

Daily and alanis Play roblox . 11 hours ago

Can you buy the iPhone 1 or iPhone

Henry Muñoz

Henry Muñoz . 11 hours ago

Like si miras Ijustine y hablas español

Bella Barone

Bella Barone . 18 hours ago

Can Apple Pencil work for iPad mini

Galaxy Pine

Galaxy Pine . 20 hours ago

Your so lucky! Rich people are so lucky, I've asked my mom if I could get a iPad Pro but we can't cause we are 'poor' she said "when you make it to university" I'm in middle school..💔

Hashtag Little Lemon

Hashtag Little Lemon . 21 hours ago

The way she just talks and talks kind of remind me of Finding Dory.

Braden Braden165ks

Braden Braden165ks . 22 hours ago

IJustine know you’re talking Foo Fighters oh yeah


LockeAstin . 1 day ago

I wish I could afford all the stuff she buys 🤑

pink penguin

pink penguin . 2 days ago


sushmitha karkera

sushmitha karkera . 2 days ago

https://amzn.to/2SdnPnb.. best in amazon

Preston Haldi

Preston Haldi . 2 days ago

I wish I could afford that iPad I'm stuck here with my 2012 iPad barely works 😭😭😭😭

Mohamed Ragab

Mohamed Ragab . 2 days ago


Mohamed Ragab

Mohamed Ragab . 2 days ago

To much gbs

Mohamed Ragab

Mohamed Ragab . 2 days ago

I am left handed too

Mohamed Ragab

Mohamed Ragab . 2 days ago

What the heck is this giant iOS pro

yeah Its Deezyl

yeah Its Deezyl . 3 days ago


Juliana Pasaribu

Juliana Pasaribu . 3 days ago

So wonderful 😊😊😊

Tewodros Alemeneh

Tewodros Alemeneh . 3 days ago

you talk too much

Rana Shihab

Rana Shihab . 4 days ago

Right handed giirrrl like if ur right

Savannah Dennis

Savannah Dennis . 4 days ago

@ijustine I really wish I had an iPad Pro because I really am into drawing and art and drawing is my passion so if I had an iPad Pro it would really help but the giveaways over and I can’t afford one also love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

joe colaco

joe colaco . 4 days ago

I have a google pixel book and it only has USB c ports, so i went on amazon and got a 7port USB c adapter and it had sd card port and tf port 2 regular USB ports also hdmi and Ethernet

Pusheen VIII

Pusheen VIII . 4 days ago

Who here is so jealous when she unboxes an Apple product and its pain but also sooo cool and then you reminisce how poor you are that you seriously use a iPhone 3g as your daily driver and your already in college? No? Just me?

Carol Faruku

Carol Faruku . 4 days ago

I love the look of this but I’d have to go for the smaller size, man that’s massive 😳


Lovalux . 5 days ago

70 million iphone's were sold in 2011 none of them were made in America i would not buy apple all there stuff is made over sea;s for pennys and brought back to the USA to be sold for thousands of dollars nope i don't buy it.

noshin anjum

noshin anjum . 5 days ago

If i buy an ipad pro does apple pencil+keyboard comed with it or i need to buy it individually?

Harrison Warham

Harrison Warham . 5 days ago


Ani & Anano

Ani & Anano . 5 days ago

how much inches is that? it wayyyyyyyyyyy big

TrumpGames Today

TrumpGames Today . 5 days ago

Did it bend yet?

Tahlia Maree

Tahlia Maree . 5 days ago

We have the same iPad 😂

Sam The Amtrak Fan

Sam The Amtrak Fan . 5 days ago

How Rich Are You!?

mya j

mya j . 5 days ago

why df can’t apple stay with one charger?

Ida Voon

Ida Voon . 5 days ago

What is the price. Of the ipad that u buy

Carsyn Hoekstra

Carsyn Hoekstra . 5 days ago

Lol she said “in my iPad Air video”


Kaylea_is_me . 6 days ago


xxBanana Plumbobxx

xxBanana Plumbobxx . 6 days ago

I will talk about mine and I your iPad!

B Sab

B Sab . 6 days ago

Says watches while holding an Apple Watch

Ariana Rodriguez

Ariana Rodriguez . 6 days ago

How much does it cost??

Nyis Stephenson

Nyis Stephenson . 6 days ago

I want it I love it

gummy bear

gummy bear . 7 days ago

I’m a lefty too

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar . 7 days ago

I need one tab as I am dieing to buy 😥

Lea Lol

Lea Lol . 7 days ago

I have an iPad too



I like Android more than Apple

Dranreb Dala

Dranreb Dala . 1 week ago

The unboxing start at 3:28

Tegan's world

Tegan's world . 1 week ago

i really want the ipad proooooooooooooooo


G1jsb3rt . 1 week ago

3:57 hmmm maybe you go a little too much to Starbucks

Ender 1

Ender 1 . 1 week ago

No when’re not freinds

Stephen M Reyes

Stephen M Reyes . 1 week ago

Who won the iPad?! 👀 or the air?👀

CrashedMac Productions

CrashedMac Productions . 1 week ago

do you want to be my friend? ;-;

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