Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares

Published on 10 months ago

That impression was...something.

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Cody Jones

Cody Jones . 7 hours ago

“Who would care if a f***ing garnish micro garnish carrot was on as a garnish” English 100

Odin -

Odin - . 19 hours ago

Who makes the soup? Joe makes the soup Who's Joe?

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart . 1 day ago

Totally full of bull shit and a complete moron

Chirag Naik

Chirag Naik . 2 days ago

Chef: serves raw food Gordon : Refuses to eat raw food, returns it Chef : You don't hand me raw food ( Pikachu face )


hotelmario510 . 2 days ago

his impression of gordon makes me cringe so hard that i'm pretty sure my anus and my throat are the same organ now


BornVolcano . 2 days ago

I love how kind he is to the waiters, knowing they’re doing their best, then gives the real talk to the owner who clearly doesn’t have any respect for anyone. The flower part was so wholesome honestly


Kester . 2 days ago

When he threw the flowers at the sliced cake🤣🤣

Mick Swann

Mick Swann . 2 days ago

These days, the same supplier as the White House would mean Burger King or something.


TESS YVONNE . 2 days ago

I watched this last month the owner is a right dickhead

Sensai Yeet

Sensai Yeet . 3 days ago

Delusional owner: *exists* Gordon Ramsey: *im boutta end this mans whole career*


Geesle . 3 days ago

Honestly? Good food or not, Gordon was being fucking rude, the owner showed him nothing but respect

Craig Hoenderop

Craig Hoenderop . 3 days ago

You ask for help and you laugh at it??????????????

Theory Shawn

Theory Shawn . 4 days ago

Can’t believe Gordon asked who joe is

Max Poole

Max Poole . 4 days ago

Ramsey: Badges off. Owner enters Joe: Who are all these strangers waiting tables?

kieron williams

kieron williams . 5 days ago

No One: Gordon: “cAn You SeE MY RiM ?”

Felix Montreuil

Felix Montreuil . 5 days ago

1:32 Gordon Ramsay “who makes the soup?” Waitress “Joe makes the soup.” Me Joe mama

TheRoseAndTheCross -

TheRoseAndTheCross - . 5 days ago

Also, Five Seasons? What the hell?

TheRoseAndTheCross -

TheRoseAndTheCross - . 5 days ago

Watching Chef order French onion soup all those times made me curious, but so far I haven't heard of a place in my city that serves it.

Shiv Wesker

Shiv Wesker . 5 days ago

“Beep” - Chef Mike 2019


:Paulinich . 5 days ago

Why he took their badges off? What’s wrong with it?

Simon J

Simon J . 5 days ago

Narcissism is a hell of a drug

Mark Halstead

Mark Halstead . 5 days ago

Why do owners who's business is losing money, obviously coz there food is not fresh and made with love, then argue with Ramsey saying he dont know shit! Like dude seriously do you have a Michelin star? Ok shut the fuck up!

grace calis

grace calis . 5 days ago

0:18 He's in complete awe that he's finally met a competent restaurant owner, just look at how his face moves.

Juan Huertas

Juan Huertas . 5 days ago

I have a question. Why does Gordon hate name tags?

Hanan Elmi

Hanan Elmi . 6 days ago

Made amazingly by world renowned chef, Chef Mike Rowave.

william mancilla

william mancilla . 6 days ago

The head chef of this place sounds like Trump, and clearly does not like criticism. He is being ridiculous. Gordon is giving him good criticism to try and better his food.

Redgucci Shoes

Redgucci Shoes . 7 days ago

Gordon is so nice to the waiters!!!


StansStuff . 7 days ago

What, McDonald's cheeseburgers?

Dean McAndrew

Dean McAndrew . 7 days ago

The ego on this bloke...... What a Fucking Wanker!

Chris Welcome

Chris Welcome . 1 week ago

I have staff here that'll take care of that. You don't hand me raw room in my dining room! *Handles the exact same raw food when plating up Gordon's dish*

Barri Duty

Barri Duty . 1 week ago

The waiter reminds me of Elon Musk


PATRfilms . 1 week ago

Gordon Ramsay = G.R. = GRRRRRRR!

Yon Sire Liege

Yon Sire Liege . 1 week ago

*Have you seen my rim*


watashi . 1 week ago

My 12 year old brother makes a better soup than 1:42 my god... look how horrible that looks. I don't even need to taste it to know how awful it surely is.

DivineEye Observer

DivineEye Observer . 1 week ago

" thanks darling, oo, what happened here " 😂

Dr Agon

Dr Agon . 1 week ago

Delusional owner: "I'll get you another french onion soup" Gorden: "it takes hours to caramalize the onions > : ( "

Jan Kenny

Jan Kenny . 1 week ago

Waitress -“he squirted oil all over your rim”.... Me- now that’s just fucked up Joe and mental note, don’t EVER hand Joe a 🥕!!! He’s too fucking good for that! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🍩


lil MUUTI . 1 week ago

Whos joe? 😂

Tomato Boi

Tomato Boi . 1 week ago

Does the owner even know how White House food taste like?

Geoff Keil

Geoff Keil . 1 week ago

I don't get it. As an owner, you'd think he'd want to promote his restaurant in a GOOD light .... especially on a TV show that goes Nationally and Globally. So, why does he allow a film crew, cameras and one of the best Chefs in the World ... into his place just so he can bad-mouth him, backstab him and generally be a prick. Not exactly, great publicity for his place. But hey .... at least, he "stood up" to Gordon Ramsey on a "reality" TV show .... I guess, that was the point of bringing him there, in the first place, huh.


tsnoop19 . 1 week ago

4:05 that's my food you dick!

רון לוי

רון לוי . 1 week ago

4 hour to caramelize the onion... I think gordon needs to temper expectations when he goes to normal restaurants. granted this one seems sucky


S1rD0nM4x . 1 week ago

How angry he gets about a guest handing him food already shows what's wrong with the place

Alex Lowrie

Alex Lowrie . 1 week ago

Imagine being out for dinner and then Gordon Ramsay and his camera crew walks in

Chris Nelmes

Chris Nelmes . 1 week ago

the owner seems to be ..arrogant.

Hayden O'Hehir

Hayden O'Hehir . 1 week ago

I feel like some of this is staged

vineeth yelagandula

vineeth yelagandula . 1 week ago

Ramsay: asks who's the owner Owner: 00:02

Albert Anastasia

Albert Anastasia . 1 week ago

The idiot is doing an ENGLISH accent. Gordon Ramsay is SCOTTISH. It's two different countries.

Nio New

Nio New . 1 week ago

The carrots 😂😂😂😂

Hi Hello

Hi Hello . 1 week ago

You always know it’s going to be bad when they say they don’t fear chef Ramsay you always fear chef remsay

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