Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares

Published on 1 week ago

And micro carrots for garnish?

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sslusshy . 6 minutes ago

If the garnish isn't edible why waste the time or money? Also that french onion soup looked pretty thick with onions to me lol

Wendy V

Wendy V . 23 minutes ago

Lol I love the fact that he was making fun of the cake and joking with the servers


Fireprin . 41 minutes ago

All he needed to do was buy some McDonald's and then he could say he has food that the Whitehouse serves

Jose Romero

Jose Romero . 2 hours ago

Who’s Bill?


cooper1700 . 2 hours ago

Why is Gordon Ramsay famous for being a dick

Max Adam

Max Adam . 2 hours ago

"This food goes to the five seasons" There's only four seasons....

Dan Meszaros

Dan Meszaros . 2 hours ago

Where is the rest of the video?

jeff malone

jeff malone . 2 hours ago

Can guarantee the white house does not use a garnish on the Big Macs

Моника Враголаж

Моника Враголаж . 2 hours ago

Such a cute waiter (*the first one)


E . 2 hours ago

He dont have the same produce cus the white house got mcdonalds. Bone app the cheek

Oscar Medina

Oscar Medina . 3 hours ago

its nice to see him when he has fun

Black Iron

Black Iron . 3 hours ago

Did he really just say “5 seasons”? Lmao

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bangla xxx bangla sex hot Bangladesh xxx bangla xxx . 3 hours ago

I love how all parts of the internet always end up here on Kitchen Nightmares. Like we all know we should be sleeping.

D Ray

D Ray . 4 hours ago

Lmfao the carrots were awsome

Rob Compton

Rob Compton . 4 hours ago

"Can you see my rim?" XD

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones . 5 hours ago

Well, after what just happened in the White House in terms of dinner and McDonald's, I'd say they get better food than the White House

Joel Eldo

Joel Eldo . 5 hours ago

Ok so I'm a complete idiot. Can somebody explain why he told them to take off their nametags?


PursuitOfGlam . 5 hours ago

When Gordon Ramsey said “Thank you, next”

Anna O

Anna O . 6 hours ago

Long live the cake

martin quinn

martin quinn . 6 hours ago

Well we no all trump eats is fast food

Iggy Phoenix

Iggy Phoenix . 6 hours ago

those carrots don't go to the White House rn cause all Trump is serving is McDonalds

Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese . 7 hours ago

5 Seasons.. lol?


usernamenaw . 7 hours ago

Sadly how a lot of small business owners act.

Volleytastic Life

Volleytastic Life . 7 hours ago

Oh Yeah! He’s Got The Freshest Food Around! Straight From The Freezer Into The Microwave! Man I’ve Never Seen Anything Better!


CountryandIrishFan . 8 hours ago

This is years old!!!!

Twitch.cammausolf 11

Twitch.cammausolf 11 . 8 hours ago

Why did he take their name tags off

Jonathan Ha

Jonathan Ha . 8 hours ago

I love how the second he says the food here is the freshest hands down then it shows a chef microwing food


FlaserGames . 9 hours ago

nametag. NOW

svyatoslav smirnov

svyatoslav smirnov . 10 hours ago

That fucking soup looks like sewage

Raph Walker

Raph Walker . 10 hours ago

Handing him those lil carrots pissed him off.

William Chaney

William Chaney . 10 hours ago

Me: Hands in my badge and gun Gordan: Where the fuk did you get that? This is a restaurant you twit.


yohiyoyo1 . 10 hours ago

Naw the whitehouse gets their produce from McDonalds


qwertykeys . 10 hours ago

but the White House gets their produce from McDonalds...

Adam Kettlewell

Adam Kettlewell . 10 hours ago

I love how gordon messes arpund with the waiters and has some fun

James Dominguez

James Dominguez . 10 hours ago

He's got 5 star restaurants, yeah what does he know? Clearly this man is beyond stupidity


YaBoiPandaMan . 11 hours ago

Grabs micro carrot... *YOU DON’T HAND ME RAW FOOD IN MY DINER* Me: 😑... why grab it then

Harry Pitts

Harry Pitts . 11 hours ago

GR is always poopin on restaurants but he dresses like he's going to a dog fight.

wiola kalisz

wiola kalisz . 11 hours ago

The onion soup did not look edible!

Max 123

Max 123 . 11 hours ago

Hell’s Kitchen would be funnier if Gordon kept his Glaswegian accent

Robert Morris

Robert Morris . 11 hours ago

Joe you gotta give me your drug dealer number, I want what your smoking.

Haygen 2002

Haygen 2002 . 11 hours ago



Qu33nMimato . 11 hours ago

First of all, who the hell would go around arguing and mimicking a world renowned chief when he's there to help your sorry ass excuse of a restaurant. Second, why am I even here watching this after midnight...?


Exho . 11 hours ago

Anyone else addicted to these or is it just me?


unbelievablescenes . 12 hours ago

At the start it sounds like a slightly robotic John Malkovich

Karen %

Karen % . 12 hours ago

1:05 Thank u, next


usuallysunny . 12 hours ago

Is this guy seriously saying "what does he know?" in regards to food and Gordon Fucking Ramsey?! Lmao

Shaun Mc cann

Shaun Mc cann . 12 hours ago

The owner soundest like Donald trump

irish rover

irish rover . 12 hours ago

Americans put cheese on their cheese


maxpower10k . 12 hours ago

They dont even talk about the White House and it’s downright cringy watching Gordon try and be funny.

Heavenly Juice

Heavenly Juice . 13 hours ago

How far up your own ass do you have to be to be offended by a customer handing you something you just told them wasn't even edible.

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