Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares

Published on 8 months ago

That impression was...something.

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Comments :

Blake Roberts

Blake Roberts . 2 hours ago

What a dick.

The Ferret Of The Internet

The Ferret Of The Internet . 1 day ago

I want to marry Gordon.

Blue Tea

Blue Tea . 2 days ago

Idk why but i wanna take home the micro carrot, radish and all the micro food he has, its so mesmerizing idk why, im sick😮😮😮😦💕

Franchesca Mia

Franchesca Mia . 2 days ago

Gordon messing around with the wait staff is the best thing

Matias Laurila

Matias Laurila . 3 days ago

Senilism strikes faster than you think


JackBhoy . 3 days ago

Owners: Ramsey we need yoyr help! We are failng! Ransey *critisises* Owners: how dare you, our food is amazing

Cecilia Westerlund-fuentes

Cecilia Westerlund-fuentes . 5 days ago

The guy its a joke. Hahaa😂😂

Pearce Hendy

Pearce Hendy . 6 days ago

No one: Gordon: *"Can you see my rim?"*


MrHendrix17 . 7 days ago

That Ramsay impersonation sounded like many things but not Scottish

AviationFanClub 470

AviationFanClub 470 . 7 days ago

This is Joe’s perspective of fresh F rozen R idiculously E xcrement S uper H orrendous

Goldenshark 14

Goldenshark 14 . 7 days ago

I love how Gordon has a laugh with the waiting staff


Willryansarmy . 1 week ago

What the fuck is a micro carrot

David James

David James . 1 week ago

"Those same carrots go to The White House" Is that after you hand them to Joe?

Charlotte Nuttall

Charlotte Nuttall . 1 week ago

The carrots are so fresh they're not even grown

The Institution

The Institution . 1 week ago

Mofo has delusions of grandeur.

Kylle hendrix Arellano

Kylle hendrix Arellano . 1 week ago

Your restaurant aint got no InTegRIIdy

Mikkhael Merilles

Mikkhael Merilles . 1 week ago

"Don't play with the food" Gordon Ramsay: 4:00

Manomi Tennackoon

Manomi Tennackoon . 1 week ago

2:37 Thuglife!!!!!!!!

Wei Lian Tan

Wei Lian Tan . 1 week ago

My mom can make better onion soup


Riri . 1 week ago

The cake was the best part hands down 😂😂😂😂


Riri . 1 week ago

The cake was the best part hands down 😂😂😂😂


guyverjay . 2 weeks ago

Is that supposed to be a British accent?

Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar . 2 weeks ago

He knew Gordon wouldn't like the food and made no effort

Olivia Hughes

Olivia Hughes . 2 weeks ago

Take a shot Every time he says carrot

Olivia Hughes

Olivia Hughes . 2 weeks ago

Yep that microwave beep sounds very fresh



when i saw the onion soup i thought

Creeper McCreeping

Creeper McCreeping . 2 weeks ago

Did he escape asylum or sumthing?

Cliodhna Grant

Cliodhna Grant . 2 weeks ago

Lmao at 4:09 the waitress seriously second guesses giving Gordon a light tap on the back but then is just like “fuck it this place is screwed anyways”

Jc Trinidad

Jc Trinidad . 2 weeks ago

Why in a hell you call gordon for help, then you didnt cooperate.


Radu2506 . 2 weeks ago

Worst mistake ever: Lemme go talk with this guy


fortunatejeremy . 2 weeks ago

I love how the big guy in white in the kitchen knows the owner is a giant tool.

Chicken McCluck

Chicken McCluck . 2 weeks ago

"I like to complain about my fish ball soup" "what is it?" "oh nothing just that the fish's still alive swimming in my soup" " *THATS A GARNISH* "

I breathe depression

I breathe depression . 2 weeks ago

No ones talks about how polite and how he treat everyone like they are people, like asking to know each one of the waiterss / waitresses name and sHAKING THE HANDS. HOW NICE


Lilly . 2 weeks ago

I don't know why but I would love to see Gordon go to a fast food restaurant and just be confused at why people eat there

Alison Groen

Alison Groen . 2 weeks ago

gordon is so funny


nemo . 2 weeks ago

Did Gordon actually say "can you see my rim?" 🤣🤣🤣

Ant Tam

Ant Tam . 2 weeks ago

Damn! Watch out, ladies! Chef Ramsay is in the kitchen!

Matt Garcia

Matt Garcia . 2 weeks ago

"Can you see my rim?" -Gordon Ramsay

JJ King

JJ King . 2 weeks ago

"Dont you think you should let them grow a bit first" hahahahaha

Adrie Ezuandie Mohd Khir

Adrie Ezuandie Mohd Khir . 2 weeks ago

Gordon look intimidate to the chef


PeωPexωGodヅ . 2 weeks ago

*Ramsy* you are *Naomi Campbell* 's Twin she in modelling and you in Food


rronax . 2 weeks ago

No one: Absolutely no one: Owner: *DoN’t hAnD mE RaW fOoD iN mY diNniNG rOoM*

aki akiii

aki akiii . 2 weeks ago

Shouldn't the garnish be edible?

Dope Cactus

Dope Cactus . 3 weeks ago

Nobody: Absolutely no one at all: Joe: miCrO-cArRoTs

Dope Cactus

Dope Cactus . 3 weeks ago

"We do things with passion" *microwave peep*

sarah ewart smith

sarah ewart smith . 3 weeks ago

'the 5 seasons'? thats weird- I thought there were only 4

jack lonh

jack lonh . 3 weeks ago

It’s the freshest 2 seconds later microwaves food

Tanay Toshniwal

Tanay Toshniwal . 3 weeks ago

I personally think that Gordon has been given a bad reputation. But he only gets angry becuase all the people he ends up cooking with have a screw loose. He’s actually really kind and nice when people around him aren’t idiots.


L S . 3 weeks ago

In fairness, whilst I don't dispute that was probably a shit french onion soup, defo had more cheese in it than the one I had at Petrus lol.

Connor Walsh

Connor Walsh . 3 weeks ago

Joe would get through life a lot better if he had a lover in his life.

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