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Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally
James Charles

James Charles

Published on 1 week ago

HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell . 5 minutes ago

James:Hello... Helloooo? Helloooooooo?

Jackie Buys

Jackie Buys . 6 minutes ago

What happened to the NARS one that really matched you?!


BECCA ROBICHAUD . 7 minutes ago

the Fenty was definitely the closest match

dayra Jimenez

dayra Jimenez . 8 minutes ago


dayra Jimenez

dayra Jimenez . 8 minutes ago


Winter Clark

Winter Clark . 8 minutes ago

Fenty is the best

Jaydi Johnson

Jaydi Johnson . 9 minutes ago

Hoodybeauty 18:53

Katherine Caronis

Katherine Caronis . 9 minutes ago

definitely too faced !!

Julianna_ Torre

Julianna_ Torre . 13 minutes ago

Fenty or the last one

Ahleesha Tromp

Ahleesha Tromp . 13 minutes ago

I love you 😍

El At

El At . 14 minutes ago

Why do I feel like this is a guy? 🤔

Josephine Espino

Josephine Espino . 15 minutes ago


Petra Jocić

Petra Jocić . 16 minutes ago

Fenty was the best!!!!💖💖💖

Lani Skinner

Lani Skinner . 17 minutes ago

two faced and Fenty were the best

isabella martino

isabella martino . 17 minutes ago

This is kind of tricky because your face w no makeup has very warm undertones, but your neck and chest seem to be cooler or more neutral toned, I think the tenth looked best bc it seemed like it was more of a neutral undertone which blended in perfectly with your neck and chest, and looked like a very nice color on the face for you, but I think warmer undertones tend to make you look a bit orange? (Please don’t hate me ily I’m just giving my two cents, no hate here)

Abby McCrary

Abby McCrary . 18 minutes ago

Fibente beauty

Angelica Virrueta

Angelica Virrueta . 20 minutes ago

Fenty is the best for sure. Thank God lol


zaneygirl1 . 22 minutes ago

I like the morphe, fenty, and too faced the best.

Siullymar Santiago

Siullymar Santiago . 22 minutes ago

The Fenty oneeeeeeee♥️

Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson . 23 minutes ago

Dior and two faced

Maria X

Maria X . 24 minutes ago

You could've just went to Sephora and got a foundation matching 💀

GamerNova_YT Diamonds451

GamerNova_YT Diamonds451 . 26 minutes ago

The 2 faced,Dior,Fenty,morphe were my favorites 1

Ibado Bouh

Ibado Bouh . 28 minutes ago

Two faced😝

Isabela Rendon

Isabela Rendon . 29 minutes ago

Fenty beauty and too faced

Kit Thomas

Kit Thomas . 29 minutes ago

Def the too faced 😍

Bad Bitch 24

Bad Bitch 24 . 29 minutes ago

y 325 one I thought it looked good

Shania Manwell

Shania Manwell . 30 minutes ago

James Charles is freaking beautiful 😩♥️😍

Adam Alexander

Adam Alexander . 33 minutes ago

The shade range in the morphe foundation though 😍

Princess Arekusa

Princess Arekusa . 33 minutes ago

Makeup forever and Too Faced looks so natural on him

danie grevous

danie grevous . 34 minutes ago

I liked the Fenty and Dior foundations best

Nixie Martinez

Nixie Martinez . 37 minutes ago

Sister James i think Fenty is your match P.S love ya sis

Lily Greenberg

Lily Greenberg . 37 minutes ago

the fenty was so good! i tho k that’s my fave

Daniela hernandez

Daniela hernandez . 37 minutes ago

fenty beauty was the best matchh, love it.

Scarlett Garcia

Scarlett Garcia . 38 minutes ago

fenty was the best match

Camille Brennan

Camille Brennan . 40 minutes ago

two faced, morphe, and dior

ren dewolf

ren dewolf . 42 minutes ago

The dior would've been better if you applied it correctly

Martina Galvan

Martina Galvan . 42 minutes ago

Too faced was the best


HoransMuse . 42 minutes ago

Definitely fenty

Emily H

Emily H . 43 minutes ago

James Charles not wanting to admit he’s pale for 36 minutes straight

Hot Cheeto

Hot Cheeto . 44 minutes ago

Nope, morphe won😂

Ava Zientak

Ava Zientak . 45 minutes ago

do a video on how you keep such clear skin and the best products to use! 🥰


audreysamazing . 46 minutes ago

Fenty and then too face

Jasmin Madrigal

Jasmin Madrigal . 47 minutes ago

1,3, and 5 I think were the best! What happened with the NARS one?

Harry Mccartney

Harry Mccartney . 47 minutes ago

(Fenty) sorry james I know you dont want it to be that but yes fenty. Just Accepted for what it is rather you go with fenty or not and keep on (Sister Smiling)


Courtney . 48 minutes ago

I’m torn between the Too Faced and the Fenty but tbh it’s your face and they can be sister silent💋

Hot Cheeto

Hot Cheeto . 48 minutes ago

Wow fenty foundation!!!

bubbles wubblez

bubbles wubblez . 49 minutes ago


Hot Cheeto

Hot Cheeto . 49 minutes ago

Love the milk foundation! Like I think he’s just scared of flashback mary😂

Melany Murillo

Melany Murillo . 49 minutes ago

waoh! very difficut decision but my three favorites are MAKEUP FOREVER, FENTY BEAUTY AND, MORPHE I think that the best option could be MORPHE!

Mia Golden

Mia Golden . 50 minutes ago

fenty or two face love you sister james💓💓

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