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Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally
James Charles

James Charles

Published on 8 months ago

HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Comments :

maria diab

maria diab . 46 minutes ago

The too faced foundation is pretty good on you

maria diab

maria diab . 1 hour ago

Haters gonna hate

Rajesh Sahana

Rajesh Sahana . 11 hours ago

i just counted like 50 flexes in the first minute of the video

S u n f l o w e r G l i t c h

S u n f l o w e r G l i t c h . 11 hours ago

I think it’s 2 faced

Cameron Keener

Cameron Keener . 13 hours ago

Aww. I love your videos. You're only having to blend it down to your toes because the shade is so off. Try some neutral shades. I think the stripe method from above the jawline down the neck works best. You see your undertones better on your chest and neck and the face usually has more prominent surface tones. You want to match your face to your neck and chest, not the other way around.

Adrenna Sorfina Azmira

Adrenna Sorfina Azmira . 14 hours ago

The fenty really suits you

Anaia Nai

Anaia Nai . 14 hours ago

I like DIOR!!

lmao idk

lmao idk . 19 hours ago


Yetzalie Morales

Yetzalie Morales . 21 hours ago


no no

no no . 22 hours ago

DEAR COMMENTS: pink is NOT and undertone. The comments are wrong: he has extremely reddish overtones. I think his undertone is probably neutral or cool. Definitely not warm or olive.

Sarah B

Sarah B . 1 day ago

This is literally me finding foundation match

Sophie Quinn

Sophie Quinn . 1 day ago

Stop hating the foundation might not be his shade it’s fine my foundation is a bit dark on me but when I apply powder it get a bit lighter

Oliver Cole

Oliver Cole . 2 days ago

James: face is literally pink Also James: So I use a foundation shade that has warm undertones Me: rewinds the video ten times to make sure I heard him right

Diana Ulloa

Diana Ulloa . 2 days ago


Honey Luv

Honey Luv . 2 days ago

Damn gurl u just need to use that stuff u use to cover the redness in ur face (there is such a creme) and then apply foundation I had some problems too with that Well bye for now

Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson . 2 days ago



renatagotseven . 2 days ago

u make me soft 🥺

Cynthia's Vlogs

Cynthia's Vlogs . 3 days ago

1 and 2 of the foundation really matched your skin 1 it was the perfect match so perfect 2 it was really beautiful and matched but not like 1 I think 1 you should use it for like normal day with normal makeup and 2 for like an effect or...


Mrihatebunnies . 3 days ago

Dior 1cr for sure

Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth . 3 days ago

Me: oh that’s easy for me just get the lightest 😂😂😂

Rhegan Naidoo

Rhegan Naidoo . 3 days ago

I think the fenty foundation is the best match

Clea Welch

Clea Welch . 4 days ago

his foundation mismatching is the next block eyebrows 😂 he'll see the light eventually

Daisy Barson

Daisy Barson . 5 days ago

James said 😮😧 and I felt that

Kelsee Braxton

Kelsee Braxton . 5 days ago

Dior, two faced, and fenty you can choose between those

Destiny Judd

Destiny Judd . 5 days ago

How does he do his intro like that cartoon thing

L . A .

L . A . . 6 days ago

I just want to know how his skin doesnt break out or anything with all that makeup he puts on!!love u the most sister+ur palette


TanishaStudios . 6 days ago

-(Hi)- *yu* _rar_ _(Lol)_

Emu :3

Emu :3 . 6 days ago

james trying to convincing himself he has warm undertones for 36 minutes and 49 seconds



Sister I don't care what color foundation you use I will support you I'm only 10 I'm your Sister

Dulce-Veronica Coronado

Dulce-Veronica Coronado . 6 days ago

Honestly it’s between Fenty or Make up forever on Morphe the shade its lighter than spreaded on your chest and perhaps two faced could be an option depending on climate changes like you said but yeah,Have a good day or night James’s idk if this comment is late but lots of love from me and my mum ! ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻🥰

Groot The Dog

Groot The Dog . 6 days ago

I liked the first foundation he used when he was using his final six matches, I like the first one “Born This Way” or something

Nicole Galloway

Nicole Galloway . 7 days ago

Too faced

Gabby Bee

Gabby Bee . 7 days ago

Two faced or fenty


gladitsnotme . 7 days ago

This whole video was SO frustrating. I've never seen a self-hating white person before. Usually it's POC using skin lightening creams to fit societal beauty standards. How does a pale person hate their skin color SO MUCH that they have foundation dysmorphia and choose $1000 worth of yellow medium shades? Wow.

Raya Olson

Raya Olson . 7 days ago

James I'm kinda mad at this. You should know your "perfect foundation match" by now. You are just a little upsetting and I will be leaving some tips from now on okay sis.


AmyMcJ . 1 week ago

Makeup forever

Chloe Goulding

Chloe Goulding . 1 week ago

Me: hey James why do I think that you have warm undertones? James: CUz iMmA ceLeBRItY


XxFluffyKoalaxX . 1 week ago

Everyone is saying that he has pink undertones. Yes. But in foundation, you look for warms or cool tones. He's obviously cool tone. But he believes he's "warm tone" which is incorrect.

McKenzie St.Peter

McKenzie St.Peter . 1 week ago

Two face and fentiy for sure. *sorry if I spelled the names wrong im not a beauty guru

Jessica Postopoly

Jessica Postopoly . 1 week ago

It's hard to see why he gets so much hate for something as trivial as foundation but then once you realize how catty the beauty community is... Ever been on r/makeupaddiction or r/skincareaddiction on Reddit? Fucking savage.

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams . 1 week ago

If you put the playback speed at 0.75, he speaks like a normal person😂

Grac Vangoose

Grac Vangoose . 1 week ago



Yo . 1 week ago

hey James, I really appreciate how you put in so much effort to try on all these foundations, wash them off, rewatch your footage to pick out the best few and try each one on your whole face. Keep up the good work!!!

Bronte Robinson

Bronte Robinson . 1 week ago

Too faced is the best

Riding n Stuff

Riding n Stuff . 1 week ago

too faced and fenty. i felt the others made your face pale and your neck tan.

Angelina Munoz

Angelina Munoz . 1 week ago

Can u plz tell me y he has dots on him

Annette C

Annette C . 1 week ago


Rohima Khatun

Rohima Khatun . 1 week ago

How can James use natural beige when that is literally my shade...I’m South Asian?

Sharla Mcintosh

Sharla Mcintosh . 1 week ago

I like your moustache

Mya Simmons

Mya Simmons . 2 weeks ago

The 2nd to last one I think matched his skin the best

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