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Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!
The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

Published on 10 months ago

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We've seen a lot of Spider-Man lately. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and soon Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before that we saw Andrew Garfield slinging webs with Emma Stone for a couple movies, but I want you to think FURTHER back. That's right, I'm talking Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.
Remember how at the end of his first movie EVERYTHING had gone wrong? Norman Osborn - the Green Goblin - was gone, his best friend was fatherless, Uncle Ben did what all Uncle Ben's do, etc.. It was all very sad. In Spider-Man 2, we see a Spider-Man without his powers. I want to talk about WHY he lost his powers. What made our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man just plain, old Peter Parker?

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Comments :

Oliver Chen

Oliver Chen . 1 day ago

PTSD PUT UR HANDS UP!!!!!!!! uuuuh... hAMbUrGEr

Chris quick

Chris quick . 3 days ago


Milo Films 2

Milo Films 2 . 3 days ago

1:22 tenacious d lol

Marvel Hunter

Marvel Hunter . 4 days ago

Doc ock said that if he held love inside.. He would get sick, so he did. His love for mary jane deeply affected him.


ExaltedChipz . 5 days ago

...Am I the only one that found this obvious? That his emotions hindered his powers? His will to keep being Spider-Man was nonexistent? Just me? Okay...


shregan . 6 days ago


Combat ShotGun

Combat ShotGun . 6 days ago

When Thanos Snapped his fingers he killed voldemort from harry potter

Etha Debe

Etha Debe . 7 days ago

You are to smart

Melody Waggoner

Melody Waggoner . 1 week ago

As someone with depression, anxiety, and quite plausible PTSD, this episode meant alot to me. Spiderman has always been my favourite superhero, and now I only appreciate him more

Technotron 2020

Technotron 2020 . 1 week ago

Watch HiTop Films Spider-Man 2 review. It explains this theory.

Savage Savage

Savage Savage . 1 week ago

We have learned that spider mans powers don’t work when he’s sad in that moment when doc oc comes he was most likely mad because he new who doc oc was and that he betrayed his trust


OneBrickAtATime . 1 week ago


the one who watches

the one who watches . 1 week ago

Did you just use Lucas the spider. BRA

Nick Britten

Nick Britten . 1 week ago

Am I the only one who's like "duh"... this was clearly showed in the film, we don't need to be told!? This is pointless to most people I'm sure.

Rishujeet Rai

Rishujeet Rai . 1 week ago

Who else got chills when he said "I'm on to you, Aunt May"? Only me? Ok.


Mqddie . 1 week ago

_her name is Ursula you uncultured swine_

Damia Murrieta

Damia Murrieta . 1 week ago


Josort _ 64

Josort _ 64 . 1 week ago

To bad they didn't go toward Spider-Man's mutation story, from watching the 90s cartoon.

Badar Massih

Badar Massih . 1 week ago

Even if this is true or not, this video made me respect the trilogy even more.

Logan Melhus

Logan Melhus . 1 week ago

15 years not 17


CALLMEZACHO . 1 week ago

Peter loses his powers because of his love for mj . @cinemawins goes more in depth in his spider man 2 video

Marilyn Ortman

Marilyn Ortman . 2 weeks ago

How does he shoot his spiderwebs through his outfit


PATOPIE . 2 weeks ago


bu ghingi

bu ghingi . 2 weeks ago


Apple beast # 2

Apple beast # 2 . 2 weeks ago

Spider verse sucks dick

Blake Adamson

Blake Adamson . 2 weeks ago

This whole video is genius.

MimiMeows Larios

MimiMeows Larios . 2 weeks ago

This just shows you how much this trilogy is THE BEST. I use to love these Spider-Man movies and the newer generation will never know 🥺🥺

Faizan Alam

Faizan Alam . 2 weeks ago

I feel like back in 2005 people had enough understanding that depression was beginning to impact Peter externally

had better days

had better days . 2 weeks ago

Evan heros have bad days and need a break

Gkspark Gaming

Gkspark Gaming . 2 weeks ago


Ian B

Ian B . 2 weeks ago

Love film theory for ever keep it up

Lolojam 77

Lolojam 77 . 2 weeks ago

The thing is tho I also believe that Tom hollands Peter Parker also has ptsd because there is also a lot of evidence for this and the tramtic event he went threw was when he watched iron man die and also when he was in the blip. In one of the first scenes in far from home you see on his lights switch it say "don't turn off" with tape over the actual switch this could be because he is now scared of the dark because of the blip and when Peter returns in endgame he tells Tony it was all dark and then he saw strange (or something along those lines). This could lead to the fact that spider man as a character is know to have ptsd. Oh jesus I wrote that much Longest comment I've ever written :)

Leah - · -

Leah - · - . 2 weeks ago

I heard TheoryMat for a few moments.

drain_ jsrockbr

drain_ jsrockbr . 2 weeks ago

When he fell, he no longer had his strength and durability greatly lowered. How do he not die and explode upon contact? 🤔

Jennifer Church

Jennifer Church . 2 weeks ago



Wildteen . 2 weeks ago



Patton . 2 weeks ago

DC heroes in crisis is all about dc heros and their mental health issues.


hmvd22 . 2 weeks ago

Yes, the problem is clearly addressed in the film, when the doctor clearly says to Peter: “My diagnosis... it’s up here” (pointing at his head)


custerjessica . 2 weeks ago


Sen Z Animation

Sen Z Animation . 2 weeks ago

Guess I'm spider man.

Kevin Galindo

Kevin Galindo . 2 weeks ago

2018 was my favorite year

math MT

math MT . 3 weeks ago

F in the chat

King Jeffrey

King Jeffrey . 3 weeks ago

This makes me love Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy even more


Rubiø . 3 weeks ago



Blu . 3 weeks ago

Spiderman 3s End fight scene was the best.

Roman Kovalev

Roman Kovalev . 3 weeks ago

Am I the only who screams in the end of each episode “buuuuut hey! This just a theooooryy... a FIIIIIILM THEEEEEEORYYYY”? Is it okey?


JMNLThat . 3 weeks ago

4:47 ptsd S-pi-D-erman T-wo

Jesse Corpus

Jesse Corpus . 3 weeks ago


Meow Meow

Meow Meow . 3 weeks ago

Loved the intro song 🤣

Rei Shiki

Rei Shiki . 3 weeks ago

I always thought that Spidey lost his power due to mental stress back when i was still a kid

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