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Rami Malek Responds to Awkward Nicole Kidman Moment
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on 8 months ago

Rami sees his awkward Nicole Kidman moment at The Golden Globes for the first time and reacts to it, and he talks about being treated like he's actually Freddie Mercury, and meeting Paul McCartney and other rock stars that have seen Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Rami Malek Responds to Awkward Nicole Kidman Moment

Comments :

Daniella Park

Daniella Park . 4 days ago

American interview is really stupid. Who even hire this guy he won't even let the guest talk. Such a Fucktard. Better dont invite a guest then. Smh

Elvis Mathew

Elvis Mathew . 1 week ago

Poor guy, had an embarrassment at the globes, and a fall in the Oscars. Great actor though..

Zoey Matty

Zoey Matty . 1 week ago

Jimmy Kimmel, he seems more relaxed in interviews with you, than I've seen in other Rami Malek interviews. You have an awesome vibe!

Bree Smith

Bree Smith . 2 weeks ago

Jimmy...for the love of God, stop interrupting

Ralph Edward Ante

Ralph Edward Ante . 2 weeks ago

Im startin to like this guy

Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

Does anyone else think rami malek could play John Mayer?


beatonthedonis47 . 3 weeks ago

"My fist went straight up into..." ...tenterhooks..

Melpomene ,

Melpomene , . 3 weeks ago

dude 5 years ago we did know who he is this was rude

Zul Nuri

Zul Nuri . 4 weeks ago

Freddy mecury (queen)?


rumika . 4 weeks ago

i like jimmy but damn, let your own guest talk on your show :o

Zarnaab Baloch

Zarnaab Baloch . 1 month ago

i just hate this interviewer so much.. 😡😡

Sylvana Hernandez

Sylvana Hernandez . 1 month ago

Love his voice.

Maja Sal

Maja Sal . 1 month ago

*know this comment is late but i was busy... People learned that Freddie was more lovelble than ever and more legendary than anyone. He was so happy but so lonely in side.... He just wanted a good life.... I really thank Jim that he sped with him his last days and it warms my heart for so so long .... I am a really dear BIG FAN of Queen and I can't stop crying.... ♥♥♥♥ I hope he's in heaven know.... 🌹🥀🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀👑🌹🥀🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀*

Alice Moldi

Alice Moldi . 1 month ago

Worst interviewer everrrrrr


dimml0r . 1 month ago

ffs .... i need to stop watching kimmel clips. he is the worst


theEarthChildx . 1 month ago

Why did we all fall in love with him ?

Oasis E. Galindez

Oasis E. Galindez . 2 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel interviewing himself.... TF?

Cindalz Hudson

Cindalz Hudson . 2 months ago

Dont you just love his awkward nerdiness??? or is that just me...


bourdie1979 . 2 months ago

I think this guys true passion is acting sans the fame. Love this guy

i l o v e f r e d d i e m e r c u r y

i l o v e f r e d d i e m e r c u r y . 2 months ago

Rami Malek- hot, beautiful ( inside and out ), his voice is angelic, he’s funny, he’s an amazing actor.

hans solo burger

hans solo burger . 2 months ago

He was in need for speed too

Alice Randall

Alice Randall . 2 months ago

Jimmy is an ass!!!


Mike VINNY . 2 months ago

I don't know how long ago this was I just been seeing the video of Nicole Kidman ignoring him but I honestly don't get why it's saying Nicole is ignoring him she didn't even see him 😮 What the hell is wrong with the public. It was just his awkwardness in the situation that made it seem funny / embarrassing but he must have known she didn't see him why did he say I known her for years ? Lmao

Bryn Walker

Bryn Walker . 2 months ago

Rami malek gets hotter the more you look at him

graperry :P

graperry :P . 2 months ago

lol why is rami being in 'Queen' pissing of Jimmy so much.

Ida Liz Tony

Ida Liz Tony . 3 months ago

He looks like if mark consuelos and Bruno Mars has a baby

Chamber God

Chamber God . 3 months ago

Oh look 👀 its Ahkmenrah the 4th pharaoh of Egypt 🇪🇬 Oh wait Night at the Museum

Not the expert

Not the expert . 3 months ago

That moment was hilarious! He played it cool. Nicole not noticing made her look like a jerk.


WayToSkateKate . 3 months ago

I see quite a few comments from people that are upset that Kimmel interrupts Rami. But the thing is, I think in a way it works well for Rami. Rami seems to always have about a million things going through his head at any given time, and Kimmel really kind of keeps him on track and gets him to the meat of the story. Rami gets a lot of laughs from the audience this way. Don't get me wrong; those 1 hour interviews he does are fascinating when he's doing more of a stream of consciousness thing. But on late-night talk shows you really have to keep the pace up because the guest only gets 10-20 minutes on stage. Kimmel really gets Rami to focus and showcase his excellent sense of humor. Plus, Rami likes the guy. Maybe he's glad Kimmel is a strong, leading interviewer.

little Bean

little Bean . 3 months ago

I just notice he studders a lot awe but he's still cute tho n 2 more years n he gonna be 40 damn❤🖖🖖

Karen M.

Karen M. . 3 months ago

Rami Malek quietly racking up an impressive list of movie credentials. He's great!

Obergruppenführer Armitage

Obergruppenführer Armitage . 3 months ago

2:16 why would you embarrass him like that? Why do you interrupt him constantly?

Romane Halot

Romane Halot . 3 months ago

jimmy sound so jealous of rami

Ahmed Atef

Ahmed Atef . 3 months ago

Egyptians are loving you rami ❤


Niamh . 3 months ago

Rami Malek acts like he knows that we're in a simulation

Amber133 Lee

Amber133 Lee . 3 months ago

Lucy is one lucky girl 😍😍😍

Swaraj Kanr

Swaraj Kanr . 4 months ago

In his mind, he must be hacking Kimmel's life.

Lotuseyed Tarot

Lotuseyed Tarot . 4 months ago

He's ravishing

oh wow ronnie

oh wow ronnie . 4 months ago

he was so short compared to nicole omg


Kal_Jor_El . 4 months ago

Came here for Rami but only heard Jimmy Talk! Why despite numerous such comments, these arrogant Talk show hosts dont listen.

Ken Norton

Ken Norton . 4 months ago

I like the way he talks, Pois and smooth unlike most movie stars when they come on talk shows jamming words through their mouths like spray gun confusing the hell out of the audience.

Shae is Bored

Shae is Bored . 4 months ago

I now live for the day they show Rami the clip of him falling over

Swarnali Dutta

Swarnali Dutta . 4 months ago

Just wait till you see this man on MCU playing some superhero...

Random _editz

Random _editz . 4 months ago

All the comments are bashing jimmy 😂


*regan.marie* . 4 months ago

Every time I watch Rami, I always hear a little, tiny bit of Freddie’s voice


Brilliant . 4 months ago

omg jimmy let him SPEAK!

K Shoyou

K Shoyou . 4 months ago

"You know you're not in Queen, right?" What kind of question is that

Monika Xfhj

Monika Xfhj . 4 months ago

I’ve have liked him since the night at the museum

Crystal Quiambao

Crystal Quiambao . 4 months ago

He looked like that guy in phineas and ferb. I dunno his name though 😬 no hate 💕


DebInfo . 5 months ago

And those Macaulay Culkin tweets

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