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Sedona Fun Kids TV

Sedona Fun Kids TV

Published on 1 month ago

Hey guys this is a Life of a SLime Scammer Funny Skit Part 3! Bekki makes new slimes and gets a real baby unicorn! And as this is a skit the whole story is totally made up it's just entertainment guys! Have fun! GUCCI SLIME SHOP PART 1→ https://goo.gl/2nyiqa & PART 2→ https://goo.gl/mq5JAS Join the SLoth Squad→ https://goo.gl/Ra4PCo My 2nd channel vids→ https://goo.gl/ENeUds

We love you so much!
Sedona/Bekki/Pearl/Tracy & Veronika/Sara/Stacy 💖💖💖😍

I am nine years old and love to make videos with my mom. I collect squishies and I love sloths, slime, singing and Musical.ly!

New videos are uploaded every Thursday and Saturday and sometimes more.


Squishy videos: http://bit.do/SquishyVideos

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Sedona Fun Kids TV
3355 E. Tropicana Ave
SUITE C, P.O, Box 281
Las Vegas, Nv, 89121, USA



Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Sedona Fun Kids TV

Sedona Fun Kids TV . 1 month ago

GUCCI SLIME SHOP SONG!→ https://goo.gl/KfyNYK PART 1 & 2 https://goo.gl/L6kosy Hi Ya'll! I forgot to ask you to help me name my baby unicorn, please comment your name suggestions. Thank you!! Bekki 💗💞💗💞💗💞😘

Dorothy Rose Benemile

Dorothy Rose Benemile . 4 hours ago

How about you make a blood slime

Family Gaming Vlogs And Music Channel

Family Gaming Vlogs And Music Channel . 8 hours ago

Youtube slime

Aguirre Jean

Aguirre Jean . 9 hours ago

So much like

Aguirre Jean

Aguirre Jean . 9 hours ago

I got a like

master! geaming legendary

master! geaming legendary . 10 hours ago


Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

I got no unicorn bro

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

Why do you act so much like Lil Tay

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

I bet you pooped on your mom's head you do

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

A Gucci slime shop let us see your unicorn

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

Unicorns aren't real just like Santa the Easter Bunny and yeah they're not real send

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

No we do not

Jewellea Smith

Jewellea Smith . 13 hours ago

That is so printed

almer and mellow and banana

almer and mellow and banana . 14 hours ago

I got a like!!!!

Gerrie Moyer

Gerrie Moyer . 14 hours ago

You should do pink butter slime

precious middleton

precious middleton . 18 hours ago

Your not rich I bet that's fake money or ether only ones

Hana Nowicki

Hana Nowicki . 18 hours ago

did your mom actually divorce your dad?

little angle life

little angle life . 19 hours ago

how about puppy slime


Xx_Itsnowietime_xX . 19 hours ago

You should make a “special secret slime” BTW I LOVEEEEEEEEE YOU SO MUCH I watch you everyday

Daniela’s Channel

Daniela’s Channel . 20 hours ago

In the minute 3:27 I like how the mom says her name

Austeja Kapociute

Austeja Kapociute . 20 hours ago

you faker dummy and your mum need agreed

Jim Out

Jim Out . 21 hours ago

Welcome to Jurassic park 16:24

Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman . 22 hours ago

Galaxy plzzzzzzz

Sandy Mourad

Sandy Mourad . 1 day ago

Is the money real?

Marijana Jovanovic

Marijana Jovanovic . 1 day ago

All of these videos are gross

Michelle Cervantez

Michelle Cervantez . 2 days ago

She acts like lil tay but in a bitcher way

Alyssa Cornelison

Alyssa Cornelison . 2 days ago

Are you a real slime scammer

Rblx Emilyxox

Rblx Emilyxox . 2 days ago

Heck nah not giving up any money be thankful u even have money who will give u 100 dollar bills if u keep scamming them

Mangle foxy

Mangle foxy . 2 days ago

# Unicorn is real

how old are you christiansen

how old are you christiansen . 2 days ago


Dallas Neil

Dallas Neil . 2 days ago

Is that real money

Matthew Penhallow

Matthew Penhallow . 2 days ago

Your sister is mene

Laura Guatella

Laura Guatella . 2 days ago


ruby Mae just

ruby Mae just . 2 days ago

Just stop making us scammers

bryan santillan

bryan santillan . 3 days ago

Make love slime

Karen Ortega

Karen Ortega . 3 days ago

I love thes skits m a big fan

Issac Paredes

Issac Paredes . 3 days ago

Do not get her slime because she is just more money so don’t get it

Isai Quevedo

Isai Quevedo . 3 days ago

I want a slime like a people slime and a clear slime pls☺😃💕

Chasity Climer

Chasity Climer . 3 days ago

your a horabel slime maker

Ava The glow

Ava The glow . 3 days ago

Did u see that when she smelled the money all of the money where ONES!!!


dope . 3 days ago

Your a little poor kid or you'll live in a mansion and you will not have copy wright money # exposed I'm thinking of a roast about you because at the moment your rest beef

Karyme Contreras

Karyme Contreras . 3 days ago

I like your slime💜💜

The Awesome Super Girl

The Awesome Super Girl . 3 days ago

Christmas slime. #loveguccislimeshop

The Diamond wolf the 2

The Diamond wolf the 2 . 3 days ago

Galaxy slime for Gucci Slime Shop

Radosław Kurek

Radosław Kurek . 3 days ago

make a golden unicorn slime and a limited edition Gucci slime!

Tisha gan

Tisha gan . 3 days ago

I love all of becky clothes

Amy Hernandez

Amy Hernandez . 4 days ago

Ever since your rich your acting really mean

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 . 4 days ago

Galaxy Foam slime,Strawberry Slime,crystal Slime,Sliver slime.


ZeuS HD . 4 days ago

I love your videos are you on musically if you are tell me


Gamerunicronprincess . 4 days ago

You should name your unicorn 🦄 Rainbow 🌈 like if you agree

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