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This Channel Is Changing!


Published on 1 week ago

It wasn’t easy to come to this decision but I know in my heart it’s what is best for me, my creativity and the final product. And to be very honest, I’m really excited about it. I have so many ideas in my mind that I haven’t been able to execute on such a rigid schedule and I’m excited to be able to live through the creative process a bit more and bring them to life. I appreciate all your support over the years and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. #TEAMSUPER FOR LIFE.
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dramadeep . 9 minutes ago

I don’t think YouTube is for her anymore..


dramadeep . 10 minutes ago

I don’t want start anything but I feel like she’s been different ever since she moved to la


sıqɐuuɐɔ . 52 minutes ago


Skylar Katej

Skylar Katej . 2 hours ago

I feel like her channel changed when she became "bawse" it felt like she was the pretty face of a company, not a person. This forced positivity and the lying for views was happening a while ago. I feel like she's not lilly anymore, but an empty shell of what lilly used to be being run by a corporation

FujiMo 365

FujiMo 365 . 2 hours ago

More racism I hope!!! Laughing at your logic usually warms my heart :)))


AbsoluteDoge . 4 hours ago

the music gave me old superwoman vibes cuz im an og fan (lol) and now i feel warm inside, idk why is it just me?

Syd Rietta

Syd Rietta . 4 hours ago

Happy for you girly!!!!!💓😘😘💕💕❤

Lana Badran

Lana Badran . 4 hours ago

I'm honestly really happy that your doing this Lily. The entire time that I have watched you I always wondered how you can do all this without crashing. I'm really happy for you and support you 100%.

Emma Lang

Emma Lang . 5 hours ago

she is me being clinically depressed but i needa put on an act

Ammu Best

Ammu Best . 6 hours ago

Lilly.... I love you... please take care... you're the inspiration and you're really out there trying to help people...but be Happy too... love you so much..

4 Distraction English Channel

4 Distraction English Channel . 6 hours ago

I just love you Lilly


beautybyammara . 7 hours ago

Please keep superwoman for team super !!!

Ishaan Lal

Ishaan Lal . 7 hours ago

colab with brent rivara


Damariz . 7 hours ago


Sarah R

Sarah R . 7 hours ago

You inspire me so much!

alina munir

alina munir . 8 hours ago

I love this message, such good moto for yound kids watching

Amruta Kar

Amruta Kar . 9 hours ago

I used to give example of you that she is one youtuber who is not consumed by the PR endorsements or paid advertisement or anything of that sorts which a youtuber does outside of YT but it seems you are following the same path too. It's like the story of every other youtuber they come up with a channel earn popularity and bam everything changes. Anyway good luck with whatever you're doing.

Butterflies and Angry Skulls

Butterflies and Angry Skulls . 10 hours ago

Do yourself a favour girl and 👏 delete 👏 your 👏 channel If Mia Khalifa can start a new career path, I’m sure you can too.

The Infamous Potato Squad

The Infamous Potato Squad . 11 hours ago

Live footage of me practicing my fake smiles and laughs when school starts tomorrow.

88Senpai Soul88

88Senpai Soul88 . 11 hours ago

-IISuperwomanII- IILilly SinghII

Sanan Siphanun

Sanan Siphanun . 11 hours ago

I love your parents 😂

Alexia Quinn

Alexia Quinn . 11 hours ago

Read a little too fast and thought it said “dying” and I was like “yeah, we know.”

Suzy Lu

Suzy Lu . 12 hours ago

I feel exhausted after watching this update. I wish you would speak to the audience like regular people. No one sits down and has a 1 on 1 conversation like this. It's like your shouting and draining all of my energy. Just chill out a bit.

Farima Sultani

Farima Sultani . 12 hours ago

I'm glad you're making this change Lilly because everybody needs a change in life! And change always has its downs to begin with but in a long term perspective it is so worth it.

Xoie Veck

Xoie Veck . 13 hours ago

Forget the haters, I love you and that's all that matters. You're such an incredible person and an amazing role model. I look up to you in so many ways and I can't WAIT for you to absolutely KILL it in 2019

Kemyiah McClorrine

Kemyiah McClorrine . 13 hours ago

Tbh for the past two years I’ve been having a hard time watching her videos because they don’t seem real anymore and I feel bad because I love her so much they just don’t feel as genuine and funny anymore it just feels so scripted and forced these days I know that she always has had a script for her videos (ik this from her older vlogs) but you really couldn’t tell. Tbh I liked her videos when she was in front of her video wall and her camera cuz it felt real i understand that she has said that filming her own videos was not enjoyable to her. I then just resulted to watching her vlog channel but then that was not feeling right either then I watched her older vlogs like 2014 vlogs and that’s where it felt genuine in my opinion becauseI don’t know what was going on behind the scenes and I felt like she was being herself and I saw how hard she worked to become the superwoman she is now thats why I have mixed feelings even writing this comment. *this is not hate just an opinion plz don’t come for me Team Super I love Lilly with all my heart ❤️*

Twin Power

Twin Power . 13 hours ago

stop saying her channel is dying I'd like to see do better than 14 million

akanksha mishra

akanksha mishra . 15 hours ago

And we love you. God bless.


Borissa . 16 hours ago

Love it!!

Rojin Davanloo

Rojin Davanloo . 16 hours ago

How about a video about a shampoo commercial or how to make a salad (obviously plus something like the diy sandwich) or types of people in public or dog food commercial with ur doggo

Twizzle Sticks

Twizzle Sticks . 16 hours ago

Haha all my love to superwoman, Luv that the video hasnt even been up for 30 mins and got this many comments 💖💖💖

cat boy

cat boy . 18 hours ago

She didn't grow up with her audience thats why she is becoming irrelevant

Sheryl K

Sheryl K . 19 hours ago

Idc how you call yourself on here, you'll always be my superwoman!! ❤

the donutstrikesagain

the donutstrikesagain . 20 hours ago



suivscan . 21 hours ago

I’m just one person in this sea of comments but it saddens me that people are throwing accusations left and right. Being a creator is hard and I respect Lilly for being able to put out so much content for so long. She deserves a break and she deserves to do what she loves and she deserves to embrace change if that is what she wants. I don’t care about how many people think it’s forced or fake, I believe that Lilly will find her direction and that people should support her.


MrShowtym . 22 hours ago

We like you here in South Africa...well atleast i know I DO. ;)

Hashim Farah

Hashim Farah . 22 hours ago

Love you to Lilly you are so inspiring ❤️💓

Kaija HahnHansen

Kaija HahnHansen . 23 hours ago

Yesterday: Superwoman Today: Lilly Tomorrow: Unicorn? Always: Bawse We love you ... Lilly!

Alec Gaines

Alec Gaines . 23 hours ago

I'm in a really bad state but I'm only like 12 so what break can I take

gigg gang

gigg gang . 23 hours ago

Can you do another video with the rock

Maddy Loves Corgis

Maddy Loves Corgis . 23 hours ago

When you said "it's your girl Lilly" I HAVE NEVER CLICKED THE MINIMIZE BUTTON SO FAST !!!!

abby7560 abby7560

abby7560 abby7560 . 1 day ago

Stop with the negativity!! Lilly teaches nothing but positivity and love to her viewers, and suddenly everyone seems to be turning their backs on her. Of course she is exaggerating, all youtubers do. Lilly is branching out and I think that there is nothing but greatness coming for her. Keep hustling girl, we love you and are so proud. :) ❤


Mallie . 1 day ago

You always inspired me...❤❤❤ love you Lilly😊❤

Alexandra Flores

Alexandra Flores . 1 day ago

Hey guys whats up its your girl lilly Me:Da heck!?!?!?!?

Alexis & Saavya

Alexis & Saavya . 1 day ago

Please say one love superwoman not lily, it’s weird


sneakysara . 1 day ago

Good job Lilly! These are great changes to make. Thank you for your positive vibes and inspiration!

Kamryn Maitland

Kamryn Maitland . 1 day ago

Hi your the best youruber

Kaylo Bhargav

Kaylo Bhargav . 1 day ago

I started watching you three years ago and I just wanna say you’re inspiring. Whatever happens I know I’m still gonna be a committed fan


arethebest방탄 . 1 day ago

Everyone says that she looks too enthusiast, she is doing videos to spread positive vibes so showing enthusiasm is actually the point... She does what she likes and she is happy about it so why are you so annoyed by it. If you want to see videos of people showing you their vulnerable side than you can look them up on youtube and find them. She also has some videos in which she shows that she also have burn-outs so you can go watch these.

Night Owl

Night Owl . 1 day ago

Nowadays, I don’t have the time to watch YouTube like I used to, and Lilly is one of the reasons why. She is such an inspiration, and when I do have the time, I often opt for her videos. She’s definitely one of my favourite YouTubers, and I don’t say this about many of them.

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