Published on 2 months ago

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman break down how the Los Angeles Lakers used improved defense and Brandon Ingram at point guard to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center.

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Eric Long

Eric Long . 2 weeks ago

B shaw or mark jackson will be the coach for the laker.

Eric Long

Eric Long . 2 weeks ago

Laker get luke walton out of here with his no coaching ass.You can't put pope and hart in and lonzo in the back court with bi @ power forward.


Awen24 . 1 month ago

I've come back to this video three weeks after watching it... now that Rondo has a broken hand and BI has been running the offense quite a bit. Invariably, commentators have been talking about how stagnant and slow the offense is at times (despite the Lakers being a high paced team). And here's the thing: it slows down because BI is a slow-down, iso-scorer. Think James Harden. Dribble, dribble, dribble... but instead of the step-back 3, BI takes mid-range jumpers, turnarounds or gets to the basket. He's competent, but I'm not sure he's a good fit with the Lakers' new offensive strategy... and as much as he's taken huge strides defensively, he clashes with LeBron (they both require the ball too much), isn't a great outside shooter, and isn't fitting with the up-tempo style that guys like Lonzo, Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma really gel with. I think it's time for the Lakers to put him on the trading block. As much as I like the guy, we need a shooter more than we need Brandon Ingram at this point.


Masato . 2 months ago

idk Brandon Ingram ball handling skills isn't that good enough . I'm not saying he's bad. but not good enough.


KniGht1st . 2 months ago

oh great let's use Ingram as PG and put Ball and Rondo on the bench and let Josh Hart play 48 minutes per game with no back up

brotha 4eva

brotha 4eva . 2 months ago

The lakers should try to trade ingram, pope & rondo for beal and satoransky. If you can trade Covington and saric for butler. Then i think you can do this deal. 🤔

Corey Mccoy

Corey Mccoy . 2 months ago

Smartest move i keep thinking of is not trading any of their core 4 young players: Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Hart. So what if they don’t make playoffs this year. They shouldn’t have to hinder their development as the next big team by getting carried by Lebron and a second superstar. I think Lakers should wait it out and not trade any of these guys. All have so much potential, including Zo.

burt Grace

burt Grace . 2 months ago

What's up with the girl in the middle?? She's basically a mediator for them two and that's it haha

Mateusz Kozak

Mateusz Kozak . 2 months ago

"Bwandon Ingwam"

Blackbean Burger

Blackbean Burger . 2 months ago

he doesn't have the handles to play point... SAS is so fucking dumb sometimes

izzy 23

izzy 23 . 2 months ago

He should actually be in that post with that size smfh

Christian Samayoa

Christian Samayoa . 2 months ago

I liked your joke molly 😘

Khabib The Eagle

Khabib The Eagle . 2 months ago

For once I Agree With something Stephen A Says about the lakers

Drew Peacock

Drew Peacock . 2 months ago

Ingram has the most potential of the new guys besides Kuzma. If they develop him right he can be like a Kevin Durant type of scorer

Carl Kieline

Carl Kieline . 2 months ago

Punk ass reporter!

Michael Daury

Michael Daury . 2 months ago


Patrick Chen

Patrick Chen . 2 months ago

According to my analysis, for the Lakers to contend, they need to complete 2 trades for disgruntled superstars: 1. Ingram & Ball for Kemba Walker. 2. KCP & McGee & 1st Rnd Pick for Marc Gasol & Omri Casspri. Lakers would have a line-up of Kemba Walker/Rondo Hart/Stephenson LeBron/Casspri Kuzma/Beasley Gasol/Chandler According to advanced statistical analysis, this is the best line-up that the Lakers can get, and would win 59 games based on a statistical simulator.

J Tate

J Tate . 2 months ago

It's just drose highlights and debate


reggiebw11 . 2 months ago

The lakers team will be dominant shortly.. somebody on the team need to get on lebron to go hard on defense period, They got plenty of offense so no need to “save” your energy


god . 2 months ago

didnt stephen said lakers should trade ingram now u want them to explore him at pg. bruh 🤣🤣

Patrick Chen

Patrick Chen . 2 months ago

I think the Lakers need to package Ingram with ball and try to get a disgruntled superstar. Maybe Ingram, ball, and a couple of picks for John Wall? They just missed out on the Jimmy Butler fire sale and I can't think of anyone else.

tavo Vazquez

tavo Vazquez . 2 months ago

Last year Ingram ran the point like a beast when Lonzo was injured. That's also when Lakers starting winning more. They should trade Lonzo if they can something worth while for him

Duke Harvard

Duke Harvard . 2 months ago

Positions PG- LeBron James SG- Josh Hart SF- Brandon Ingram PF- Kyle Kuzma C- Tyson Chandler Bench 6- JaVale McGee 7- Lonzo Ball 8- Rajon Rando 9- Lance Stephenson 10- KCP

Desire Kidd

Desire Kidd . 2 months ago

Wasn't he just talking bout how the Lakers should trade him 3 days ago? Now he talking about how they should use him. Damn Stephen A? You speak the truth but damn

Mehdi X. Ismael

Mehdi X. Ismael . 2 months ago

I still don’t know what she sounds like

kamran bartley

kamran bartley . 2 months ago

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Just Anon

Just Anon . 2 months ago

Alright.. I think I know nothing about basketball.


Karma . 2 months ago

Why are ppl worrying? Like lakers are on track to hit the wins that they should as a team. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for them

Rmr Qnt

Rmr Qnt . 2 months ago

Trade! Thats it. And for u A. Shut the F up! #23

J Phantom Official

J Phantom Official . 2 months ago

They’re completely ignoring this girl 🤣🤣

Felipe Toro

Felipe Toro . 2 months ago

L James n brandon I


elevation . 2 months ago

Can she stop

YOB Music

YOB Music . 2 months ago

Y’all people don’t listen he said putting Ingram is a possibility, if it works then they maybe could keep him

Emmanuel Nwankwo

Emmanuel Nwankwo . 2 months ago

Why when you have rondo, ball, and LeBron too!

Hey it’s Alex

Hey it’s Alex . 2 months ago

1. Sub 2. Like 3.Comment done 4. I’ll do the same!😁

Erick Phillips

Erick Phillips . 2 months ago

The Lakers should definitely sign Nick Young

2 Cents

2 Cents . 2 months ago

They should because he always wants the ball like last time when he was waving at lebron for the ball & lebron just told him go back to position. Experimenting is the only way to see what works better.


UFAMORIGINALIFE . 2 months ago


Nathan Exde

Nathan Exde . 2 months ago

If he had this same kind of compassion when Carmelo was playing for New York they might’ve been big rn

Che'Quan Johnson

Che'Quan Johnson . 2 months ago


Ron D.

Ron D. . 2 months ago

Mollie breasts are the real MVP tho..

Farty McGee

Farty McGee . 2 months ago

Does anyone else remember when Magic claimed that he put together this team, not thinking about creating a great shooting team in a 3 point shooting league, but rather a team based upon gutsy and gritty Defense! Lmao, what happened to this Defensive juggernaut that Magic claims to have created?!

Farty McGee

Farty McGee . 2 months ago

Skip is SUCH an LA homer!!! I do agree that trading Ingram would fetch LA the shooter that they need! Using Ingram at PG is genius too Bc it will have one of two likely results: Ingram becomes the starting PG, making the lakers much better, OR, he will become trade bait of much greater value! Worst case: Ingram flops entirely, devaluing him for the Lakers and damaging his career irreparably! It’s awesome seeing D Rose make this unprecedented comeback with his career! I hope for the very best for Rose, seeing a man overcome such mental challenges is wonderful and should give hope to others struggling with similar battles all across the country!

Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh . 2 months ago

Ingram playing point? Rondo, Lonzo, Stephenson and Lebron all play point... lets get more!! Stephen A Stupid.

Mike C

Mike C . 2 months ago

Lmaoooo he said ingram for bradley beal gtfo why cause the lakers should ruin their roster so lebron can get another shooter

mark man

mark man . 2 months ago

Lebron is most laziness player

Greysen G

Greysen G . 2 months ago

Well kd can put all his effort in cuz if he tired, he got the whole rest of the team to help him. Not saying the lakers are bad, but they dont have a all star scoring player


Sami . 2 months ago

Nah they should explore a trade partner instead. This dude has become a distraction lately.

Riley Dinkleman

Riley Dinkleman . 2 months ago

I’m dead, she js said Westbrook a better dresser than Rose though 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ really? I didn’t know we were judging a fashion show.

Riley Dinkleman

Riley Dinkleman . 2 months ago

Stfu Stephen keep Brandon’s name out your punk ass mouth. - Rajon Rondo.

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