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'You freeze,' witness describes Thousand Oaks shooting scene


Published on 4 days ago

A witness to the California nightclub shooting describes the scene when gunshots rang out, killing 12 people.

The shooter, apparently firing at random, also died in the rampage. Police said they have identified the gunman but did not give out a name.

Authorities said the gunfire broke out at the Borderline Bar & Grill, a country-western dance bar in Thousand Oaks, which is about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. Hundreds of people fled in terror, including some who used bar stools to break windows and escape.

"It’s a horrific scene in there,” Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean told a news conference in the parking lot of the bar. “There’s blood everywhere.”

A law enforcement official told The Associated Press the suspect was 29 years old, armed with a .45-caliber handgun and used a smoke device. The official declined to provide any other details, speaking on condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to publicly discuss the investigation.

Dean said it was not immediately clear how the gunman died.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith . 5 minutes ago

Lol it’s not fake. It’s not her fault it’s just the next gen of desensitized millenniums where they only genuinely cry for the new iPhone but hey Cheer up!! Black Friday is coming up!!!!


Annissa . 29 minutes ago


Ninja k

Ninja k . 30 minutes ago

Fake news

Arnold Ziffel

Arnold Ziffel . 39 minutes ago

Pathetic performances from those who graduate from the Robbie Parker School Of Crisis Acting...


Brain . 2 hours ago

Never forget that the person responsible was a vet.

Secede em 4 Freedom

Secede em 4 Freedom . 3 hours ago

Somebody get a bucket for all those tears

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey . 3 hours ago

Why didn’t the gun laws work?

Dani Morrow

Dani Morrow . 3 hours ago

*good acting has left the chat*


steroidsR4losers . 4 hours ago

Keep trusting your TV's... They got it down to 6 CORPORATIONS! The ELITES OWN almost everything!


steroidsR4losers . 4 hours ago

It's the ELITE'S AGENDA to ATTACK the 2nd Amendment!

Human Cancerbag

Human Cancerbag . 4 hours ago

Voting straight dem till the day i die because of these comments and amazing amount of brain washed idiots on this earth. You and your kin all deserve your heads on spikes.


Bob SCHMENGLE . 4 hours ago

If even one person had a conceal carry permit and a gun perhaps you can save lives and perhaps his own. It's the wild west baby strap one on

Human Cancerbag

Human Cancerbag . 5 hours ago

The people that say this is fake, kill yourself. Youre a living joke.

Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson . 5 hours ago

What leads someone to commit a mass shooting is a combination of being suicidal and a grandiose sense of self. These people want to be remembered. Even if their legacy is an evil one.


MrChiCity3 . 5 hours ago

How did you find one the black person who showed up to this event ....must've been hard as hell lol

Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson . 5 hours ago

I think the YouTube algorithm only let mentally ill people find this video... am I the only sane person here or are the comments and dislikes bots?

I like sandwiches

I like sandwiches . 8 hours ago

This comments section is straight poison.

Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee . 9 hours ago

All interviews seem so fake lmao. I’m no dummy.

Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee . 9 hours ago

Dude it’s all fake. Can’t you tell???

Jack Burnell

Jack Burnell . 9 hours ago

When there's gunfire take cover, don't freeze.

Cedric Terry

Cedric Terry . 10 hours ago

Wtf are u white people on man ? Yall call every single shooting a false flag...

Aaron Morris

Aaron Morris . 11 hours ago

Wish I was there with the second amendment to try my best. #notafraid

John Dough

John Dough . 11 hours ago

Why does she inexplicably rub her eye? I am calling BS!!!

Lycans World

Lycans World . 12 hours ago

Bad acting


55wassup . 13 hours ago

Have people in this comment section lost their minds? This was a real tragedy that actually took place and you all have the audacity to say people in these interviews are acting?? Shame on you if you think these people are actors.

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox . 13 hours ago

Guns guns guns!

James Hawkins

James Hawkins . 14 hours ago

Still better acting than Twilight..

Jerry Ostrowski

Jerry Ostrowski . 14 hours ago

Very pathetic, where is the rest of your we's


DeenScene . 15 hours ago



Ravenphin2 . 16 hours ago

How is this fake

James Andrew

James Andrew . 16 hours ago

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Norb J

Norb J . 17 hours ago

Soo real😂😂😂

fade Ben

fade Ben . 17 hours ago

Crisis actors!!! Stay woke.


Alice . 17 hours ago

I'm so confused. Why is everyone saying this is fake? I'm not on any side I'm just confused


Dani . 20 hours ago

fake, no tear THOT

Mich Ah

Mich Ah . 20 hours ago

Why is someone targeting Vegas massacre victims? There were over 60 of them at Borderline, congregated together when all a sudden this happens again? Coincidence?


ShonColle . 21 hours ago

Gosh! Even in tragedy, most of you people are still racist and ignorant.

Melanie Ruggiero

Melanie Ruggiero . 21 hours ago

These comments are horrible and make me sick. Oh my god

rusty planet

rusty planet . 22 hours ago

Imagine being so dumb gunshots and firecrackers sound the same to you

Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez . 22 hours ago

Oh shit a black person " wow I only saw white folks on the news bulletins!!


Kurisu . 23 hours ago

Just look how small the gap is between thumbs up and thumbs down. A lot of people are not buying into the bullshit.

Militant AceColleti

Militant AceColleti . 23 hours ago

Where's the tears???🤔😓


Anonymous . 24 hours ago

You people in the comments are the most ignorant hateful people I’ve even seen saying it’s a false flag and fake news and crisis actors is disgusting you people have zero proof that it’s fake you people are pure disgusting god is looking down on you all shaking his head


steroidsR4losers . 1 day ago



N M . 1 day ago

You shouldn’t have been there anyway sister... guess you was looking for white daddy

Arobed Unam

Arobed Unam . 1 day ago

"bAng BaNg" "wE tHoUghT iT wAs a JoKe"


me . 1 day ago

She lyin

Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)

Zane (Ragin_Pacifist) . 1 day ago

Bad acting

Lens Perspective

Lens Perspective . 1 day ago

Yeah, everyone suspects this one, too, people are realizing that the mobs and agencies have done way worse to get results, it's also a gun grab right after they won the election

Kitt Foxx

Kitt Foxx . 1 day ago

Liar! she wasn't there..!

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