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Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?
The King of Random

The King of Random

Published on 10 months ago

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Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Comments :

BH Ratchet

BH Ratchet . 8 hours ago

This video should be called how to break into cars the easiest way and the fastest


tempo_oxi . 3 days ago

Long sleeves done save you from glass


OOF BOI . 4 days ago


Tia Krogh Rosenhaug

Tia Krogh Rosenhaug . 1 week ago

There was a spider crawling on my phone screen while I was watching the video and I screamed and threw everything in one dereliction of the room. I DONT KNOW WHERE IT WENT !!!!!! I’m crying wtf

Try FaxeBub

Try FaxeBub . 1 week ago

Use your head

Jess Willis

Jess Willis . 1 week ago

Who’s watching after grants death 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali . 1 week ago

Do you trust dash lane they could be using your password I would rather use paper not a app

Kaiden Goss

Kaiden Goss . 1 week ago

Life hack unlock the door and get out

Elmo Elmo

Elmo Elmo . 1 week ago

*Wack* *wack* I did it!

neema mwaura

neema mwaura . 2 weeks ago

Are you and Kelli married

Dylan Huang

Dylan Huang . 2 weeks ago

want crunch noise? 3:58

Okami Otoko

Okami Otoko . 2 weeks ago

Apparently on some cars the head rest can be removed and used to smash windows (note: i haven't checked the comments so if someone has mentioned this then yeah)

Wc Ti

Wc Ti . 2 weeks ago

The front windshield does not shader

ayaan dev

ayaan dev . 2 weeks ago

I would just use a chain saw

katty_firegacha kattylove_oceanfire

katty_firegacha kattylove_oceanfire . 2 weeks ago

This video is about~ when you get bored with your car

Madi Pro

Madi Pro . 2 weeks ago

Bro why

Alfred Thuun-grűn

Alfred Thuun-grűn . 2 weeks ago

Sorry to break IT for u but the Glass is weaker in the middle

I am a raccoon ,

I am a raccoon , . 2 weeks ago

Did anyone else notice that Kelly is wearing a flight test sweatshirt?

Băsescu Ioan

Băsescu Ioan . 3 weeks ago

poor car.

Julius Chai

Julius Chai . 3 weeks ago

Super easy barely an inconvenience

Zelong Liu

Zelong Liu . 3 weeks ago

I wish Nate would smash me like the windshield

Dylan Gorham

Dylan Gorham . 3 weeks ago

11:44 did anyone see the spark??? Just me?!?

Oliver Darby

Oliver Darby . 4 weeks ago

Every video is sponsred

Rek scrubs

Rek scrubs . 4 weeks ago

Imagine forgetting where you parked your car then finding it to see your little brother who watched this starts kicked in the windshield 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Kaushal Ramsurn

Kaushal Ramsurn . 4 weeks ago

It won't cut your skin

Harlice Laver

Harlice Laver . 4 weeks ago

Have a question are you 2 a couple or just coworkers

rawiri clayton

rawiri clayton . 4 weeks ago

Yeah girl you like it side ways aye that’s why you squirt side ways

Victoria xd

Victoria xd . 4 weeks ago

Bruh did they really leak their address

Queen Kinash

Queen Kinash . 4 weeks ago

Keep in mind some people have more power and strength than others, also keep in mind that in an emergency situation people's adrenaline level increases so maybe kicking a windshield will be a lot more easier under the stress

Vasish Maharaj

Vasish Maharaj . 4 weeks ago

She so beautiful 😍

Sylus Oro Shondra

Sylus Oro Shondra . 4 weeks ago

3:33 close your eyes and listen

- FiDzMiE -

- FiDzMiE - . 4 weeks ago

The headrests. Use the metal when you remove it from the seat

Tron Juice

Tron Juice . 4 weeks ago

I’m pretty sure the glass would break in an accident 😭😂

Galaxie_ Coeur

Galaxie_ Coeur . 4 weeks ago

All the car thieves are rejoicing

Benjiman Perry

Benjiman Perry . 4 weeks ago

It took him about 17 tries with the seat buckle

Santiago Sala Armenta

Santiago Sala Armenta . 4 weeks ago


The Bricker

The Bricker . 4 weeks ago

The guy I saw in commercial is on studio c


diamondking345 . 4 weeks ago

I’m not going to

Bhavesh Jhaveri

Bhavesh Jhaveri . 4 weeks ago

Or just open the window all the way and climb out


KendallChaos . 1 month ago

When they were kicking the windshield they really should’ve taped their pant legs closed (or at least wear boots) so as not to cut their legs

Lunargal 624

Lunargal 624 . 1 month ago

I used to work at a car window factory and we used those spring loaded gadgets to shatter glass that wasn't made right. I thought they were made for that literal purpose

william letts

william letts . 1 month ago

Windshields aren't that tough. I've seen a phone thrown straight through one

lily vuong

lily vuong . 1 month ago

i wanted them to test the seat head thing to break the window

Crazed Jukes

Crazed Jukes . 1 month ago

You’d should see how well a metal punch would work from the inside on the windshield

T Saurus

T Saurus . 1 month ago

4:06. ITS A GIRL!! LOL


m4cksfx . 1 month ago

Wow, the punch actually sparked when cracking the window! You can see it in the first slo-mo if you go frame by frame.

adam clark

adam clark . 1 month ago

I believe if you remove the headrest at the front the metal rods will break glass

itzz_mitch !!

itzz_mitch !! . 1 month ago

Smashing the windshield sounded like snow

Langley Ryals

Langley Ryals . 1 month ago

Actually, The hole in the buckle is not only used to hook on the small hook inside of your seat buckle, but you’re also supposed to put your middle finger inside of the whole, stretch out your seatbelt, and wrap your finger around the left side of the buckle and use it to punch the window successfully cracking it, and getting out safely, FuN fAcT KiDs!

Logan Tyler

Logan Tyler . 1 month ago

Callie you like flight test

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