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Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Published on 10 months ago

Are the "healthy" low fat chips actually worth it? Today we're determining how low fat chips stand up when they're pitted heard-to-head against their regular, full-flavor counterpart.  GMM #1457

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Comments :

Yes No

Yes No . 2 weeks ago

I really like links sweatshirt where can I buy it

Jennifer Rotz

Jennifer Rotz . 2 weeks ago



rav66rav66 . 3 weeks ago

Where can i find link’s hoodie??

Einar Blood-Axe

Einar Blood-Axe . 3 weeks ago

Shoulda been a blind fold taste test to avoid placebo.

Tyler Raven

Tyler Raven . 4 weeks ago

seeing Pringles in a bowl is just. viscerally upsetting...

Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui . 1 month ago

🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 5:13 👌👌👌👌😹🍘🍮🍩🍯🎂🍰🍫👌

yee YEE

yee YEE . 1 month ago

6:04 🤣

Michael Vieri Alfa Loppies

Michael Vieri Alfa Loppies . 1 month ago

I just gonna say it. Those outfits are fireeeee damn...

dacg boi

dacg boi . 1 month ago

We eat those doritos at my school😂


NinjaKeenan6 . 1 month ago

When he said “you disrespected that potato so hard” he sounded he was gonna cry

Gaia Golashi

Gaia Golashi . 1 month ago

Damm it why are your videos so good I have to sleep damm it


asunasush . 1 month ago

When Rhett said "Lays Barbecue," my mind immediately followed it up with "and foot massage"

Michaela Guider

Michaela Guider . 2 months ago

I want the jacket links wearing ❤

Katja Forsman

Katja Forsman . 2 months ago

Its 01:52 in sweden, im completely devastated crying for hours in depression and anxiety. Sure watching this at night helps me find some slight hapiness, thank you guys ❤

Rabecka Colegrove

Rabecka Colegrove . 2 months ago

As of September 2019 this video's at 3.5 million views and I'm not complaining you guys are too interesting to the point where we will watch you eat chips

CyVA Sof & Cars

CyVA Sof & Cars . 2 months ago

This is just two grown men eating chips and attempting to play ping pong.

Philip Neech

Philip Neech . 2 months ago

"YoU dIsReSpEcTeD tHaT pOtAtO!!!"

kristin tyler

kristin tyler . 2 months ago

I need links hoodie omg do they still make it? Someone gimme the link

Wolf Thorn

Wolf Thorn . 2 months ago

3:17 That's what she said.

Shea Deutschmann

Shea Deutschmann . 2 months ago

Can you like come back to stl I missed it 🤧

Hey, man

Hey, man . 2 months ago

I feel like Link & I would get along great. He's a picky eater like myself, no tomatoes etc. & he thinks the folded chips are the best. Lol

milo milk

milo milk . 2 months ago

5:01 "it tastes like a pringel that has lost something" that's deep man

Joshua Uhri

Joshua Uhri . 2 months ago

I love that I care nothing about the chip analysis but I’m dying to know how they “put it in to perspective” for us

Abigail Way

Abigail Way . 3 months ago

Dang Link has some mad laundry folding skills


Kaitlin . 3 months ago

Rhett: jogging real slow Me: soo walking?😂


deloreanfan81 . 3 months ago

"....or be good at it." Lol


DubbleBubblePillows . 3 months ago

I absolutely love Cape Cod reduced fat kettle chips. I eat the entire bag everytime.


cell . 3 months ago

Oven baked lays imo taste better than regular


Noobmaster69 . 3 months ago

They should have put the blind fold on.

Agent Zero 3432

Agent Zero 3432 . 3 months ago

Lays wins again!

Xiomara Montero

Xiomara Montero . 3 months ago


concerned citizen

concerned citizen . 3 months ago

If i eat ruffles i gotta have dip, usually dean's.

z s

z s . 4 months ago

"Foldy" YES

patrick rowe

patrick rowe . 4 months ago

Love the Sgt. Pepper's reference. Lol.


Orcsjesus . 4 months ago

They shouldve played a game blindfolded where they have to guess


Mr.BrownieB . 4 months ago

Where can I find Rhett's shirt?

Sladashi Fowler

Sladashi Fowler . 4 months ago

Yeah, I was about to say, ohhhh... so you think you can drink 18 glasses of water? not so simple now, is it?

Pokeblocktrainer Z

Pokeblocktrainer Z . 4 months ago

Um i play ping for like 6 hours when i play I'm on a ping pong team

Jeon jungkook

Jeon jungkook . 4 months ago

*yOu DiSrEsPeCtEd ThAt PoTaTo*


stev6963 . 4 months ago

God I’m so happy I started watching GMM. This might be my favorite YouTube channel now.

Felipe Perez

Felipe Perez . 4 months ago

The look Rhett gave when Link slammed that potato. 0:34

Rohan Maharana

Rohan Maharana . 4 months ago

Link's hoodie ❣️🔥

Liz Hernly

Liz Hernly . 4 months ago

you should make more of these sweatshirts cause I totally want one

Cassandra Dodson

Cassandra Dodson . 4 months ago

Does anyone know where Rhett's shirt is from?

Jason Douglas

Jason Douglas . 4 months ago

You guys eat food live in concert in London? Entertainment has really gone downhill

j1mmy enkoodabaoo

j1mmy enkoodabaoo . 5 months ago

The way this is scored is awesome, love the calorie thing. Great idea


CookingWithEli . 5 months ago

It’s July, they don’t have that hoodie anymore and I’m genuinely

Evan Sizemore

Evan Sizemore . 5 months ago

I'm 99% sure Frito-Lay laces Doritos with crack

Cheryl A

Cheryl A . 5 months ago

Drinking 16 8oz glasses of water might mess with the electrolytes and could cause mild water poisoning.

the prince that wasn't promised

the prince that wasn't promised . 5 months ago

Spicy sweet chili is the best lol

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