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UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva Octagon Interviews
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Published on 10 months ago

Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva both spoke inside the Octagon after their main event tilt.

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Comments :

Emanuel Bushra

Emanuel Bushra . 24 hours ago

When your favorite fighter likes anime and WWE🤟🏼

kleber vitiello

kleber vitiello . 2 weeks ago

Anderson sempre vai ser lembrado no ufc

kleber vitiello

kleber vitiello . 2 weeks ago

Anderson não precisa provar mais nada pra ninguém, 16 vitorias seguidas no ufc e 10 defesas do título

Gianmarco Bellotti

Gianmarco Bellotti . 3 weeks ago

1'552 people donìt have a heart

UNTOLD official YouTube

UNTOLD official YouTube . 3 weeks ago

For some reason I thought he couldn't speak English, I guess that's kind of ignorant of me

Dhevon Penaso

Dhevon Penaso . 3 weeks ago

Spider will be still the spider 👍👍


BerkleyCalifornia . 4 weeks ago

"you give me enough money, I will FUCK Khabib up!" hahahah


WOW . 1 month ago

Wasn't this the main event why only 3 rounds

Layne Pipe

Layne Pipe . 2 months ago

What man that is truly a man and recognizes passion and love and sacrifice....didnt tear up when those two warriors bowed in respect to eachother. I lost it man, whenever i see another that has TRUE passion at ANYTHING I feel it, i pay my respects to that journey and try to imagine the struggles that came with that experience and journey. It reminds me what a REAL fuckin man stands for....not all this faggy "I am the greatest" pussy ass shit. Real masters know, and exude humbleness and humility; it's the sign of true greatness.

David vazquez

David vazquez . 2 months ago

Izzy vs Nate Diaz can be the new Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz

Cakey Make

Cakey Make . 2 months ago

Y'know looking back silva may not of done terrible against whittaker, I mean shit dude, he couldn't even wobble Silva but he put whittaker to SLEEP. Sucks silva couldn't of gotten that fight, but ay it's not completely out of the equation yet

Uwant Uwish

Uwant Uwish . 2 months ago

The joy of fighting your idol and fight inspirator most be soo good feelings . And even win it . Most be even better . Adesanya you are my idol . But we wont fight xD

Fluke Knockedcold

Fluke Knockedcold . 2 months ago

Israel "The Last Stylebender" VS Jon "The Last Needle-bender" Jones is for sure fun to watch.

Gabriel Almeida

Gabriel Almeida . 2 months ago

Não vi vencedor nessa luta os juizes que deram a Vitória por gosto pessoal por isso que Ufc está perdendo espaço no Brasil está tento muito interesse por tras

Diksaca Yehovah

Diksaca Yehovah . 2 months ago

Adesanya touching himself was so cringey and disrespectful towards a much older veteran and legend of the sport.

Crystal Francis

Crystal Francis . 2 months ago

Who is here after stylebender won again the reaper

Devran Donmez

Devran Donmez . 2 months ago

Only hardd Core fans would know anderson said the joke wrong

Mohamed Lamine Mariko

Mohamed Lamine Mariko . 3 months ago

Kelvin put the bell down seriously! 01:59 legendary

Best Shiva

Best Shiva . 3 months ago

Respect to the gentlemans

Shayffersonn Sthalonne

Shayffersonn Sthalonne . 3 months ago

Adesanya não aguenta o Borrachinha.


Jay-Go . 3 months ago



Sharknight . 3 months ago

Israel is next gen Anderson pretty much he is an upgrade stronger, faster, more attacks, taller, longer reach, better hands, more well rounded.

Jigboy Gwapo

Jigboy Gwapo . 3 months ago

Big respect to both. Love from Philippines ❤

Joe Fixit

Joe Fixit . 3 months ago

People talk shit but this dudes leg got broken into a slinky mad respect

SB Haokip

SB Haokip . 4 months ago

Makes my tear come out

Never Broke Again

Never Broke Again . 4 months ago

If he beat Silva in his prom I might’ve been impressed

Aaron G

Aaron G . 4 months ago

Past and present 😃 passig of the torch 😎

Jacob Nieves

Jacob Nieves . 4 months ago

Seeing Anderson Silva make the Rocky reference was great! 😂 honestly my favorite fighter ever along with gsp great fighter and a great man


saule . 4 months ago

That eye poke tho


Kalydosos . 4 months ago

An African moment.

Ningtung Rl

Ningtung Rl . 5 months ago

Anderson u r humble


#Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING . 5 months ago

Two real Men Right there. When idols become rivals.

Daniel Melo

Daniel Melo . 5 months ago

What a great fight! Past, present and future of the sport. Two real warriors. A very talented young guy versus arguably the greatest combat sports athlete of all time.

andy boyd

andy boyd . 5 months ago

Pure respect! What a sporting legend and role model Silva is. Man is a don

Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves . 5 months ago

This fight didn't lived up to its hype just like I expected. I felt Silva didn't performed like he used and just was in the octagon for a payday. Both fighters didn't went for the finish I feel. Obviously Silva at 43 is longer in his prime and at this point is fighting for money and Israel just showed too much respect and just did enough to get the decision.

Christian Molina

Christian Molina . 5 months ago

Was he doing a Conor McGregor Impression at 2:05

Wandering Aimlessly

Wandering Aimlessly . 5 months ago

I think Israel said thank you to Silva in Japanese? #Arigatou

Big Boss

Big Boss . 5 months ago

I feel that MMA fighters are really pitiful, fighters are not paid enough and the likes of BJ Penn and Anderson Silva have to continue fighting without retiring in glory just to make a few extra bucks

Big Boss

Big Boss . 5 months ago

I came for 2.10 and when I turned on the video it was there instantly

amoo o

amoo o . 5 months ago

I hate Israel

jade agni

jade agni . 5 months ago

one of the greatest MMA figther I've ever seen Andersen Silva Legend .


IamLegion . 5 months ago

Who tf is cutting onions in here? Stop it...

Aubri Covel

Aubri Covel . 5 months ago

I love it a beautiful moment between 2 legends of the sport #ThankYouAndersonForEverything #TheSpider #GOAT #YOURLEGACYLIVESFOREVER #THEREALSPIDERMAN #MMAROYALTY

David Walalason

David Walalason . 5 months ago

I like Anderson reactions.

Mr. African America

Mr. African America . 5 months ago

Silva. Stop fighting! It’s like Michel Jordan still playing basketball. You’re the greatest of all time retire.

Muamer Blazevic

Muamer Blazevic . 5 months ago

00:21 Don't do this to a man only to God. You can shake a guy's hand hug him congratulate him but never bow to a man.


giotispaok21 . 6 months ago

Well done to this fighter israel for his respect and love to his idol and one of the greatest fighters on the world

Iron Man

Iron Man . 6 months ago

Israel got zero chance on the ground against Silva.

Hacksaw Wolf

Hacksaw Wolf . 6 months ago


Jorge Oquendo

Jorge Oquendo . 6 months ago

Anderson's been through a lot , in his career , surgery , fight after fight , ups and downs but still there

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