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HomePod 2, New iPhone 11 Leaks, Touch ID 3, SE 2 & More Apple News!


Published on 10 months ago

Latest Apple News & Leaks! Future HomePod Features, New iPhone 11 Feature Leaks, a Green iPhone XR 2, Full Screen Touch ID, iPhone SE 2 & XR 2 & More! Tons of stuff to talk about.

iOS 13 Info Roundup: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/EAx8abeKOSE
Last iPhone 11 Leaks: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/dUpco5XNp4c
Juul 2 Parody: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/UoaU7duB0mk

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Comments :


EverythingApplePro . 10 months ago

Hey and guys this video was super hard to make no joke, we worked for 2 days on it so would appreciate a 👍. Thanks everyone for supporting my Apple dream ❤️

Bobbi White

Bobbi White . 2 months ago

Question I have a HomePod it’s on 12.4 is there any updates or can I do beta to get iOS 13 or can u let me know how to get a new version if u have one please help

Shimaan Zuhair

Shimaan Zuhair . 3 months ago

We want iphone 11pro max to be jet black and matte black <3

TABs Distribution

TABs Distribution . 7 months ago

@EverythingApplePro Can the HomePod be connected with your iMac or Mac mini computers?

Random Games

Random Games . 7 months ago


Random Games

Random Games . 7 months ago

Why is there no Tesla in the video

mike peter

mike peter . 8 months ago

So funny 😂 😆

Sub 2 me

Sub 2 me . 8 months ago

I’m a egg 🥚 🍳

Stephanie Mclean

Stephanie Mclean . 9 months ago

yellow should go-go

ninja hacker

ninja hacker . 9 months ago

This bird was send by andrond

Element Creator

Element Creator . 9 months ago

Who sales a speaker without a built in recharging battery. F?cking stupid....


thathoodguy76 . 9 months ago

the bird might be an android user.


eiiaツ . 9 months ago

A new iphone ALREADY!??!

Random Tangent

Random Tangent . 9 months ago

SE 2 would be based on iphone 7 or 8 not a new design.


WJ DC . 9 months ago

I like your chair. can you tell us which one it is?

Cali Killa Klown

Cali Killa Klown . 9 months ago

So A13 chip iPhone 11?

Cali Killa Klown

Cali Killa Klown . 9 months ago

So this is rumor? When we getting HomePod 2?

Cali Killa Klown

Cali Killa Klown . 9 months ago

In defense of the bird you did molest him before he shit on your phone



Hello Brother' Can you confrm me that which iPhone supported IOS 13?????

Dan Kron

Dan Kron . 9 months ago

apple needs to learn how to make more money out of this... just enable full spotify support and i'll buy one tomorrow.

Justin Shields

Justin Shields . 9 months ago

7:28 "that perfect iPhone that everyone just CREAMS about online" yeah... probably not the best wordchoice there


HugFest . 9 months ago

Unless iPhone drops the notch, I am not upgrading again. I’ve been sticking with my maxed 8 Plus until the notch crazy goes away.

soggy nugget

soggy nugget . 9 months ago

Is the new iPhone going to fold like the iPad pro


KJA . 9 months ago

iPhone Xs pro f

Steve Mano

Steve Mano . 9 months ago

I’d pay up to $500 for an iPhone, not a cent more. Apple got really really greedy.

Schuyler Smith

Schuyler Smith . 9 months ago

Honestly I think that apple adding touch ID wouldn't be a bad idea like why can't we have multiple ways to unlock our phone that doesn't include a passcode or my face I definitely think adding touch ID into the display isn't a bad idea and would love to see apple to that and of course change the design of the iphone

Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson . 9 months ago

you are doing amazing sweetie ❤️❤️❤️

Arzhad Mam

Arzhad Mam . 9 months ago

awesome vdo bro

Raviraj Thakkar

Raviraj Thakkar . 9 months ago

@everytingapplepro , sir what they really need is a big upgrade to Siri, fingerprint sensor and a new notch also ram upgrade

Judy Strauss

Judy Strauss . 9 months ago

Sorry but it’s pronounced Royters (Reuters). The garage wall project with all iPhones sounds great. I loved your video when you had out and lined up all your iPhones.

Ferdy Purnama

Ferdy Purnama . 9 months ago


Chandu Kale

Chandu Kale . 9 months ago

Apple needs to make money, OK, increase the cost, but give me value for money.

RH Versity

RH Versity . 10 months ago

Lol even the bird thinks the iPhone is 💩

Omar Delawar

Omar Delawar . 10 months ago

The bird was there to deliver a message: Apple products are getting shitty

Reyna Santos

Reyna Santos . 10 months ago

i really wish steve jobs didn’t die. all these new iphone things since the 6s suck. there’s no aux port, the camera looks even weirder now, no 3d touch home button, and apparently, 3d touch is going away for good.


STOCKBOY7254 . 10 months ago

When will the new iMacs be out?


FusionTechCinema . 10 months ago

I think Apple is playing the long game right now, I think they’re taking things slow but they’re making things right as in they’re trying to perfect the technology NOW so they don’t have to later. It’s smart, they’re starting to make their own modem chips that’s crazy if they can pull this off. Make their own modems, displays etc they’re gonna be in a perfect position to focus on software again and by that time everyone’s gonna be lagging behind again.


Squid . 10 months ago

Any news about the iPhone SE makes me tune in

Roy Brown

Roy Brown . 10 months ago

If the prices werent sooo freakin high they wouldnt have a problem selling it!

Jac Catt

Jac Catt . 10 months ago

I hope apple keep the lightning cable


RGkong . 10 months ago

I wonder if Apple is going to make a *foldable phone?*

Matthew Heath

Matthew Heath . 10 months ago

I’ve gone off iOS, but I don’t like Android either. I’m not sure what to do.

Leo Brown

Leo Brown . 10 months ago

Remember when Apple use too have all there products in so many colours and you use to get it in your favourite colour I miss that


CS_Trooper . 10 months ago

Why the fuck is a 🍎 so fucking popular


D K . 10 months ago

I need a small smartphone. If Apple doesn’t release the SE2, I will definitely switch to Android ..

Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi . 10 months ago

Hey and guys you like the video


E K . 10 months ago

Samsung makes apple look lazy af

Tam Dawson

Tam Dawson . 10 months ago

The industry transition to USB-C means they’re forcing us to buy new cables regardless. It’s an extra $30 for consumers to connect their new MacBook Pro to their new iPhone Apple’s USB-C to lightning cables are considerably more expensive, and third parties only begun making them available last week. It makes more fiscal sense for Apple to stick with a proprietary connector. As we all know, modern Apple will always put profits over consumers, so the choice seems obvious... 🍎

Kory Michaels

Kory Michaels . 10 months ago

I don't think there's just one or two reasons why Apple is experiencing slower sales, it's more like a whole list of things that are making people hang on to their old gear. In no particular order: people are worried about a recession, there's no 'killer' feature on the new phones, the new phones have multiple design issues -- lacking the distinction of the iPhone 5 form factor (they look like Samsung phones), the notch, the bump on the back for the camera, the weight of the stainless steel bezel -- wireless carriers aren't offering subsidies like they used to, Apple focuses too much on the wealthy 1%'s and fails to aim for the middle of the market (i.e., lack of iPhone SE replacement), Apple is too consumed with design and frivolous software features rather than looking for everyday solutions computer devices can solve. That's just off the top of my head.

Gene Thompson

Gene Thompson . 10 months ago

“This is from a source with no reputable history.” Therefore, instead of combating bad journalism, you’re just going to pass that information along. This channel used to provide decent content. It’s just turned into producing as much content as possible regardless of validity. You’re starting to put your bank account before your audience.

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